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"enjoying retirement."
"outgoing, love to shop"
"Hi I'm Isaiah Chanthapaseuth. I'm 18 Years Old, from a small town called Willows, and I am a future Navy Reservist. *Also Asian*"
"i work for avon getting married"
"I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 2 and most important I am a wife to the most wonderful husband in the world"
"Love Fashion, Make up, video games and jewlery"
"Funny guy to hang with, love music, movies, and games. Love to study computers, mathematics, and science. "
"happily married with 2 daughters"
"i like sweeps"
"I am a disabled veteran my husband is my caregiver, we have 4 kids and are loving being empty nesters."
"Love travel, skiiing, spending time with friends, family and my dog."
"very out going well grounded and family oriented"
"Computer Graphic Designer"
"Love helping others and animals"
"Just an ordinary hard working guy."
"Only here for Nicki Minaj! :)"
"Designer of Newborn for Sears and Kmart"
"Hello everyone, I'm here to help assist you with all your shopping needs. Whether its for appliances, designer clothing, shoes, ..."
"I stan for the queen. She will forever be my inspiration and her clothing line is gonna be poppin'! Tap my follow button son!"
"Rotica is My Alter Ego ;) I'm IN LOVE & OBSESSED with NICKI MINAJ! #TeamMINAJ #PrettyGang #YMCMB *Follow Me on Twitter @RoticaUnLeashed*"
"I LOVE my cats, Love to be outside! Have a new found love of exercise! Love to cook and bake!"
"Nothing really special. Aha"
"I am always looking for a good bargain"
"I do not believe in coincidences.."