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Craftsman 10" Table Saw with Laser Trac® (21807)

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Craftsman 21807 Table Saw: Precision, Speed and a Clean Cut with Every Pass Ripping sheets of plywood, slotting boards and building perfect boxes, a solid table saw is the center of any shop and strong support for countless projects, which is why the Craftsman 21807 is loaded with features. Line up every cut with the Laser Trac® guidance system and use the smooth gliding t-slot miter gauge and 10 inch carbide tipped blade to slice perfect angles. No matter what kind of work you’ve got ahead, this table saw is ready to lend a hand.
Perfect for long work pieces, the Craftsman 21807 Table Saw features an extendable out-feed support that gives you more control so you can focus on smooth feeding. And if you’ve got a wide cut to make, the extendable support tables and quick moving fence allow you to rip sheets up to 24 inches wide in one smooth, fast motion. Stable as can be, the wide base of this machine handles heavy pieces with ease. A solid fixture to any shop, but always ready to move, this table saw detaches from its base for portability that will keep it moving with you every time duty calls. Dependable, durable and ready to get the job done fast, add this saw to your arsenal and tackle any job with cuts, that can’t be matched.

  • Full kit includes: 36T carbide tipped saw blade, 2 AAA batteries, dust bag, blade wrenches and push stick
  • The Craftsman 21807 Saw’s 15.0 amp motor delivers 5,000 RPM for smooth, fast rips and cuts
  • Wide base means
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By Swwbbp
March 26th, 2009
For the money, can't be beat.

Not that I love everything about the table. The dust-bag, like all, is a joke. The knive takes some getting used to, and it did need some adjustments out of the box. Pros - sturdy, powerful, portable, accurate. Cons - Blade, dust bag, knife adjustment, won't take a standard Dado. This is not a contractor saw, they make professional grade tools for that. This is a home or medium duty shop saw. The included blade is not the best, so upgrade right away, and take the time to make the adjustments and align. This saw will handly almost anything you throw at it around the house, and not skip a beat. Sure, I'd love a better Dado set-up, but with the money I saved I'll buy a router and table and get more precise cuts anyway. I call it a win win. If you are looking for a heavy duty professional grade saw, this isn't it, but for the average user, it's more than enough.

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By Chris4311
June 20th, 2009
Don't deviate from industry standard

I bought this table saw for around the house use and to do some wood working. It has plenty of power for my needs, is fairly light weight and does an all around okay job. Where it fails it fails miserably. Most notably in the groves for the miter gauge. Industry standard (and what you'll find in the Dewalt and Bosch table saw that Sears sells also) is that the groves are simple rectangles that are 3/4" wide by 3/8 deep. This table saw (and all others by craftsman except for the really high end) are 5/8" x 3/8" and have the addition of 4 of the most annoying little flanges that jut into the groove forcing any guide rail to be 'T' shaped. Apparently, and as far as I can tell, the addition of the flanges is so your miter gauge doesn't fall out in the event that gravity starts working backwards some day. Other than that unlikely event there is NO REASON WHAT SO EVER for these flanges to exist. The miter gauge that they provide is totally worthless with a full 1/16"+ play while in the groove. So precise and accurate cutting is very very difficult on this saw without some serious time commitment by the end user. To make matters even worse Craftsman doesn't make any higher end miter gauges that fits their own odd groove. Though they do make one that fits the industry standard. That in and of itself speaks volumes. This, to me, is very telling of how poorly thought out this tool is and why the flanges serve no purpose. If Craftsman wanted you to only buy Craftsman guide rails or improved miter gauges to use on their Craftsman table saws then wouldn't it follow that they actually sold improved parts to fit their own tool? But no, they don't stock such things for any price and at the same time prevent the end user from using other manufacturers. The end result is that if you intend to use any sort of cross cut jig, box jig or any other jig that requires any sort of accuracy you're going to have to have custom make all of your guide rails instead of just getting them off the shelf. It also means that you won't be able to use any of the high end, highly accurate miter gauges by third party companies like Kreg. Big, big pain the backside here. Craftsman really failed at this to the point that they should have to offer a written apology to all who bought this (and other's like it) table saw. If you're looking for a saw to do some rough carpentry, maybe some simple fence building or maybe even something to just mess around with, then this might be a great saw for you. If you plan to do any sort of box or furniture making, buy something else, anything else and you'll save yourself a lot of headaches. Sorry Craftsman, you did a really bad job on this.

