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Craftsman 1/2in. Impact Wrench
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. GREGOR WALTZ uploaded this on 3/27/2014

Craftsman 1/2in. Impact Wrench

Item# 00916882000P | Model# 16882 | Added on August 20, 2011 | Seller:
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Deliver the Right Force Each Time with 1/2in. Impact Wrench from Craftsman With a reliable single hammer mechanism, you can count on this Craftsman 1/2in. Wrench to deliver great results. Composite housing with a contoured grip are specially designed for your comfort. Use the ergonomically designed trigger to always be in control of this powerful impact wrench that has a maximum torque of 400 ft. lbs.
This powerful 1/2 in. Impact Wrench is easy to maneuver in your work area giving you greater control and gets the job done faster. With the exhaust running through the handle and directed away from your hand, it ensures safety coupled with internal silencing to reduce noise levels. 7000 RPM of free speed means it maximizes the torque output and minimizes your effort to give you a smooth, jerk-free run time after time.

  • Choose this Craftsman 1/2in. Wrench with internal silencing for performance that speaks for itself
  • Designed for comfort with two shot molded contoured grip and ergonomic trigger
  • Weighs only 4.2 lbs. so it is lightweight and highly portable
  • Sturdily designed single hammer delivers 400 ft. lbs. of max torque producing a free speed of 7400 RPM
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19 found this review helpful
by Sesquipedalian101
December 30th, 2013
Bad Performance (See One-Star Reviews) Solved?

I read ALL the negative reviews and some of the positive ones. Even though the negatives "outweighed" the positives, I decided to take a chance. I reasoned this way... I already own two (2) impact wrenches -- one "cheap import," and a nice Ingersoll Rand. Unfortunately, they have taken up residence with my offspring -- and I'd really like them back. Enter the Sears offering. Despite the negative reviews, I figured they'd be new enough, and red enough, and pretty enough, that I could talk the boys into a "trade" and, with luck, get the good wrenches well hidden before they discovered my ruse. Best case, they might even work -- according to the reviews, about 38% (give or take) actually function properly... So, I bought two (2) wrenches for Christmas presents. One (1) of them worked quite well; one (1) could not have "impacted" its way out of wet paper bag! Fortunately, having the ability to compare a working wrench with a non-working wrench, I instantly spotted the problem! Hang on and pay careful attention here, there are some twists and turns on this ride! On the back of the wrenches is a selector lever. This lever is made out of plastic and it operates the forward/reverse function. Here's where it gets "Tricky": this is not just a simple "Y" valve; it is a "regulator," too! Moving it in the forward direction, one can feel a number of "detents" corresponding to various power settings. The catch is, the highest setting has no "detent"; you simply have to move the valve all the way to the end of its travel. Comparing the wrenches, I noticed the selector levers were loose! The lever on the "weak" wrench was so loose I could pull it off of the valve quite easily! It would travel through no more than three (3) detents and never reach the full power setting. Further examination disclosed an access hole on the bottom of the "well" where the lever couples up to the selector valve / regulator. When in the neutral position, this hole lines up with a set screw that is supposed to hold the lever in place. Snugging up the "good" wrench, I got nearly two (2) turns out of the set screw; the screw on the weak wrench yielded nearly three (3) turns! Once the levers were properly tightened, the wrenches went to working; even the function of the "good" wrench improved! The thing is, if I had purchased only the weak wrench, I might not have discovered the problem! When the instruction manual says that running the wrench for more than ten (10) seconds (without the socket turning) may damage it, there is no way this is the "Heavy Duty" tool touted in the sales literature! On the other hand, on a half (1/2) price sale, it's not a bad deal -- particularly if, as in my case, you can use it to ransom an Ingersoll Rand. Regardless, if you decide to buy one (1) and it does not work, make sure the selector lever is tight before you give up on it. Of course, this comment reflects only my personal experience; your mileage may vary. -101-

6 found this review helpful
by baboolu
April 7th, 2013
not what i expected.

I bought it because of it's rating 400 ft-lb. I was able to remove small bolt. then i tried to remove my brake caliper go. no power. I removed these bolts 2 years with hand.. I am very disappointed... junk.. what waste of money..

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David Roberts
| Earned 2,861 community points in Craftsman



Love all of the Craftsman Tools I own. And with one of the best warranties on the market you cant go wrong. I will be a Craftsman user for life!!!!

11 days ago
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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400 ft lbs? Try inch lbs. Barely.


