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Craftsman 182 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Chest
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Craftsman 182 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Chest

Item# 00933182000P | Model# 33182 | Added on July 26, 2010
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182-Piece Mechanics' Tool Set with Three-Drawer Chest: Everything in One Box
The Craftsman name has been associated with excellence in hand tools for decades, and this Craftsman 182-piece mechanics' tool set with three-drawer chest stays true to that reputation. Whether you just started building your tool collection or are tired of constantly searching for the right tool, you won't find a better way to get all the Craftsman basics. This set features sockets, drivers, combination wrenches, hex keys and more in a wide range of sizes, in both SAE and metric measurements.
The most convenient component of this 182-piece mechanics' tool set with 3-drawer chest is the custom-built toolbox. It features heavy-duty construction, high-quality drawers and a hinged top with storage area. Every piece of the set has a specific place it belongs, saving you time when you no longer have to search for tools. Chrome-plated alloy steel tools are built to last a lifetime so this is the last set of basic tools you'll ever need.

  • There are 99 sockets in this Craftsman 182-piece mechanics' tool set with 3-drawer chest, including both six-point and 12-point styles
  • Three driver sizes ensure that you get the right amount of torque for every job
  • Hex keys and combination wrenches combine with the sockets to ensure you can work with any fastener you encounter
  • Ideal for a car kit, home toolbox or travel set so you're never without essential tools
  • Double metal clasps and a heavy-duty carry
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Most Helpful Reviews:

5 found this review helpful
by AfricaGOP04
January 18th, 2009
Great Starter Set

I bought this set for my fiance for Christmas this year as he didn't have any tools with which to work on his Jetta TDI. It has been a great set, with all the basics and not a lot of extraneous stuff. The tool box is nice (ESPECIALLY the metal drawers), holds everything, and is easily portable. The only thing I would recommend is to get the drawer organizers for the sockets and to evaluate your projects and get other pieces one at a time. I would suggest getting a set of allen sockets if you plan on using them a lot . . . the allen wrenches are pretty difficult to really get any leverage on.

7 found this review helpful
by bkma71
May 7th, 2011
182pc mechanics set

Got this to use as a junkyarding/portable tool box. Chrome plating is chipping off all tools and tools never stay in the box/trays and get stuck under the bottom drawer or fall out in the back of my car. I got it because it seemed like good value/ good selection for the money but now many are missing. It might be good for a person who leaves the box in their garage and hardly uses the tools otherwise this tool set sucks... Very disapointed, Ive gotten better quality tools from harbor frieght. What happen to craftsman quality?

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Great tools, poor 3 door chest


The tools are great. The 3 drawer chest however could use some work. When transporting the chest the drawers will swing open and tools will dump out. The drawers are also a little difficult to open and close. If the drawers worked great than this would be a 5 star review. Again the tools are great and worth 5 stars but the 3 drawer chest needs to be improved.

October 7th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Not a good set for a mechanic.


I got this set about two years ago and have been ultimately disappointed. I am not a big guy, I am 5'10 and only weigh 150, yet I have managed to slightly bend multiple of the wrenches, broke the teeth out of the 1/4 ratchet, and it feels like the 3/8 inch ratchet has some of the teeth in the ratcheting mechanism are broken, I have never put a pipe or anything on any of these wrenches or ratchets, because I have bigger ratchets for stuff that requires more leverage. It is fine, if you want to use it as a big around the house tool set, but it is not a good tool set for mechanic work.

October 6th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Great for backup or vehicle use.


This makes a great set to have for emergencies or infrequent use. The tools are perfect, the box is plastic. Don't expect to throw this around, the weight of the tools will probably damage the box. I keep it in my truck so I'm never without some tools for anything that comes up away from home.

