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Craftsman 10" Table Saw with Laser Trac® (21807)
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Craftsman 10" Table Saw with Laser Trac® (21807)

Item# 00921807000P | Model# 21807 | Added on July 26, 2010
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Craftsman 21807 Table Saw: Precision, Speed and a Clean Cut with Every Pass Ripping sheets of plywood, slotting boards and building perfect boxes, a solid table saw is the center of any shop and strong support for countless projects, which is why the Craftsman 21807 is loaded with features. Line up every cut with the Laser Trac® guidance system and use the smooth gliding t-slot miter gauge and 10 inch carbide tipped blade to slice perfect angles. No matter what kind of work you’ve got ahead, this table saw is ready to lend a hand.
Perfect for long work pieces, the Craftsman 21807 Table Saw features an extendable out-feed support that gives you more control so you can focus on smooth feeding. And if you’ve got a wide cut to make, the extendable support tables and quick moving fence allow you to rip sheets up to 24 inches wide in one smooth, fast motion. Stable as can be, the wide base of this machine handles heavy pieces with ease. A solid fixture to any shop, but always ready to move, this table saw detaches from its base for portability that will keep it moving with you every time duty calls. Dependable, durable and ready to get the job done fast, add this saw to your arsenal and tackle any job with cuts, that can’t be matched.

  • Full kit includes: 36T carbide tipped saw blade, 2 AAA batteries, dust bag, blade wrenches and push stick
  • The Craftsman 21807 Saw’s 15.0 amp motor delivers 5,000 RPM for smooth, fast rips and cuts
  • Wide base means
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Most Helpful Reviews:

20 found this review helpful
by dawnhawk
April 6th, 2009
Decent saw with some drawbacks

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of table saws. A radial arm saw is much more versatile. The idea of moving large pieces of material across a fixed blade is basically flawed. If you can afford a radial, don't need portability, and can tolerate the dust, that is a best way to go. I am a carpenter and needed something more portable than my radial and less dust producing for my sensitive clients. I got last years demo model of this saw off the sales floor for less than a hundred bucks. I couldn't resist the deal. The saw is decent. It is powerful. I can carry it up stairs with ease. The dust collection is excellent (compared to a radial arm saw that is). It was the perfect tool for putting down a bamboo floor. It not only rips and crosscuts smaller boards nicely, but you can crank the blade all the way out and use it to "nibble" complex shapes to go around molding. Now for the drawbacks. The miter gauge is flimsy plastic and hollow bar stock. It is non-standard so you can't get an after market upgrade. There is a solution though. Craftsman's next model down (???), the one with the collapsible stand, has a far superior gauge that fits. There are better ones from other saw makers that fit too. The base is made of thin, brittle plastic, but if you don't abuse it, it should be OK. The table extensions are a huge plus on this saw, but the brackets that support them are plastic and seem fragile. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on the extensions. The riving knife is new this year and hopefully is easier to align than the old splitter. It is a decent saw for the occasional user or the handyman on a budget who needs a saw with a good sized table but which is still easy to carry. There may be better saws for the money, including Craftsman's model with the sliding miter table.

42 found this review helpful
by Chris4311
June 20th, 2009
Don't deviate from industry standard

I bought this table saw for around the house use and to do some wood working. It has plenty of power for my needs, is fairly light weight and does an all around okay job. Where it fails it fails miserably. Most notably in the groves for the miter gauge. Industry standard (and what you'll find in the Dewalt and Bosch table saw that Sears sells also) is that the groves are simple rectangles that are 3/4" wide by 3/8 deep. This table saw (and all others by craftsman except for the really high end) are 5/8" x 3/8" and have the addition of 4 of the most annoying little flanges that jut into the groove forcing any guide rail to be 'T' shaped. Apparently, and as far as I can tell, the addition of the flanges is so your miter gauge doesn't fall out in the event that gravity starts working backwards some day. Other than that unlikely event there is NO REASON WHAT SO EVER for these flanges to exist. The miter gauge that they provide is totally worthless with a full 1/16"+ play while in the groove. So precise and accurate cutting is very very difficult on this saw without some serious time commitment by the end user. To make matters even worse Craftsman doesn't make any higher end miter gauges that fits their own odd groove. Though they do make one that fits the industry standard. That in and of itself speaks volumes. This, to me, is very telling of how poorly thought out this tool is and why the flanges serve no purpose. If Craftsman wanted you to only buy Craftsman guide rails or improved miter gauges to use on their Craftsman table saws then wouldn't it follow that they actually sold improved parts to fit their own tool? But no, they don't stock such things for any price and at the same time prevent the end user from using other manufacturers. The end result is that if you intend to use any sort of cross cut jig, box jig or any other jig that requires any sort of accuracy you're going to have to have custom make all of your guide rails instead of just getting them off the shelf. It also means that you won't be able to use any of the high end, highly accurate miter gauges by third party companies like Kreg. Big, big pain the backside here. Craftsman really failed at this to the point that they should have to offer a written apology to all who bought this (and other's like it) table saw. If you're looking for a saw to do some rough carpentry, maybe some simple fence building or maybe even something to just mess around with, then this might be a great saw for you. If you plan to do any sort of box or furniture making, buy something else, anything else and you'll save yourself a lot of headaches. Sorry Craftsman, you did a really bad job on this.