My wife bought me a 26 gal compressor and it came with this impact and a 3/8 air ratchet. After following the vague instructions to a T, I attempted to pull the lugs from my 4Runner. Wouldn't budge. I thought maybe it was the SAE 30 wt I had used in the impact housing as lube, so I drained it (talk about PITA) and refilled with the MMO I've been using at work for 15 years on all of my impacts. All that did was blow out past the seals around the rotating assembly and (oddly) past the rear selector switch. Drained again (and it came out black) and put in straight 50 weight. I saw my best performance (60 ft lbs) with 50 wt in the impact assembly.

So in summary, I've tried 3 different oils in the impact housing (MMO, 30 wt, 50 wt) and the most torque I was able to get out of this was 60 ft lbs on the loosen setting. The air ratchet I have has more torque than this thing.

As it was a gift, I really wanted to show my wife that I'm using it... so I used it to loosen the sway bar end link nuts (14 ft lbs) and it was successful, barely.

I tried also removing the selector switch and tightening the set screw underneath, this stopped the oil blowby past the switch but did not increase the torque any. I also set the compressor regulator to 120psi for a few hits to see if that would do anything (max is 90psi), and it did not do anything except increase the RPM.

Even on 90psi, the thing is an air hog. Expect 2 - 3 min of compressor operation per axle if you're just pulling lugs all day.

So with all of those complaints lined up, I took the tool back to my local Sears and they said they'd take it as a return... as long as I returned the compressor and air ratchet with it... which I don't want to do because they both work flawlessly. So it looks like I'm stuck with this turd.

In summary, this thing couldn't loosen its way out of a wet paper bag (stolen from another review). I'm going to retire my heavily used Ingersoll Rand 231 from work and bring it home.

15 days ago via
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DAN danjgug
| Earned 8 community points in Craftsman

Awful product do not buy


Terrible, rated at 400lb could barely break loose lug nuts torqued to 90lb. Do not buy. Couldnt even loosen a lightly rusted 1/2" nut.

August 31st
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Great tool very hand and nice grip.


July 24th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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thank you


really nice

July 13th via
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Not the best torque


Its ok for small jobs, but lug nuts can be a problem. Needs more torque.

July 11th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Real good deal


This impact wrench works just fine for regular mechanical work. It was a great buy on sale.

June 30th via
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is good


fast and dependable at job

June 26th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Ok for smaller vehicles, doesn't have a lot of torque


If you're trying to take the wheels of your pickup this probably won't work. If you own a smaller car this will most likely do the job. It's good for at home use if you don't have anything if you can find it on sale but not worth full price for what it does.

June 25th via
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WOrks good


Good value bought it on sale

June 19th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Not this one


Looked at the reviews and said maybe for 25 bucks I'd try one. Looking to do a tire rotation and this was the tool I was going to use.I torque the lug nuts to 90 FT-LB and this unit could not remove them. Retrieved my old ************** 250 ft-lb unit from my neighbor and that took them the nuts right off. going back to thw store ASAP.

June 17th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Value for money


Its a nice impact wrench with easy Froward / Reverse flop switch in the back. Powerful enough for small jobs. The best value for money with Craftsman name.

June 5th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Great value


We needed this to complete work on a truck and it came in so handy and eliminated a lot of knuckle busting!
Just make sure your compressor is strong enough :)

June 4th via
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great value


perfect for general use

May 19th via
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great product a must have


love it use it all the time

May 15th via
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if you like junk, buy this..

April 24th via
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Great Tool


This was the best investment i have made. I have used this impact many times in the last few weeks. It has make my work a lot quicker. I would tell anyone that this is a must have tool.

April 21st via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Dont Buy!


Purchased this with confidence thinking craftsman would stand by their products. Box said it was rated at 400 ft-lbs but couldn't remove anything. Checked to make sure it wasn't compressor or lug nut being to tight but was hand torqued at around 80 lbs. Tried to take it back but sears wouldn't take it. Don't know if ill be doing craftsman again based on this experience.

April 14th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Good design but poor quality control


I bought this tool with the tire maintenance kit for $49.99. The price is much cheaper than my Craftsman HD impact wrench and my CP impact wrench. Just don't know whether this wrench is powerful enough to handle wheel nuts or not. I had to overhaul this wrench with the trigger valve and spring, and added oil into the hammer chamber. There was no oil inside the hammer chamber when I took out the oiling screw. I also had to tighten the screw at the forward/reverse valve at the neutral position. Once I fixed these problems, the impact wrench works fine. What is the hack, I wait for Christmas when the price drop back down to $24.95 to get one more. If I can overhaul and fix the problem, it is a good tool for occasional use.

April 14th via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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This impact gun is junk. Tried to remove the lug nuts on my wife's car that I had already broke loose and it barely spun them off. Seems to me Craftsman tools are really heading downhill.

April 6th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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