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Craftsman 22" 190cc Self Propelled Rear Bag High Wheel Platinum Lawn Mower Non CA
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Craftsman 22" 190cc Self Propelled Rear Bag High Wheel Platinum Lawn Mower Non CA

Item# 07137454000P | Model# 37454 | Added on June 17, 2012
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Trust Your 190CC 22" Mower To Get The Job Done Right
Create a beautifully crafted lawn with the expertise of the Craftsman190cc 22” mower with a rear propelled drive system makes lawn mowing seem almost inspired. The mower brings to the job innovative features, exceptional value and outstanding performance so you can get a lawn that is lush, rich and pleasing to the senses.
Powered with the reputable 700 Platinum Series Briggs & Stratton Engine, your mower has the muscle needed to handle even the coarsest grass on any sized yard. With that much power, this lawn mower effortlessly drives itself with a variable speed propelled rear drive system so it does all the work for you. With Craftsman’s robust engineering, you can now literally glide over hilly terrain while mowing. The rear wheel drive and rear bag features make maneuvering and handling the mower a breeze, while the large 12 inch rear high wheels make the bumps magically disappear.
Whether you’re bagging, mulching or cutting, the 22 inch 3-in-1 precision cutting deck system is up to the task. The mower is equipped with the industry’s largest bag with full bag indicator to show when your bag is full, having you remove the bag less often and focus more on the lawn. An innovative position lock system allows you to remove and install the bag quickly. Craftsman’s exclusive EZ glide height adjusters let you get the right cutting height every time and the easy to read numbers eliminate ... read more
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Most Helpful Reviews:

8 found this review helpful
by CDS3124
April 13th, 2010
Great Lawn Mower

I find reviews to be very helpful when deciding on a product, so here is my review of this Craftsman Mower (Model # 37454). If you are trying to decide between a push mower and a self propelled, I would definitely recommend a self propelled. Why get beat up pushing a lawn mower around when you can just squeeze the handle and the mower moves for you. Now to decide between front propelled or rear propelled. Some may disagree, but I recommend a rear propelled. It just makes sense. There isn't enough weight in the front of the mower (especially if you are bagging) to keep the front propelled wheels on the ground without slipping. OK, now about the mower itself. First of all, this mower is really nice looking and you really couldn't ask for any more features. 22" cut, 3 in 1 mower, 700 Platinum Series Briggs and Stratton engine, Rear self propelled with ball bearing wheels, Variable speed control, Large rear wheels, One lever height adjustment, Large bag with viewing window and EZ Deck wash system. Also, the handle bars have comfortable padding on them which the picture doesn't show. The only thing this mower doesn't have is key start, which I think is unnecessary unless you are physically unable to use the pull start. My mower always starts up right away on the first pull. Now that I talked so highly of this mower, here are a few of the cons: the window on the bag is a great idea, but is already starting to stain green, so not sure how beneficial it will be unless you clean the window all the time. The EZ Deck Wash System is also a good idea, but obviously running a little water to the underneath of the deck isn't going to remove all of the clumped on grass. I also agree with some of the other reviewers that pulling the mower backwards takes a little getting used to. You have to push forward a little bit to disengage the drive mechanism. This mower is also a little expensive, but I say spend the extra cash. Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for". Luckily I got this on sale. Overall, I highly recommend this mower. Hope this review helps.


6 found this review helpful
by Hurlba
May 10th, 2010
You can do better!

This mower STINKS, don't buy it!!  The only good thing I'll say about it is that they've made the opening of bag larger so the grass comes out easier when emptying.

Here's my list of complaints:

The bag may be bigger, but it doesn't actually store more grass due to the alignment of the opening to the mower chassis. So when the lower half of the bag fills, it covers the hole to the chassis and effectively blocks up the bag at about 3/4 full.

The rear wheels are positioned wider than the front wheels, so cutting straight alongside a sidewalk edge is a pain.

Speaking of rear wheels, when you try to pull the mower backwards, the wheels lock up. The manual says push forward to release the wheels, well they unlock but only for a couple wheel rotations and then lock again. Just what I wanted, to do the 2-step with my lawn mower when all I want to do is pull it back 6 feet.

This is advertised as a mulching lawn mower. Ha! It labors with my grass and leaves clumps behind after 1 week's growth. Engine is underpowered. I don't have petrified grass that we're working with here!

Have to shut off the engine when emptying the bag. Big point here, and it's my fault for not picking up on when I bought it. What a pain. Have to shut it down and start it up each time. Why are you still making a lawn mower that can't disengage the blade and leave the motor running???

