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Craftsman 42" 24hp* V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower Non CA

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Craftsman 42" 24hp* V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower Non CA
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Craftsman 42 inch tractor delivers commercial-grade performance
Designed for big lawns and professional landscapers, the Craftsman 42inch 24hp V twin engine riding mower is constructed with commercial-grade components to easily power through the toughest jobs — whether you're cutting thick grass or navigating hilly terrains. The 24hp Briggs & Stratton® V-Twin engine has a natural, counter-balance design that gives you more power, less vibration and long-lasting performance. Lever lap bars control the dual hydrostatic transmission. A fully welded steel frame is built to withstand the rigors of professional landscaping.
This Craftsman 42 inch tractor has a wide cutting deck for finishing big jobs quickly. The deck uses two cutting blades to ensure a precision cut. The blades can be raised or lowered via a hydraulic lift for cutting heights between 1.5 to 4 inches, so it's ideal for tackling different turf types with minimal adjustment. And to keep the tractor looking and operating at its best, a built-in deck washing system helps you quickly clear debris and built-up residue from grass clippings.
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By tmtrz
August 21st, 2012
Great value. Nice cut.

I have owned and operated professional lawn equipment (Dixon, Grasshopper, Bobcat, Snapper, Scag) in the past and I must say the quality of the cut of this Craftsman compares favorably to much more expensive equipment. I have only owned it for a short time so I can't speak of long term durability but I am impressed by the ease of adjustment (seat, blades, lap bars) and also the inclusion of the hour/battery meter. The smoothness of the ride is average. It also stripes very nicely without having a striping kit. Engine is quiet and good on gas compared to the larger equipment I have used in the past. So far, I'm pleased. I also purchased the bagger and although it doesn't work as well as belt driven professional systems it still is very usable.

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By jpcrider82
April 5th, 2013
Delivered and Steering Doesn't Engage

Had this mower delivered today. Started up fine, but the steering wouldn't engage to move forward or backwards. Being that I just got the mower today and wanted to test it out, this is a huge pain. They are sending a technician out on Monday (today is Wednesday), but it really makes me worry about the product. I will keep everyone posted as to if it is a simple fix or if I got a lemon. Trying to decide right now if I should just get my money back and buy a different brand. Not real excited that I spent that much money on something that doesn't work from the beginning.

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I bought this mower in 2012 and in our area a severe drought was on. We did not have to mow much, so in 2015 I have a mower with 13 hours on the meter. I really like the mower. I was mowing 2 days ago and the drive belt came off. So reinstalled belt which looked good and started mower it make an odd noise and belt was off again. Thinking I might have missed a stick or have something in a pulley, so I inspected real good and found all pulleys to be clear. Installed belt again and same thing happened. Found it to be the fan located below the left pulley to going between belt and pulley. Tried bending them down so they would be clear but they are plastic and would not stay out of the way. Trimmed off end of fan blades a small amount. Reinstalled belt and started mower and works great. Have 2 new fans on the way because they may need all of the blade length to cool. I think this is a design flaw and make should have figured this out and do a recall. As least make the owners aware and furnish new fans. I had to buy fans and pulleys to purchase the fans. It asks below if I would recommend to a friend and I would but they need to be aware of the problem.

June 24th, 2015 via
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Gene Douglas
| Earned 16 community points in Craftsman
April 6th, 2015

Zero Turn


Great zero turn mower 42" 23hp only thing is blades they are cheap and hardly last a summer before they start falling apart. I have two summer in on my machine have replace blades twice...oh well at lease I don't have to re-sharpen them. Still great mower for the money.

December 9th, 2014 via
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Great Gift


Purchased for my husband and he loves it. I wish I had purchased the bag kit though.

