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Craftsman 27cc* 2-Cycle Straight Shaft WeedWacker™Gas Trimmer.
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Craftsman 27cc* 2-Cycle Straight Shaft WeedWacker™Gas Trimmer.

Item# 07171120000P | Model# 71120 | Added on November 2, 2011
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Craftsman 27cc Gas Trimmer: Maintain a Lawn You’ll Want to Show Off
The Craftsman 27cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft Weedwacker boasts an Exclusive 360-degree rotating handle for enhanced comfort and control.  It's equipped with a full-crank engine desgined to reduce vibration and extend engine life.  Featuring Craftsman's Best starting system with the 2-step choke (simply prime and pull) and Incredi-Pull (pulling the rope easier to start), this unit will start up in seconds.  Also featured is Speed Start technology, which eliminates the pull rope allowing for push-button starting capability using any of the 3 optional starters (sold separately).  A Straight shaft design offers enhanced reach and is more comfortable for taller users.  The Universal yard tool attachment system will convert the trimmer into an edger, cultivator, blower, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, pole saw and many more.  An aluminum hassle-free cutting head is more durable and easy to load with XQ-shaped .110 in. or .130 in. line.  A deluxe guard provides advanced debris protection.

    • The Craftsman 27cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft Weedwacker is great for small, medium and large jobs
    • Easy 2-step starting - Simply prime and pull
    • 27cc full-crank engine - Reduced vibration an extended engine life
    • Exclusive 360 degree rotating handle - Provides superior comfort and control
    • Speed Start Technology - Push-button
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Most Helpful Reviews:

7 found this review helpful
by Dansterpower
May 15th, 2012
Buy it—Great Performance and an outstanding Interchangeable Tool

Buy it—Great Performance and an outstanding Interchangeable Tool System I was hesitant to purchase this after reading some of the negative reviews here on Sears. After reading these other reviews, I figured I'd have to spend more money on a Husqvarna or Stihl to get a quality, durable WeedWacker with interchangeable attachments. My 16 year old Craftsman line trimmer developed carburetor problems. I spent $20 trying to fix this old WeedWacker under the assumption that old stuff is built better than new stuff. In this case I was wrong. And the negative reviews were wrong too. This Craftsman 2-Cycle Straight Shaft WeedWacker with full crank is an amazing performer! I love it. I spent about $160 and I feel like I got a great deal and an even better tool. Let me tell you what I like about it. I purchased the drill based version of the "Speed Start." It works great. The WeedWacker fires up in 1 second using this. Amazing! I was blown away! I broke in the new engine for a few minutes alternating between low, mid and full throttle — this is a good way to break a new small engine in. Then I put the tool to use. Before I tell you how it performed, let me tell you that I shut it off a few times and then used the manual pull-start to fire it back up. From reading some of these reviews here on Sears I thought the unit would be hard starting via the pull start: again, wrong! This top performer fired right up in one or two pulls. Again, I was as happy as I could be. On to performance. This unit has plenty of power. I was very pleased. I cut weeds that were 18 inches tall no problem. I hooked up the optional edger attachment — The engine had all the power I needed to cut an edge through an inch of dirt. The engine performs fine. Here's why I think some people have problems with these WeedWackers - it's two things really: 1) they don't let the engine warm up before using it and 2) they don't pay attention when squeezing the throttle. It's important to let a small 2-cycle engine warm up both for proper performance for the life of the engine: a lot of professional landscapers and arborists actually use a pyrometer to make sure line trimmer and chain saw engines are warm enough before subjecting them to load. Google this topic and see for yourself. The second point deals with learning how this particular engine responds when you squeeze the throttle: there is a quarter second lag when you gas it from idle. All one has to do is squeeze a bit slowly at first to gently move the engine beyond this lag, then it really takes off and runs powerfully and steadily. The 'hassle free head' will take some getting used to. My 16 year old Craftsman WeedWacker had a bump head. It was nice because I could advance more line when I needed it. This is nice because when I am edging around concrete and curbs I go through a lot of line. With the hassle free head I have to stop and add line, but this only takes 10 seconds and the hassle free head is much more durable. I will use the hassle free head when I am in the weeds and not near concrete. I want a bump head too but I am not going to buy the curved shaft with bump head add on. Instead, and because I am so impressed with this unit, I am going to buy another Craftsman 2-cycle with a straight shaft bump head. This will give me an extra engine and an bump head for about $60 more than the cost of the bump head curve shaft add-on. So to sum up, this is a very high-quality, easy-starting, impressive Craftsman tool — I like it so much that I have ordered the optional blower, tiller, pole saw and hedge trimmer. It's a keeper and I want all the add-ons for it. I will be using this system for a long time. Because it's from Sears I will always be able to order replacement and repair parts. Buy this WeedWacker — learn how to start it, warm it up, maintain it. Then practice learning throttle response and how to ease it into tall weeds. If you follow these steps you add operator expertise to what I think is fine lawn tool. I love this WeedWacker. Five Stars! Thank you Sears.

9 found this review helpful
by unhappy_cust0mer
September 12th, 2013
poor quality/poor service

I used this weed eater for two days, until the plastic trigger broke off inside the shaft. I tried to return the item for a replacement, but by the time I found my receipt and made the 40 mile drive to the store, the 30 day return policy expired by 10 days; so it was sent in for repairs. I had purchased this item back in June. It is now September, and I still do not have a weedwacker that I purchased from Sears. I really regret purchasing this weedwacker. First, I only got to use it for two days this season. Second, the quality was just not there. Long grass would get tangled up in the shaft, and the trimmer line would wear down when cleaning up the grass along the curb. I really miss having a spool feeder. What is most disappointing has been the long service delays and poor customer service.