The automatic drive engagement is quirky. They say variable speed, NOT!  If you try to get the thing to go slowly by only slightly pulling back on the lever, it is jumpy, as in, it goes, then doesn't.

Last mower I bought was Craftsmen with a Honda engine (that was able to disengage the blade), and that one truly had a variable speed engine and drive. This mower is nothing close to my previous one. Tried to take this mower back but was told I'd pay a 15% restocking fee so I didn't. I get so annoyed each time I use the mower that I'm kicking myself for not taking it back when I had the chance, even if it would have cost me $45.

Seriously, don't buy this mower, it stinks. No more Craftsmen mowers for me.

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Destination Scrap Heap!

I had high hopes for this Craftsman self propelled mower. But just into year number two of usage I can honestly say that about the only good attribute of this clunker is that it usually starts on the first or second pull. Other than that, its totally useless! The grass chute constantly clogs up, even when cutting dry grass. Its hard to maneuver and the rear wheels just sit there and spin on slightly uneven ground. Our front lawn is a typical size for a Chicago bungalow but it is Bermuda grass. I can only mow a swath of about 3 or 4 inches at a time and only hope that the blade won't be stopped dead in its tracks. Rear bagging is almost non existent. The mower just spits clumps of grass everywhere and I'm left with a mess to clean up. Wouldn't recommend this mower to my worst enemy.

May 22nd, 2013 via
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Excellent Features Overcome Certain Problems

I really like the four-wheel simultaneous height adjustment. Exellent engine. The pickup bag works well, but I usually just leave the bag off and "mulch" the clippings. This machine does a great job mulching dry leaves in the Fall. The large back wheels and the front tires have very low rolling drag. The variable speed self-propelled feature is needed for this heavier-duty maching. The variable speed is achieved by slipping the drive belt as one squeezes the self-propelled speed handle. The speed-control handle may be weak - mine broke after a few years - perhaps I should not complain!

January 31st, 2013 via
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Best value for the Dollar

Have had this mower for over a year and couldn't be happier. Started on the first pull all spring and summer. Only when it got cold did I have to pull it twice on the first start. Single lever height adjustment is great and easy. Made getting the lawn ready for winter a snap. Hose cleanup port on the top of the deck made washing the mower easy for storage for winter. But the best part is the variable speed rear wheel drive. Because sometimes you want to slow down around the landscape and speed down the straightaways. Thank you Sears for a great mower.

November 17th, 2012 via
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<p>Poor Lawnmower waste of money! they should recall all of them.  You cannot pull the lawnmower backwards, the rear wheels lock up! what a joke.  Also changed the rear wheels because the teeth are made of plastic and wore out.  Wake up Craftsman people! you used to make great lawnmowers!  grass builds up in the chute of bag so mulching is poor!</p>

November 13th, 2012 via
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My Mower

This was a replacement for a high wheel mulcher. Strong engine, takes time getting use to, Doesn't mulch well. I like the walk behind variable speed control.

November 6th, 2012 via
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3 years and 3 broken control levers

<p>I have had this mower 3 years and every year the drive control lever broke, part number190038, sears wants 28 dollars for this 4 dollar red plastic handle plus shipping. I borrowed a toro personal pace mower while mine was down, way better mower.</p>

August 30th, 2012 via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Will not trust craftsman products again

Very disappointed in sears and craftsman. I have owned this lawn mower for about 6 months and now the pull string is stuck and the engine cannot be started. I called Sears and sears says it is $65 to ship it for repairs plus any additional repair costs, even though it is within the warranty period. The attendant stated that it is usually better to buy another mower. Pathetic. $400 down the drain. That was my first purchace from Sears in years and probably the last time I ever step foot in a sears.

May 29th, 2012 via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Craftsman Quality

My last mower was a craftsman, This mower is the same Quality as my old one, well built starts one pull,A great mower, My old Craftsman lasted 30 years

May 8th, 2012 via
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craftman lawn mower 22 inch self propelled

i like this mower. it performs very well. i'm glad i bought this mower. i have no problems using it. it also has a spot to hook a hose to wash it. It was easy to set up. Is easy to use. I should have bought one sooner. It made life a lot easier.I recommend this mower to anyone.

May 5th, 2012 via
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Craftsmen mower

Seems well made, I really like the rear well variable speed drive. the mower has always started on the first pull, and that includes when i initially brought it home and put gas in it for the firwst time.

May 1st, 2012 via
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Craftsman Lawn Mower 22in Self propelled platnum

No drain out plug to change the oil. Does not turn well. Have to hold the handle to regulate speed (not set speed control). Product was returned did not preform to our expectations.

May 1st, 2012 via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Great cut. Great deal.

