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Craftsman 160cc* Honda engine, 22" Front Drive Self-Propelled Mower 50 States
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Craftsman 160cc* Honda engine, 22" Front Drive Self-Propelled Mower 50 States

Item# 07137060000P | Model# 37060 | Added on June 3, 2012 | Source: | Available At 3 Sellers
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Description Specifications
The Craftsman Self Propelled Mower 22 in has Honda's Lightest and Quietest Engine
Delivering considerable power, the Craftsman 160cc
  • Self Propelled Lawn Mower Front Drive delivers exceptional cutting power. The 22 in. high-performance deck offers excellent bagging, mulching or discharging. A front-drive, single-speed propelled drive system lets the mower do all the hard work, so you don't have to. High, 12 inch rear wheels and deliver exceptional maneuverability. All-steel blade with nine cutting positions and a precision-cut deck with four individual adjustment types offer versatile, no-hassle cutting on rough, uneven ground.
    The Craftsman Self Propelled Mower 22 in comes with everything you need to work fast and efficiently. Fully assembled, it boasts a comfortable, adjustable metal folding handle for convenient operation and storage. A Dust-Blocker Grass Bag helps keep dirt away from you when mowing. Durable Poly rims with rear-wheel bearings deliver super-smooth rolling.

    • The Craftsman 160cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower Front Drive includes a two-year warranty to protect your investment
    • Convenient pull-start for simple, no-hassle startups
    • Comes mulch-ready with engine oil
    • Equipped with a durable cloth bag, rear discharge and side discharge disposal systems
    • 160cc engine is Honda's lightest and quietest lawnmower engine

*As rated by the engine manufacturer

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Most Helpful Reviews:

15 found this review helpful
by CaBrian
August 26th, 2012
Great Mower for the money!

I bought this mower to replace a 12 year old similar craftsman that is still running strong but was moved to our rental house.  I like the easy starting but the handle could be better, the bag could be larger and the width between tires should have been the same front and rear.  The mower doesn't track well. This isn't a problem unless you have to mow up against a surfaces or your tires have to follow eachother in a deep mow strip.  I guess I will have to give another review after a year or two.

15 found this review helpful
by mta02
September 8th, 2012
4 months for service a 2nd time

The first 3 months and 2 weeks were great .... good feeling mower, able to handle my medium-ish urban yard well. I have a hill in the front that has to be almost a 60 degree incline (about 40 ft of frontage), so power assist has been key. Then about a month ago, the mower died in the middle of a mow. Still had gas in the tank, nothing unusual, just died. Cue the Sears service team ... took the mower to my local Sears and 10 days later, had it back with a new carburetor. Pulled the cord to start, mowed for about 2 minutes (engine running unevenly the whole time), then the mower died again. Just dropped the mower off - again - at Sears for service. This time, they put a $40 charge on my card for a repair under warranty. Not sure what that was all about, but there's not much choice since they have to do the repair. I bought the mower because it was a Craftsman with a Honda engine, but the reliability has been unacceptable. You may be better advised to look elsewhere.

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Those benefits were not conditioned on the positive or negative content of the review.

Great quality machine

The self propel option is amazing I felt that I had to keep up with the machine. Honda motors are quality motors. The mower is easy to use and has cut my mowing time in half

15 days ago via mobile
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Great mower

I have used the mower twice since I bought it and it works great! The bagger option picks up the clippings and debris like a vacuum and leaves the area looking clean and neat and does not plug up with wet grass. It starts on the first or second pull even when it's cold. So much better than the old mower.

17 days ago via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Honda Mower

Good Value

22 days ago via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Good machine

been using it for a year now..took 15 attempts to start after winter break..once started..worked without any flaw..remember to change oil n gas before spring every year.

26 days ago via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Great Mower!

Started on 1st Pull. Nice even cut. Easy basket removal. 160cc does the job. Don't know why people have problems. Highly recommended, Don't over fill oil! The oil included is about half of what u need.

March 18th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Love it

Very powerful & easy to clean & dump.

March 13th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Great mower with great price

First time to own a honda engine mower. No need to prime and starts perfectly once I put gas in the mower. The rest of the body build by Craftsman is reasonable strong. Will see if this one can last for 10 years like my previous one.

March 11th via
2 of 3 found this review helpful.
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It is good

March 8th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Go to Sears to get mowed

Previously owned the same model for 13 years till the gear box broke down. The mower is still running and can cut the grass but I cannot push the mower to cover my lawn as I am a senior citizen. The new model has variable speed instead of the speed control as the old model. The new model has a mulch blade that really works very good in mulching. The improvements have made the new mower more attractive with the new features and hopefully I will get another 13 years of good performance.

