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"Free spirited outdoorsy girl. Always interested in new trends!"
"Pink is my signature color"
"Love travel, skiiing, spending time with friends, family and my dog."
"very out going well grounded and family oriented"
"Computer Graphic Designer"
"Nothing much to say! You either love me or you don't there is no in between!!! :) I'm a big goof! I love to see others laugh! Even if it ..."
"Follow me on SYW and you will know who I am? Which places I like what are my hobbies:)"
"Computers, woodworking "
"love to be with family and friends,enjoy meeting new people and traveling."
"Married with Children"
"Love helping others and animals"
"mother of 2 wonderful boys"
"I am a Mother of Two Wonderful Kid's "
"Marshall, MN 3780"
"Store Manager of Kmart 7455 in Bedford Indiana"
"Love to shop"
"Just Ask :)"
"Im a Designer for Boys clothing at Sears Holding "
"If something can go well it will"
"I am out-going & love to shop!!! :D"
"Consultative Sales Associate in Mattress Dep. "
"Menswear Designer"
"Best Place to shop in Las Vegas, Hands Down!!"
"I'm a Navy Hospital Corpsman. I enjoy serving my country and spending time with family and friends. I am married and have 2 service dogs."
"Compassionate Fellow"
"I love to SHOP my way"
"I love my kmart store!"
"Im a caring outstanding person. I love helping people. I love being with family and friends."
"Assistant Store Manager at Kmart."
"go with the flow"
"I live to save money!!!!!"
"Work hard, stay humble"
"aunt of nine, "
"love to read either on my kindle or still love real books too :) love photography"
"I am a mother, Army spouse, full time student, and do it I love to work on my projects as I call it. I upcycle old furniture ..."