Was looking at cheaper mowers when i got this mower. Glad i spent the extra money! Great cut,easy to run and best of all self propelled. Only problem was when trying to backup the shield in the back gets caught in the wheels. Need to trim shield and should be ok. All in all a great deal for under 300 bucks!

April 20th, 2012 via
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Excellent Machine

I bought this mower at a local Sears' store for the clearance price of $296 compared to the original $429. That savings alone makes this a great buy. The mower starts first pull everytime with the B&S 700 platinumn engine. All adjustments are simple and easy to manipulate while the variable speed function is great for adjusting to varying mowing conditions. The only issue is &quot;rear wheel lock up&quot; when pulling the mower backwards; I believe this is initiated by the protective flap at the back of the deck; I've had this same issue with my old Cub Cadet. I will likely alter the flap position to cure this issue. I would recommend this item with that one caveat!

April 19th, 2012 via
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Very impressive!

I did my share of research when I selected this mower--based on the specifics of my yard, what I required it to do, and the features that I preferred. This mower meets all of my needs, hands down. However, quite a few of the reviews on this mower do not give it justice. I took consideration of the majority of complaints (or cons) and looked out for them myself as I operated this mower. I would assess that a lot of the complaints are from users who are either hard to please, never really operated a lawn mower before, or lack a basic proficiency in operating machinery, common sense, or just failed to read. First I would like to comment on what I especially like about this mower, followed by what I think needs improvement and lastly to dispel some of the negative nonsense posted by these reviews.

Once I brought it home, it was an easy task taking it out of the box and getting it ready for its maiden mow. A third grader could do it. I had to unfold the handle, insert and tighten two screws, add the oil (included) and fill the gas tank, and it was ready to mow. It started right up on the first pull- an easy smooth pull, just as advertized. With that being said, who needs a key-start?

Pure Power... this mower is very strong. I was very impressed by the propulsion of this mower, it will move fast. It handles great, like a Cadillac. Go easy on the drive control lever because this thing will pull you if you are not careful--but the speed is easily controllable.

The foam grip around the handle tore on one side after first use, but this was not a deal breaker to me. I can fix that with some tape. My primary interest is in the ability of this mower to cut grass and it does that extremely well.

Mulching ability... this mower mulches just fine. My lawn was dry (as the operating manual suggested) and I experienced no clumping as some of the reviewers posted. The bagging function works properly too.

Backing Up... I had no problems backing up this mower, despite the large number of reviews that indicated it as a &quot;con&quot;. As a few posts from competent reviewers stated (probably also read the manual), I confirm that you have to release the drive lever and push it forward a bit to disengage the drive before you back up. I liken this theory to driving a car. You can't just drive in reverse from driving forward without doing something to shift the transmission first - so why would anyone expect not to do this with this lawn mower which has a transmission?

As for the flap on the back, it's there for safety and not as much of a big deal as some have &quot;complained&quot; about. It will only roll up under the rear wheels if on a flat surface that's not a lawn. But if you push down on the handle (lifting up the front wheels) it will not roll under the rear wheels. I was taught to push down on the handle when turning around to cut the next row grass and avoid gaps- so that was easy to me.

I rate this mower a 5 out of 5.

April 18th, 2012 via
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Great Lawn Mower

Nice smooth even cut, lots of HP, sucker will move you fast. Good bang for the buck

April 6th, 2012 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Great Lawn Mower

Bought this lawn mower as a last year's model. Got a good deal on it. Works great, except for when you want to back up. Did similar to others and took a rope and ran through the rubber piece and tied it off so that it wouldn't go under the wheels.

April 6th, 2012 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Take a licking but keep on ticking

Bought an earlier version of this mower 10 years ago. I ran it over stumps, in the rain, up the side of hills, over a rake I left in the yard and the mower's engine still never died. I recently upgraded to a newer, different brand and I am definitely regretting it. Should have bought another one....

March 30th, 2012 via
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Craftsman Platinum Lawn mower

Great piece of equipment by craftsman! The high wheels work great on my uneven lawn and it starts on the first pull every time. I would highly recommend this mower to anyone looking to upgrade. This yard monster devours grass like they aren't even there!!

March 16th, 2012 via
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Craftsman Platinum Lives up to its Name!

I love this lawn mower. When we purchased this for my husband as a father's day gift, I thought he might feel jilted. But he loved it and it works so well. He says it is very easy to handle.

March 15th, 2012 via
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easy start

this new mower i bought last fall to replace one is great!!! it starts very easy with little effort on my part as i have a bad back and two full replacement knees. a very good investment.

March 13th, 2012 via
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