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Melanie Wilkens
June 11th
Answered in 22 hours
Lisa Morean
YEAH! So glad you had the chance to see the concert and had a great time!!!! :)
By Lisa Morean
June 12th
Ronald Conard
June 8th
chris b
Sorry the smallest waist size I found was 29. I would contact a Sears store to see if they have any ideas.
By chris b
June 9th
Brenda L. Feldbusch-McCord
February 11th
Answered in 3 hours
Hi Brenda, I know a lot of people who have similar concerns some items are ageless.. my mother in law is in her 70's and she wears items from the collection. Try the loser flowy items. Like the crochet'd loose knit open layer ups and/ or butiin down shirts. Something like this:
By K C
February 12th
Ashleigh jolley
February 10th
Answered in 15 hours
Kira  S
Hello Ashleigh. Yes we ship to the UK. You will need to shop on our international website.

Below I have added a link to all of the countries we ship to.

I hope this information helps you. Have a great day.
By Kira S
February 11th