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Craftsman 190cc* Briggs & Stratton Gold Engine, 22" Front Drive Self-Propelled EZ Lawn Mower
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. Store Manager Dan uploaded this on 6/28/2013

Craftsman 190cc* Briggs & Stratton Gold Engine, 22" Front Drive Self-Propelled EZ Lawn Mower

Item# 07137041000P | Model# 37041 | Added on November 9, 2011
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Description Specifications
The Craftsman 22 inch Self Propelled Mower Delivers a Good-Looking Lawn
The Craftsman 190cc Front Drive Self Propelled Mower delivers versatility and toughness with a value that might just have you thinking lawn care isn't so bad after all. With a 675 Gold Series Briggs & Stratton engine with 190cc's of power, there's no denying this Craftsman mower has the guts to cut down just about any length of grass in its path. No only is the engine potent, but it's easy to start, too, thanks to Ready Start™ and Smooth Start&trade. Ready Start is a system that eliminates the need for priming and choking the engine so all you have to do is pull, which is about 20 percent easier than on other lawn mowers thanks to Smooth Start. The mower pulls its own weight, too, as it cuts its way across your yard with a variable speed gear drive system on the front wheels so it moves at the speed you want it to move - effortlessly. There's no more need to lean into the handle with all your weight to mow up hills or through thick or wet grass which not only makes this Craftsman lawn mower more comfortable, but safer, too.Even with all of those comfort features, this Craftsman 22 inch Self Propelled Mower gets the job done and done well. Four height positions on the 22 inch high performance deck help you get the ideal look and feel you want on your lawn. Not only do you get to choose how thick and luscious you want your grass, but how to dispose of it as well by bagging, ... read more
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Most Helpful Reviews:

12 found this review helpful
by hybridview
July 6th
Quiet, smooth, fast drive.

I bought this on sale last Fall to replace a 12 year old version of this mower that was showing it's age (rust holes and knocking engine). After using it for a month now, I am quite happy with this unit. [[[PROS]]] [*] This machine is noticeably more quiet than the old one (probably due to the piston slap on the old engine). [*] Drive speed is 50% faster than my old unit. I like to mow at a fast pace, so this is very nice for me. So far, the high drive speed has not bogged down the engine, but I mow every weekend to prevent excessive grass height. [*] Very easy for me to start. I put STABIL in the gas after testing it out last Fall. In the Spring, it started up in 4 pulls with this older gas. Now starts in one pull. MAKE SURE you put STABIL in your gas can! Stale gas is the leading cause of mower failures BY FAR. It's very easy to add to your gas can when filling it up at the gas station. [[[CONS:]]] [*] Having an upper bail (engine control) and lower bail (drive control) on the handle make my hands sore after 30 minutes. The small bars start to really dig in. The new model has a flat plastic cover over the top bail, which I might try to replicate on mine. My old lawnmower had a single bail (engine control) and a locking hand lever (drive control), which did not bother me much. [*] Deck steel thickness (gauge) is a little thinner than the old model. The deck does not flex much (steel is probably a better grade), but I wonder how long until rust eats through it. My old machine had rust holes in the deck, but it's first 10 years were likely harsh from the previous owners. [*] Drive gear box appears to be all plastic. This might not be a problem, but I wonder how robust this will be. The drive wheels on my old AND new mower have plastic gears, and they will fail if you bump the mower head-on into walls/fences/trees while in drive too often. When navigating around tricky spots, let go of the drive bail and push it manually. This tip should make your self propel system last for years.

15 found this review helpful
by lellisee
December 3rd, 2012

After 14 years, my Lawnboy needed replaced. I was going to buy another Lawnboy but saw this Craftsman mower on sale so I purchased it and took delivery the first week in August 2012. Big mistake. The first problem I noticed the first time I used it was a squealing sound when the self-propelled function was engaged. The mower functioned properly, it just squealed when in the self-propelled mode. The second problem with this mower is that after only 3.5 months of once a week use it doesn't start. When I bought this mower I also bought the recommended Sears lawnmower oil and fuel stabilizer and have taken very good care of this mower. So when it wouldn't start, I called Sears and told them the problems with this mower and I wanted to return it for a full refund. I was told that since it was over 30 days old I needed to find a way to get it to a Sears repair center to have it repaired. I was told this was Sears policy. My policy moving forward ... no more Sears products.