50 found this review helpful
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Richard Tucker
| Earned 33 community points in valentine's day – tools
19 days ago

Nice tabletop and fence for the price


I really debated if this was the saw for me. In the end I decided it was because it would be easier to get to the carbon brushes for replacement than buying a heavier machine. The fence on the one I saw at my local Sears also seemed like it was better quality and a little more accurate than the one I'm currently using. This is for the Weekend Warrior. I also like the wheels being integrated into the stand and the way the saw itself mounts to the stand. Anything I could detract from it would mean I should be looking at a pricier saw. For my needs, this will do. Nobody else seemed to have one as nice at this price point.

26 days ago via
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Owner at Bottom Line Contractor


really enjoy the flexibility and accuracy on cuts. also I really like craftsman products for over 40 yrs.

28 days ago via
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Table saw


Good quality, great price

June 27th via mobile
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Great Tool


Easy to assemble, very sturdy and I particularly like the dust collector, most other products it is an add on

June 25th via
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Buy the extended warranty


This table saw is going to find a new home in the trash 17 months after purchase (and 5 months after the warranty ended).

It arrived with some broken plastic pieces to start, but I just made it work because I really needed the table saw.

A few months later, more plastic pieces broke off, to lock the side extensions in place.

A few months later, the plastic gear engagers broke off that raise and lower the blade. I have to use a 1/2 inch socket now to raise my blade.

A few months later, the plastic spacers that help the back support slide in and out broke.

Basically, almost every piece of plastic has broken on this thing, and its had a pretty easy life.

Every once in a while, I have to just tear apart the whole saw completely and clean it because the worm gear that raises and lower the blades becomes so gunked up that unit locks up. And again, I use this very little as a hobby saw. I'm not a contractor pounding it every day.

The fence is pretty weak. I found If I had to make more than a few rips, the fence started to move on me quite a bit.

The side extensions are complete garbage. Never mind that I cant even lock them into place - but if you extend them even 6 inches, they're useless.

Seriously - save your money up and get a different brand.

June 22nd via
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Decent saw for the money


I'm more of a novice when it comes to woodworking, but I do enjoy it as a hobby. I like the sturdiness of this table saw. I needed to cut down some 2x3's and it got the job done effortlessly. So much easier than when I attempted it with my circular saw! I debated a long time before buying this saw. I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision. I must admit that it is cumbersome to put together being as the directions are very poorly written. They list out the parts by letters, but then refer to them by numbers (as others have said on here, so this came as no surprise). I went mostly off the photos to put together the stand, which wasn't that difficult. The hard part for me was getting the blade tight. I'm not that familiar with the terminology they were using and there weren't very detailed photos on how to do it. I somehow managed to get it done. Needless to say, the blade isn't coming off the saw until I have to replace it! The side arms aren't as sturdy as I would like them to be. I owned a Craftsman table saw like this one before. It was made so much better than this one. It was all metal and no parts on it were flimsy. It doesn't matter the manufacturer, from what I have seen of table saws today, none of them are made like they made them back in the day. But, this one is really sturdy. I like it so far. Can't wait to see how it handles sheets of plywood!

June 20th via
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Craftsman Table Saw


As a newcomer to woodworking, I didn't bring a lot of experience to this purchase. I trusted the Craftsman name and I have not been disappointed. Assembly was easy and I was up and running in no time.  I have used the saw for basic cuts, rips and a few rabbets.  I am already dreaming about an upgrade, but think I have a lot to learn from this saw first!  I love it!