October 6th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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tool box sucks


I bought this set in February 2014. I have always liked craftsman tools and products and never had a problem with anything. The one problem i have with these is th tool box. Its not worth it. Just about everytime i pick it up the handle falls off and the tools scatter everywherein the box. Then I have to spend the next 45 minutes taking everything out of the tool box and and resetting them. What really suck is that smaller sockets and driver bits will ga behind the drawers and you have to fight to get them out since the drawers are locked in and dont come out.

September 30th via mobile
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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182 pc. mechanic tool set with 3 drawer tool chest


When I saw the advertisement on this tool set, I couldn't resist buying it. I have no regrets purchasing it, the quality of the tools and the price are a steal. This set has a wide assortment of tools needed for any project or job and I would recommend it to anyone who needs or uses tools either for your job or as needed for everyday jobs or projects at home.

September 18th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Good for everyday work


I really liked almost everything about this tool box except the fact that there wasn't a place for the stuff on the top shelf. It would of been nice if it would of had some dividers or something. I ended up just leaving them in baggies to keep them together. I really did like the standard and metric selection of tools also the choice of the 3 different ratchets. This is a good little filler tool box and should work for most of the jobs I will be using it for. I also like the fact that they are craftsman and if they break and can replace them. I am pretty hard on ratchets, sockets and wrenches. That is why this time around I decided to go with the craftsman and so far they haven't let me down.

September 17th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Craftsman tools


How can you go wrong with Craftsman. The quality and finish on these tools is outstanding. Will get years of use out of these items.

September 16th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Great Product


I bought this for a birthday present for my son, he loved it, and it has about everything he needs to work on his truck! Excellent set!

September 11th via
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Quality Tool Set


This is a great tool set for the home mechanic. It met my expectations for basic car repair stuff. The plastic inserts aren't that great, but the tools are just fine and easy to clean. For the price, this is a good set.

September 4th via
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Weak handle


Nice assortment of tools, but the handle on the top of the box is quite flimsy and comes off when you try to pick it up. I expected better of Craftsman.

September 4th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Happy with purchase

September 3rd via mobile
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Nice set


Tradition tool set from craftsman are always nice. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the amount of cheap plastic being used for the box and drawers but I only paid around $125 on sale price so can't complain. I'm happy overall.

September 2nd via mobile
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Craftsman handtools


This is a solid starter set for anyone working on cars, tractors or even just as a homeowners foundation set. It includes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 drive ratchets with an excellent assortment of sockets for each, as well as nut drivers, screw bits, and combination wrenches. All with the money back Craftsman guarantee.

August 27th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Decent set with disappointments that should be stated in description


We purchased three of these sets plus some other tools to replace worn out tools on three of our fire trucks. Items arrived in good time and good condition. When we opened the chests we found the hex keys in bags and not in holders. We were expecting them to be in holders like all the hex sets sold at Sears. We contacted Sears and were told this is the way they came in this kit. When we inquired about purchasing just the holders we were told they were not available. So we are now searching ****** and other places for holders because hex keys in a bag are not worthwhile when you're trying to free someone from a machine and have to search for hex keys. Secondly the tools are decent quality but we expected the tool holders to be more robust. These sets will be on vehicles and they will be subject to road conditions and we feel the current holders will not keep them in place. We are considering buying other tool holders and scraping the inserts. So in the end a decent set, but several disappointments and omissions that should be resolved.

August 22nd via
3 of 4 found this review helpful.
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August 15th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Husband loves this!!!!


Just what my husband wanted/needed. Very happy with this purchase.

July 31st via
0 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Excellent value. Can't beat a lifetime warranty!


Bought this for my son's birthday and he loved it.

July 25th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Love this set! It's amazing!


Drawers are a bit glitchy. They'll lock one time and won't the next. Trays are perfect and the top compartment is perfect for the rest of my tools!

July 22nd via mobile
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like that its all in one box

July 17th via
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Same great tools


My grandson's graduation present. Same thing I got when I graduated many years ago. Wouldn't buy anything but Craftsman tools.

June 1st via
1 of 3 found this review helpful.
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