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Joseph deSouza
4 days ago

Good Mower and Good Price

Needed a mower in a hurry when the self propelled broke on my old mower. Found this online at Sears, used store pick up and able to pick up fast and efficiently. The little bit of assembly was easy, filled it with oil and gas and it started right up. Used it several times since and starts right up. Hope that continues! One word of caution is that it came out of the box with the height adjustments at odd levels so make sure to change to your desired level.
Thanks so far Sears for your service and Craftsman products. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a dependable mower as they are hard to find.

9 days ago via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Pretty good

I never owned a lawn mower in my life went to the store saw this one brought it home and it did the job

9 days ago via mobile
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Great price and product

Easy to operate and dependable so far. Also, was an excellent price for the brand.

10 days ago via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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OK but could be better

I purchased this mower to replace my 25+ year old Honda mower. This mower starts smooth and runs great but it really sucks that it turns off every time you take your hands off of the operation bar, I can see the pull start having to be replaced more often because of this feature.
This mower is also front wheel drive which isn't all that good either, if your not applying a little bit of upward leverage on the push bar then the wheels just want to spin without assisting you in propelling the mower forward.
Over all I'd say the engine runs great, the mower looks pretty good but operates weak. Having to put fuel additive in the fuel kind of sucks as well. You'd figure that with ethanol gas being around for so long that they would have figured out how to make their engine so that it wouldn't be needed by now, (my old Honda never had to have it).

10 days ago via
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Satisfied with the replacement

I bought a new mower that had a bad propelled system. The replacement works fine for now.

12 days ago via
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13 days ago

A decent mower for the price

I love the easy starting of this mower. Usually it takes only one pull. There are a few minor issues, however. When not using the side discharge the mower stalls when cutting tall grass or weeds. The side discharge chute also comes off under those circumstancessince it is only held on by the mulching door spring. Other than that I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this product.

15 days ago via
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Excellent Mower

Starts easy

15 days ago via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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Mowing the lawn is SO easy

My daughter and I put the lawn mower together with no problems. (There wasn't too much you had to do.) The directions were easy to understand and there were step-by-step diagrams to guide you. Once it was done, mowing the lawn was a breeze. The mower basically went by itself!

15 days ago via
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love this mower

got this mower today went and cut my yard and it was so smooth and clean working with no stress had to get self-propelled so it would be easy for me love sears mower had one before and always was great for me so I tried it again will always buy things a like from sears.

16 days ago via
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First home

I almost always do a lot of research before making a purchase that involves spending lots of money. I found this mower to be the best value for the money and with several nice features. The recipient of this mower finds the mower to be very easy to start and use. He said it makes his job easier.

16 days ago via
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Great Mower

Started on 2nd pull. Has all the gadgets and leaf bag is truly easy empty, a great improvement in mowers.

19 days ago via
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Lawn mower

We bought two of your Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers, one for our home the other for our lake home. They work great and we love the fact that we have so many options, bag side shute and mulch. Wonderful mower.

23 days ago via
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Lawn mower

this is a great mower purchased it for my brother and he just loves it.

23 days ago via
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At least it has a warranty

We purchased this mower a few years back, and had it in the shop three times in the first year. Three time it busted the keyway for the main shaft. After the third time they replaced it, this time we have not had a problem. By year three the self propelled would not work and the chute falls off while running, but it does start when I need it to start.

24 days ago via
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Works great. Cranks on the first pull and frint wheel drive is very good.

25 days ago via
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Good Buy

This was a great replacement so far. I have used it once, but if it performs the same way everytime, I will consider this a very good purchase.

July 24th via
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Self-Propelled EZ Mower

I love my new Craftsman 22" Front Drive Self-Propelled EZ Lawn Mower from Sears. Mulched grass clippings collected in the easily removable bag makes a great additive for my compost bin so I am feeding my garden while I mow my lawn. I have gone through several lawn mowers from other retail outlets but I consistently find that the Craftsman with its Briggs & Stratton Engine always seems to perform best and hold up longer.

July 18th via
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Really liking this mower so far. Easy start and transition from bag to mulch to side discharge.

July 17th via
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15 days ago
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Why did I pay more in the store?
April 13th
Lisette Dorantes
If it was cheaper on sears.con they can price match. Just go to show them the page.
Answered in 10 hours
by Lisette Dorantes
April 14th
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