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Craftsman 42" 24hp* V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower Non CA
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Craftsman 42" 24hp* V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower Non CA

Item# 07125001000P | Model# 25001 | Added on June 28, 2012
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Craftsman 42 inch tractor delivers commercial-grade performance
Designed for big lawns and professional landscapers, the Craftsman 42inch 24hp V twin engine riding mower is constructed with commercial-grade components to easily power through the toughest jobs — whether you're cutting thick grass or navigating hilly terrains. The 24hp Briggs & Stratton® V-Twin engine has a natural, counter-balance design that gives you more power, less vibration and long-lasting performance. Lever lap bars control the dual hydrostatic transmission. A fully welded steel frame is built to withstand the rigors of professional landscaping.
This Craftsman 42 inch tractor has a wide cutting deck for finishing big jobs quickly. The deck uses two cutting blades to ensure a precision cut. The blades can be raised or lowered via a hydraulic lift for cutting heights between 1.5 to 4 inches, so it's ideal for tackling different turf types with minimal adjustment. And to keep the tractor looking and operating at its best, a built-in deck washing system helps you quickly clear debris and built-up residue from grass clippings.
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25 found this review helpful
by tmtrz
August 21st, 2012
Great value. Nice cut.

I have owned and operated professional lawn equipment (Dixon, Grasshopper, Bobcat, Snapper, Scag) in the past and I must say the quality of the cut of this Craftsman compares favorably to much more expensive equipment. I have only owned it for a short time so I can't speak of long term durability but I am impressed by the ease of adjustment (seat, blades, lap bars) and also the inclusion of the hour/battery meter. The smoothness of the ride is average. It also stripes very nicely without having a striping kit. Engine is quiet and good on gas compared to the larger equipment I have used in the past. So far, I'm pleased. I also purchased the bagger and although it doesn't work as well as belt driven professional systems it still is very usable.

18 found this review helpful
by zeroturnnightmare
April 10th, 2012
Not what I expected and sears said sorry but it's yours.

I purchased this zero turn mower back in January 2012 (52 days ago) so I would have a nice new mower to use when the mowing season was here. It was delivered 01/24/12 and I basically just rode around on it to get familiar with the controls and how to operate the mower. I then put the mower in the garage until 03/16/12. This was my first actual test at mowing the whole yard and must say I was very disappointed with how this mower handles and the very stiff ride. I contacted sears and told them I was very dissatisfied with how this zero turn mower rides and would like to exchange it for a traditional riding mower. I understand that it is my own fault for not thoroughly testing the unit the day it was delivered but the yard didn't need mowing at that time. Sears insisted since the mower was past the 30 exchange window that I am stuck with what I have. I even told them I would eat $600 of the difference between the less expensive riding mower cost verses the zero turn mower. All I wanted was a mower that I would be comfortable riding. They had no interest in helping me at all. That's fine I will sell this mower and cut my losses on my own. I will then purchase my next mower from another company. Sears has lost a long time customer over this. My advice is to anyone considering purchasing this mower. Be aware that the design makes it a much harsher ride than a traditional mower. There is basically no shock absorption with the hard front wheels other than the springs in the seat. It is a bumpy machine and hard on the ol back. On a positive note, once you do survive the rough ride it actually does a pretty nice job of cutting grass. Follow up 06/27/2012 - Just wanted to provide an update. I ended up keeping the mower and although I'm not 100% in love with the unit I have a couple of tips that may help others. I was having a problem with the rear tires getting good grip. They would spin a lot (especially the right side) when turning the mower making it difficult to control the turn and even chewing up the lawn sometimes. First solution was to try and make sweeping turns but that was not always feasible and it really defeated the purpose of the "zero turn". I ended up airing the tires down quite a bit, basically to the point where they are almost flat. That improved the turning grip and also softened the ride. Another tip is this mower will not work well driving over the sand. It digs down and will get stuck very easily. So avoid riding over sandy areas especially if you have to stop and back up or turn.