March 7th via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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Good mower

March 5th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Heavy Duty

This machine always starts on the first pull. This has a lot of power. It can be used with or without the bag. Sometimes I like to let the clippings fall where they may, to enrich the soil. Other times I like to bag them to make the yard look nice. Works great both ways. It goes by itself, all you have to do is guide it.It also has a Honda engine.

I am glad I bought this one.

Retired Jim from Chula Vista

February 28th via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Thought I was buying a good mower, selling point was the Honda engine. Put it together, literally mowed for less than 5 minutes and mower quit. It will not start, and if it does start will not run. Now, we have to bring it back to Sears for service.

February 28th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Tremendous mower for the price, things to know

Overall this is absolutely the best lawnmower for the money.

Comes with unbeatable Honda GCV160cc engine, usually starts on the first pull, great fuel economy, and excellent weed-whacking power in deep grass. The muffler on this Honda engine is a breakthrough. You will appreciate it while mowing and even more afterwards when your ears are not ringing. The blade emits more sound than the engine exhaust does! Once you have owned a Honda, you will not want to put up with other lawnmower engines.

The grass bag is easy to use and works well.

This is not Heaven; there are imperfections, starting with perverse EPA regulations that require Ethanol be added to gasoline. Ethanol does not mix well with gasoline for exactly the same reason water does not mix well with oil. Ethanol comes out of solution when gas is stored for any length of time and it is deadly to small engines, ONE TANK of crappy gas will put your lawnmower in the shop. All this and we are burning food (corn) in the bargain. #DefundEPA

Protect yourself. ALWAYS BUY THE WARRANTY. Buy your gas at the best gas station you can. These Honda engines will have a long life with Chevron gas. I have had terrible results with Murphy Oil (********)(one tank->shop). Only buy enough gas to last a month at a time, because gasoline with ethanol degrades that fast. I use a stabilizing product in my gas (Sta-Bil).

Operating tips: Take care not to 'bang' the front wheels against fences etc. during turns or you will bend the front wheel brackets and when you notice the mower is no longer able to propel itself you will see the front wheels no longer point straight ahead. Avoid 'skidding' the wheels on sidewalks and driveways, this rapidly wears the 'tires' out. Take out the black plastic wingnuts on the handle and the associated bolts and paint them some bright color like dayglo pink that will contrast with the color of grass so you can more easily find them when they fall out. After you have lost a couple of these you will know to keep them tight and keep an eye on them and you will understand the paint suggestion.

If I could redesign this lawnmower, I would make these changes: The oversize back wheels do not help anything; I would make them the same size as the front, and relocate all 4 wheels closer to the center of gravity to minimize 'shaving' and facilitate turning. Front and back wheels should be parallel to better run alongside things like sidewalks and driveways. The brackets that allow wheels to adjust to different heights should be beefed up for greater durability, especially the front. The handle on this mower has a crimp to accomodate the operating bail that puts a high rate of curvature in the tube which is hard on the hands; the previous model had a plastic part that clips on the operating bail that made it much easier on your hands. Real rubber leaves black marks but I would gladly accept that to get the much greater lifespan vs the filled PVC 'tires'. Engineers, take note.

February 27th via
10 of 10 found this review helpful.
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not happy with sears

First of all I bought this as a gift to my sister .... They gave her a used mower that already had oil in it....It sucks and doesn't self propel correctly and Sears wont I will not be shopping at sears in the future.

January 20th via
2 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Lots of power

I had a choice of buying the B&S engine 190cc or the one with the Honda 160cc, had several B&S so I took a chance on the Honda. I was very please with the engine and power of it. so far no complaints.

January 2nd via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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Husqvarna HU700F

This is a Husqvarna HU700F model made for Sears. It has a Honda engine with a choke lever for starting at cold. Original Honda mower use an automatic choke control. Automatic choke will stuck when it is dirty. This lever choke is built better than the automatic choke. Just need to switch the choke position for cold start the engine. The engine normally start in two to three pull. Just like the Husqvarna chain saw engine. It is typical. Most Honda engine should start with one pull or two pull. It has a variable speed front wheel drive. Just no belt cover under the deck to protect the belt. The belt will slip over time and lost the speed control for the front wheel drive.

November 24th, 2013 via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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Craftsman self-propelled Mower

Can't wait for the grass to grow!!

November 24th, 2013 via
0 of 2 found this review helpful.
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excellent product

November 16th, 2013 via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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A Great Investment!

This mower always starts in 1 or 2 pulls. The self propelled wheels takes it right up steep hills! Its is not a loud mower. It mulches leave perfectly!
I love this mower!

November 15th, 2013
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Made it through 2-years so far

I have been pleased with this lawnmower so far. Made it through 2 seasons and hoping for at least 3 more.

November 14th, 2013 via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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