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Great product

I bought this to replace an older trimmer. Works great and is easy to use.

14 days ago via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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This product was everything I imagined it to be.

This weed whacker is truly worth every dime I paid for it. Putting it together was very easy, starting it was almost flawless, it had a descent delay mode that allowed me enough time to get it in the position I wanted it in to start working. I am very satisfied.

20 days ago via
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Wrked grt 1st.Chg edger. Grt.Chg to trimmer,failed to work.Back to get fixd

Trimmer worked great. Chg to edger, great. Chg to trimmer, failed to work. Trimmer would not turn. Need to bring back to get fixed. Frustrating.

21 days ago via
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New Trimmer

I've only used it twice but, so far I like it. The trottel works different than my old one so it is going to be a while getting use to it. So far it works great. Comes with red a black line. The red does'nt last long if your trimming around fence are something like it.

21 days ago via
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Typical 2 year life

This weed wacker worked ok for 2 years and like every other weed wacker and leaf blower (craftsman) it last 2 years and dies. I don't have the know how to figure out the problems when they stop running and its too expensive to get someone too look at it.

26 days ago via
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weed eater

I have bought several of these over the years but the craftsman seems to suit me the best. love the way you load the new string now. they seem to hold up longer than most of the other brands out there.

26 days ago via
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29 days ago

do not recommend!

engine stopped working, Compression problem?

August 20th via
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Good Product

August 20th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Great buy

We got a great buy on this gas trimmer on sale. It works great and changing the trim line is very easy. This trimmer is very powerful and did the job with ease,

August 20th via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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My Husband loves his new toy[ although it does all of his heavy weeds around our pond ] He put it together in less than 10 minutes with the help of our 10 year old grandson. He gives iy a five star rating.

August 14th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Like it a lot!!!

I really like the handle and how you can flip it so its upside down. Makes it real easy to use. Working great so far!

August 14th via
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
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No Power with weak clutch

After burying my beloved 32cc Craftsman Weed Wacker of 13 years, it was time to go out and get a new Craftsman...boy was I wrong. I owned this "beauty" less than 24 hours before returning it. It started fine, in fact on the second pull. It was lazy to rev up based against my Craftsman leaf Blower and foregone 32cc wacker. I figured that it perhaps had an air bubble in the fuel line so I idled and revved it for 15 mins prior to its maiden voyage. I was alarmed to find the unit had a clutch that will not allow the head to rotate until suitable RPM has been achieved. No Big Deal right?...wrong. With the throttle squeezed, without a load on it the engine sounds labored. immediately upon contact with grass on edges of landscaping the clutch slips and the rotation of head stop. I completed trimming my 1/2 acre yard in twice the amount of time as had to wait for the head unit to catch up and take swipes at grass that was 6" tall. What a joke, Craftsman should be ashamed for degrading their own name. I will not look for a different brand after over 2 decades of Craftsman Brand lawn care products.

August 12th via
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Craftsman - 2 Cycle WeedWacker

we have purchased a lot of weedwackers. This 2-cycle is awesome. The straight shaft with metal head was a selling point. The 4-cycle which was a little more had a plastic head. The single string over having to re-spool new string not only convenient, the range of the gauge of the string you can purchase allows for light to heavy duty trimming.
Definitely purchase the recommend canned fuel for this. It starts and runs great. Craftsman products are quality backed with a guarantee.
Very pleased with this product.

August 12th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Not a fan

Very poorly designed. The breather cap is held on by a screw with a cap that is fitted on to it. This cap does not stay on. The cap falls off and the breather then falls off. I have replaced it twice and now use a washer and lock nut on it. The engine also brushes against your arm while holding it and will cut your arm. A sling is almost required to operate.

August 8th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Works well, seems to lack some power for 2stroke

Seems to work hard to spool up and when running grass always gets wrapped around the neck which has to be removed to continue.

August 8th via
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August 6th via
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
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don't buy this trimmer !!!

Purchased July 2012. Broke October 2012. Store would not replace it because I waited 3 days to bring it in. Sent out to be repaired. Did not get back to the store until November. (Trimmer season is over) Store Manager replaced the repaired one with a new one, because that was what should have happened in October. Second one worked fine thru the 2013 season. July of 2014 the second one broke. Same problem as the first one. I am ordering the parts myself and repairing it. The gears in the gear box have worn so badly they stop making a connection. Poor design or poor quality of parts I suspect. Last chance for Craftsman trimmer. My very first gas one (a craftsman) lasted over 15 years. I am very disappointed with the product, the customer service and the overall experience. I traveled over 25 miles one way to shop a SEARS store. Next time I will go see my local Stihl dealer who is 5 miles away. !!!

August 5th via
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Weed trimmer

Very happy with my purchase.

August 1st via mobile
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Strong enough for the job

Bought this trimmer to trim several bushes near my house. It did the job and was light to use. Being light was important since I was going to use it for 2 hours none stop.

August 1st via
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We purchased craftman gas trimmer on 3/23/12. It has not work properly since we purchased and now will not start. I did all the trouble shooting.
May 10th, 2013
I have one also-I needed to check that the spark plug was properly placed, they can become loose during shipping, movement etc, also plug may be out of line in the socket and need to be straightened-very fussy plug placement-they won't spark if they're inserted crooked- Also took awhile to prime mine the first couple of times using it. Flip switch to complete choke and pull the cord a few times, then switch to idle or run can't remember which option was next, but mine has 3 switch place settings and I prime it by flipping the switch from full choke to run/idle and pulling the cord on each flip. Hope this helps. Mine is GREAT still 19 years use...
May 12th, 2013
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