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My on and son-in-law have used it twice to build much-needed items.

it does not take up too much room in our garage.

9 days ago via
0 of 1 found this review helpful.
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What Happened?

Grandpa had a Craftsman table saw. Dad had one. Father in law had one. I used them all, and thought there were none better. 20 years later, as a homeowner, I bought my own...this one. I can't help but wonder: what happened to Sears quality? Absolutely no evidence of quality in this saw! Cheap slot for the miter guide, sloppy indent for the miter angle, sloppy fence clamp, non-flush rest plate that fits around the blade, overall a waste of money. While pushing it across my concrete driveway, the wheel caught the expansion joint and all four corners of the plastic base broke away, completely separating the saw from the rolling base! The final straw: after 6 years of occasional use, the motor locked up. After removing and inspecting, I found the plastic fan melted into a clump of plastic wrapped around the armature. The rear bearing had failed some time ago, as evidenced by the rub wear in the stator. A replacement motor costs $162 as of today. I'll go to *****.

17 days ago via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Poor quality

Never even got to use the saw. After the stand was assembled I placed the saw on the stand and went to bolt it on. There was a crack in the plastic base of the saw that went front the bolt hole lug all the way up to the top of the saw.

June 16th via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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2 broken table saws

This was my first table saw ever. Sadly, the first one I brought home from the store had a cracked base and a broken guide. I took it back to the store and they exchanged it. That should have been a sign. Today my second one broke. Two broken saws and many other broken/crappy Craftsman tools in my garage. Don't bother with this saw or any other Craftsman product.

May 30th via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Good starter saw or if you're doing general woodcutting

I'm looking for an upgrade to do actual woodworking. The primary issue with this saw is that if you're looking to make accurate crosscuts or miter cuts, and you're looking to use any accessory that requires the industry standard 3/4 inch miter slot, this saw has a 5/8 inch miter slot. NONE of the available fence or miter jigs on the market will fit this saw as they are all designed for the industry standard 3/4 inch miter slot. The miter gauge is sloppy in the undersized slot, and the fence requires too much fiddling to align with the fence, making accurate miter and crosscuts for woodworking practically impossible. If you upgrade the blade, make sure it's a thin kerf design as the riving knife is too narrow for a quality blade with a full 1/8 inch kerf. If you're looking for a saw to do general construction, this is a great saw, but it's not a woodworker's saw.

May 18th via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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Hardly contractor grade

I bought this to replace my last Craftsman table saw and thought I was upgrading to one more durable. The stand is the only thing more durable but the wheels should have two bolts not one, they keep wanting to rotate. The bevel and blade control are one in the same and plastic gears on top of that, talk about a step backwards. The out feed is lightweight metal and bends under the weight of a plywood sheet.
If you're building bird houses it's good. If you're like me and use it for every day use, keep looking until Sears starts building them like they used to.

May 16th via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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my new toy

I really like this table saw, its convenient, portable, takes very little space.

May 8th via
2 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Lightweight versatile saw

Was using an older shaft drive Craftsman table saw until the shaft FINALLY broke, she was a beast but I needed to find a replacement since the shaft itself was costly. I decide to modernize with this model. Initially after putting it together , which was easy (30-40 mins), I became a bit concerned with the difference in sturdiness compared to my old saw which was all cast iron and heavy steel. However although the use of aluminum and plastic is worrisome I soon discovered it added to the saw's versatility in movement flexibility. It has extensions on both sides and the rear for larger pieces of lumber. The motor is capable for everyday use as well. As a site saw its great, if you need to cut beefier pieces of lumber in a workshop setting the larger model is recommended. Only negatives are the catch bag only catches maybe 50-60% of saw dust the rest comes out of every opening in the base and the laser site is an extra you don't need. Overall I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with this purchase.