December 7th, 2014 via
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| Earned 44 community points in Craftsman

Will never buy from sears again. hope no one ever buys from that rip off place


When my mower was delivered It sat in my garage for 2 weeks cause of the rain, so by the time I got to use it, it was over the 30 day return policy. My first actual test at mowing the whole yard was after the 30 day mark and must say I was very disappointed in it. took me 3 hrs to mow my yard because I had to put the deck belt back on over 10 times. I put the mower in the garage and called sears, they want to send a guy out to look at it next week on Friday. Ok that's good, but how am I going to mow my yard until then? then told me to bring it back and when I did they wouldn't take it without me paying a 20% restocking fee. WHAT!! I now take the mower back home, to make this story short, I still have the mower and the belt still comes off. Oh ya, and if I do give it back and loose the 20%(500.00) I get the rest on a sears card. because they said I bought gift cards to buy the mower, which I did not. paid cash. They lost a long time customer. DONT GO THERE...DONT BUY FROM THERE...

May 12th, 2014
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My First Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower


Initially I was reluctant to test the machine after reading the operator's manual, but I took it slow without engaging the PTO to become familiar with the steering and other controls. After about 20 minutes I felt confident enough to begin mowing at full power. I am impressed so far because the mower is very powerful and efficient in what it was designed to do. It handled better than some of the reviews I read prior to actually purchasing the mower, in my personal opinion.

I am looking forward to using it to minimize my time maintaining the lawn in the searing summer heat, and adding accessories to get chores done year-round at my home such as a bagger for leaves, light kit for better visibility, etc.

This machine is a well made zero turn mower for the price, and I also have peace-of-mind knowing that Sears, Craftsman parts will be readily available whenever I need them. I really like some of the standard features that are often options on other brands, such as the hours meter to track scheduled maintenance, etc. It is like a great companion to have on your side when you have about an acre or more of lawn to maintain !

December 8th, 2013 via
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| Earned 7 community points in Craftsman
October 7th, 2013

Extended warranty a joke - poor quality parts


Just purchased this spring. Went to mow and found a flat tire. Went to air it up and the internal part of the valve stem shot out at me. The boot is still on the rim. Now I have to wait over a week for repair. I took the wheel off and took it to my local Sears and the guys could not believe what happened. I am willing to replace the wheel myself, but noooooooooooo, pieces are being sent to me and I have to wait for a repair man instead of sending me a complete wheel and I could send the old one back.
Not very good customer service after paying out the nose for the extended warranty!!!!!

September 25th, 2013 via
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Awesome Zero turn


This is the best mower I have ever had ! Cut my time from 9 Hours to 3 and a half. Ill never go back.

September 11th, 2013 via
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| Earned 56 community points in Craftsman
September 6th, 2013

zero turn mower is a blast to drive


I got the mower about one week ago. Been enjoying how easy it is to drive. It seems to be a good value does a great job on the lawn. Found myself take a little extra time just to play with it. Plenty of power for about any job.

September 5th, 2013 via
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Good, But...


The mower itself I have had little problem with. It works great!! My complaint is that you sell a "Commercial Grade" mower that has cheap parts. the tires are only 2 ply and are full of pin holes. I have had 6 flats in 2 months. The tech came out (after 3 weeks) and filled them with a commercial grade "Fix-a-flat" and said that Sears does not offer a better grade of tire. The blades have the same type problem, that they are thin metal and there is no heavy duty option for blades.

August 17th, 2013 via
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I went back and forth on several different ZTR's and finally bit the bullet and went with the Craftsman, even though I thought 24HP was overkill for a 42" mower, but could not beat the price! My home is new construction so the yard is new sod which I had to let grow for awhile to get rooted in. Then we had a lot rain and the yard was too wet to mow for two more weeks. When it came time to mow (finally) the yard was BIG and thick! This thing powered right through it! I couldn't believe how it took on grass over 10" tall and never bogged down at all. This engine has some power! A couple days later I mowed again and was again impressed, this time with the high quality cut.

Only downfalls are does not mow in reverse and how far side discharge chute throws clippings out makes it hard not to throw clippings all over your landscaping at some point while you're mowing. Neither of these are anything major in my opinion, however. Several reviews are very negative of the no-mow in reverse but to me, it's a zero turn, turn that puppy around in a zip and go forward!