June 19th via mobile
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Good saw for the price


Purchased saw May 2016. To reduce fence movement and misalignment I tightened the bolt on the end opposite the lock down lever, not 100% true but less than an 1/8th. Just an average woodworker with home projects so I'm fine with tolerance. To eliminate wobble in stand I added additional bracing using 1x3's all around. Secured with 1/4 bolts. Used holes already in legs. Saw/stand nice and sturdy now. Works great for me.

June 13th via
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Great saw for the money, but...


I gave this only four stars because of the manual/assembly instructions and channels for the miter guage. The schematic of the unit lists the parts alphabetically, however the assembly instructions lists the parts numerically, and refers to packaged parts with a letter. Nothing is labeled or numbered. Illustrations are often vague and a bit misleading. I had the feeling that somewhere in China, somebody was laughing at my frustrations. Once assembled, however, I found that the miter gauge was right on at 90 degrees, but the fence was a bit off, and a bit frustrating to align. The channels for the miter gauge have protrusions, which I presume are to hold the miter gauge in the channel, had I known this I would not have bought this saw. I needed to make a miter sled for segmented cutting, and the protrusions greatly limit the travel of any type of sled. It's something I can work around, but not as efficient as a smooth channel. I would not recommend this saw to a fellow wood worker, but for someone not needing the capabilities that I need, this would make an excellent saw, except for the instructions.

June 10th via
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Great machine from Sears


After looking at many saws from Sears this looked like the one that was a good medium duty saw. After putting it together and using it for a awhile I found that the saw met and exceeded my expectations. The blade that came with it wasn't the best so I didn't even open it. I recently got the compact 10 inch miter saw from Sears which has got to be the best miter available in its category, I used its blade and bought a 80 tooth blade for that. This table saw has many features and is very practical to the skillful home owner. I can see it isn't meant to be a used all day but that's ok, this is designed for the "prosumer"

June 10th via mobile | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Works great so far, not too bad to put together!

June 8th via
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Not What I had Hoped


Horrible assembly instructions. Parts numbers don't even match up with assembly description. Can't believe there haven't been lawsuits and injuries. Finally got the saw together, but it **** sure wasn't easy.

Even new would not rip a 4x4. Just no where near the quality I expected from the Craftsman name.

June 3rd via
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Awesome saw. Everything I needed. Would
Recommend this product

May 23rd via mobile
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Beautiful machine


Have not used it yet - just assembled it

May 16th via
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Good saw


Table saw is great like the laser. Helps ensuring that you have a strait line. The bag underneath doesn't catch everything but it is ok.

May 9th via mobile
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Very good


The directions are good. The parts are pictured on a single page with letters. Some are grouped under a single letter. The directions themselves have their own drawings and refer to the various parts with numbers instead of the letters.

As noted in other reviews, the t-slot is only 5/8" instead of industry standard 3/4".

After installing, I set the rip fence on the left of the blade and found the cut to be about 3/32 short. I readjusted the guide line to get a perfect width. Then, I switched the fence to the right side and found that I now had a 3/32 error. Thus, the blade and guides came out of the factory zeroed for the rip fence being on the right side of the blade. This means the left side ruler was off by the thickness of the kerf - 3/32".

I then set my miter to the preset 45 deg. and cut a 2x2. Turning the miter to the other side and cutting another 2x2 resulted in a perfect match with a perfect 90 deg. angle.

The table could be a bit heavier, or the stand. For the person who will be using this saw in the same place, the development of a set of floor anchors would be a great addition.

May 3rd via
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Great product for the money


Wish stand was easier to install, however it was worth the effort. Can do rip cuts easily and precisely. Had to put my own reference lines with combo square to get a true square cut when I use the rip fence. Other than that great p

May 3rd via mobile
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Poor example of Craftsman name! Never thought I could or would say this, but I wouldn't tell anyone for to buy this. No matter what I do it won't stay square and the top is abrasive.

April 22nd via mobile
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Great saw!


I ordered this saw online and had it delivered to my local Sears store. It arrived when they said it would and pickup was quick and easy. My 14 year old son and myself assembled the saw one evening. It is a great quality saw and I would recommend it to anyone.

April 22nd via
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