May 1st via
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Height adjustment broke after 1 month of use.

This was given to me in early january as a birthday present. the few time i used it, it seemed to work well for a few cuts in february although even taking into account the kerf of blade, the cuts' can be off by a 1/16" using the building in ruler, so I measure 3 times and check where blade will cut wood.
Now for the past month and half we have been remodeling kitchen and it has been used a lot more. Imagine to my surprise when sunday the blade height adjustment stopped working! Blew the sawdust out with compressor and can't see anything wrong with it. It just will not engage up or down. However I unplugged the saw and was able to pull it up slowly and it did stay. I have had many craftsman power tools over the years and really disappointed with this. one. it's under warranty but will now have to get it repaired.

April 29th via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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so far so good

can definitely be a great table saw was impressed with the noise level. My other saw's bearing were going and then it started to burn, was time to replace and this one was the best I could find after comparing.

April 21st via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Good garage tool

Its wheels help too move it from one place to other. Very stable table.

April 17th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Piece of Junk

'Disappointed' does not begin to cover it. The plastic saw base cracked in two places before I could even get it completely assembled. The owner's manual is somewhat ludicrous in it's own right. The list identifies pieces by letter designations--part A is the saw, part B might be the legs, etc. Once you get to the assembly section of the manual, it throws those designations out and starts with completely different designations--numerical. I am returning it, and I have doubtsthat I will ever buy another Craftsman product.

April 11th via
5 of 9 found this review helpful.
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Table saw 21807

Wowed by the laser guide, cuts like a hot knife thru warm butter on pressure treated oak 2x4s and old oak boards too

April 11th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Great tool for the money

Instructions were easy to follow and assembly went smooth but I found it to be a little tedious. Right out of the box my knives were aligned with the blade and I was able to square the blade up to the table without much problem. Yes the fence does not always lock down square but a quick measurement takes care of that. Seemed to throw a lot of dust even with the bag. I am planning to fabricate a way to put shop vac on it. All in all I'm very happy with it. If you are wanting a table saw but are not wanting to drop a bunch of money then this is the saw for you.

April 2nd via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Loose fence, poor extensions, shallow dado

The fence is almost impossible to get straight. Have to measure both front and back repeatedly to make sure its straight before locking it down. The extensions on both sides are week and pretty much guarantee a crooked cut unless again, you measure about 20 times before locking everything down. And they have a hard time holding heavier material. Last, the dado is very shallow. I should have done more research and spent another 200 bucks to get something that wouldn't be such a PITA to operate. Motor seems to be good. On board storage is good, And it is very portable. But the other things I've listed to me just waste my time and frustrate me whenever I try to use the saw.

March 30th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Good Buy

The Craftsman 21807 table saw is more than adequate for the homeowner or handyman. The cuts are accurate to within a 1/16 of an inch. I would recommend the purchase of a fine tooth blade for precise and finish cuts. The only negative is the instruction/assembly manual. It would be more user friendly the parts were labeled better.

March 26th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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the craftsmen quality saw

great for a good price- box came a bit damaged- but product was still in good condition- ggreat for flooing, siding, roofing- shevling and other various projects on thwe construction site

March 23rd via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Nice saw

So far I am very pleased with this saw. It is perfect for the things I do at home. It struggles a bit ripping dimensional lumber but have had no problem with 3/4 plywood or paneling I have cut. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the table is a bit rough and so the wood doesnt slide real smoothly at times.

March 19th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Excellent 10" Table Saw

The Craftsman 10" Table Saw with Laser Trac� (21807) is well made and should provide excellent service. The 2 side extensions are very useful for cutting wide sheets, especially since the rip guide can be installed on either side extension.

March 7th via
2 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Just couldn't get it to function well

I bought this saw on sale, and looked forward to starting many of the projects I had waiting and which required a table saw. In the end, I returned it after 3 weeks and purchased a different Craftsman table saw.

Assembly was not difficult, but is somewhat involved. I'd estimate that it took a couple of hours to put together. One mistake I made was in assuming that all of the lower cross supports for the stand were mounted at the same level. Reading through other reviews, it seems that other folk made this same mistake. But, one of the supports in fact mounts lower on the stand than the other three. The stand is very sturdy when assembled correctly. The dust collector works surprisingly well

I returned the saw because it was not possible to align the blade with the fence. An additional problem was that the knife could not be brought into alignment with the blade. Together, these two issues resulted in binding of the cut piece between the spinning blade and the fence. In total, I spent over 2 days attempting to make the saw work safely but could not.

February 24th via
4 of 5 found this review helpful.
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