I'm getting a mulch kit for it and will update review after a few months of use but so far, it is excellent!

August 17th, 2013 via
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I love my new mower but........


Everyone has been telling me for years that I should get a zero turn mower. I finally got one and I absolutely love it. This mower cuts circles around tractor type mowers. Cut my mowing time almost in half and saves me a lot of weed eating. My only complaint about my ZTS 7000 42" cut is the cheap factory blades that come on it. These blades are thin and wear out quickly! Put the good blades on it from the start and You have a 5 star mower! Jerry W.

August 5th, 2013 via
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Love It


To this day my dad has never owned or used any thing but Craftsman products...I guess if they made Craftsman caskets he would want to be buried in it. So needless to say thats the brand I have. I currently own a Craftsman Lt 1000 riding mower which is around 10 years old and still runs like a champ but was in need for a Zero turn. After doing extensive research both online and speaking with other Zero turn owners I chose to stay with Craftsman and purchase this model. "I Love It" It is a work horse and is easy to operate. For any one looking for a Zero turn with a Great price and Great performance look no further. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner....

July 18th, 2013 via
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Very Happy


I found the operation intuitive, easier to drive than a wheel and able to work into all kinds of nooks and crannys. My site is bumpy, uneven and sloped (close to the 15 deg max) and with a little practice its easy to maintain a straight line by varying pressure on the throttles, no issues for me with slipping or skidding.

July 13th, 2013 via
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Stay away!


The first mower they delivered wouldn't crank, I took it back to the store and got another. New mower cut great. The third time I used the mower, the drivebelt jumped off and keeps jumping off. To get it fixed under warrenty, I am having to wait 3 weeks for a service call. So I'm goning on four weeks with a brand new mower that won't move. Saty away, don't waste your time and money.

July 12th, 2013 via
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42inch zero turn not so good repairman has been out twice for drive belt coming off ,I only have 4hour use on mower, I purchased the 5/10/2013 ! mowed 1acre finished it then when i went 2 put it up it threw the drive belt! repairman came out put it back on drove it little said it was fix this on 6/4/20113!did not use it for three weeks went use it i cut the front yard ,went to the back yard it threw the belt again!repairman came out7/5/2013 found now it needs 1200dollarsworth of parts needs left side transmisson, aldler pulley drive belt,I think i should be able to return it just has 30days they think your going to pay for something that has problem from day one!repairman ordered parts he will return on 7/15/2013to fix mower! NOT HAPPY AT ALL PAYING 2800 FOR SOMETHING THAT BROKEN! LUCK I PURCHASED 3 YEAR WARRANTY!WILL KEEP U POSTED ON HOW THE REPAIR WENT!

July 9th, 2013 via
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Great for gradually sloped lawn


I have a smaller lawn with gradual slopes and irregular terrain and lots of things to maneuver around (about 1/3-acre cutting area). It does great...a "tractor" type mower would not work at all. This really is a "********" at about $200 off comparable 42" ZTRs, and the motor has a bit more HP than the competition too. Occasional sale prices (usually during holiday weeks) make this even a better buy.

Initially I was looking for a "steering wheel" ZTR --I only found one available on the market-- but I tried this and it only takes a few minutes to get comfortable with handling, so there is another $200 savings off my starting point. With a holiday sale price, it came in $515 lower than the competition's 42" steering wheel model, and the competition rarely, if ever, discounts, with all retailers charging the same prices. I also was able to take advantage of ************* and 0% financing for 12 months when the other home improvement stores were not offering extended 0% ex. for 6 mos.

July 4th, 2013 via
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Daniel Linkins
| Earned 7 community points in Craftsman

Great machine...just the right size for a mid-sized yard with lots of obstacles.


So far this has been great. If you've never driven a zero turn mower, you'll need to give it some time and practice to make it smooth...when you do, this machine will cut your mowing time in half, and do a beautiful job...and, it's fun. Your neighbors will want to borrow it, though, so keep extra gas on hand!

June 30th, 2013
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