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Will never buy from sears again. hope no one ever buys from that rip off place


When my mower was delivered It sat in my garage for 2 weeks cause of the rain, so by the time I got to use it, it was over the 30 day return policy. My first actual test at mowing the whole yard was after the 30 day mark and must say I was very disappointed in it. took me 3 hrs to mow my yard because I had to put the deck belt back on over 10 times. I put the mower in the garage and called sears, they want to send a guy out to look at it next week on Friday. Ok that's good, but how am I going to mow my yard until then? then told me to bring it back and when I did they wouldn't take it without me paying a 20% restocking fee. WHAT!! I now take the mower back home, to make this story short, I still have the mower and the belt still comes off. Oh ya, and if I do give it back and loose the 20%(500.00) I get the rest on a sears card. because they said I bought gift cards to buy the mower, which I did not. paid cash. They lost a long time customer. DONT GO THERE...DONT BUY FROM THERE...

May 12th
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October 7th, 2013
| Earned 1,693 community points in Craftsman
September 6th, 2013
Daniel Linkins

Great machine...just the right size for a mid-sized yard with lots of obstacles.


So far this has been great. If you've never driven a zero turn mower, you'll need to give it some time and practice to make it smooth...when you do, this machine will cut your mowing time in half, and do a beautiful job...and, it's fun. Your neighbors will want to borrow it, though, so keep extra gas on hand!

June 30th, 2013
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Very good for the price.


Very easy to it

June 5th, 2013 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Love it


I bought this for my husband, because every time we saw one he would drool. He loves it. Still needs to get use to the steering, but he loves the mower.

June 1st, 2013 via
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Best for the price


As this is my first riding mower, all I can say is WOW! The controls are a little hard to figure out at first. Speed is a major factor when your first trying it out, don't go full out. Place it on turtle and take your time figuring out the controls. Once you have a better understanding of it, then place it on rabbit. I read a few times that it tends to tear up the grass on tight turns, well this is true, and it's much worse when the grass is wet. I am 6' 5" and I am pretty comfortable on it. One thing I noticed is, if the parking brake isn't engaged, it won't start. What normally takes me 30 minutes to cut my grass, it took me 10 minutes with this on turtle. If you're in the market for a Great zero turn mower, for a low price, you can't beat this.

May 20th, 2013 via
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Quality that far exceeds pricepoint!


I make money mowing. I had never used a zero-turn before. Well built machine beats expectations. Fast mower, makes covering area a breeze, powerful motor good on hills. Zero turn reduces time/areas to be line trimmed. Makes a nice cut. Size is good for smaller lawns, but speed compensates for bigger areas. Tips: Read manual, tabs under fenders lock and unlock drives for pushing or driving, won't mow in reverse (interlocked) as a safety feature, lower air pressure in tires and slow into curves to prevent turf rip.

May 19th, 2013 via
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Just What I Wanted


New mower was delivered, driver pushed it in garage for me, I went over owners manual to learn how to start the mower. Got it started but would not move, went back to owners manual found I had to engage the transmision by pushing the two small rods under the seat. Then after doing that I started to mow. Learned how to steer, after mowing yard, it was the best I have ever seen it. Glad I made the purchase. I use to hate mowing the yard 1 acre. Now cant wait for grass to grow so I can mow again. Best mower I have ever owned. And one more thing FAST cut mowing in about half the time.

May 12th, 2013 via
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One minor glitch but fine now


Every zero turn mower I've used (Hustler, X-Mark, Dixon, and Scag) rides rough and requires experience training to operate without tearing up the turf or getting stuck. And don't think about mowing UP a hill. Your weight is in the rear of the mower.
Started fine and mowed well. Died and battery dead. A&E Service came out and replaced the battery under war. Did it again. Came out and ordered voltage regulator. Replaced and ordered stator. Problem fixed.
Changed oil and filter at 26 hrs. Used Mobile One synthetic oil. Oil filter very difficult to get to without a small oil filter wrench.
Replaced blades as the factory blades are quite thin and were worn out (at 26 hrs). Very easy to drop the deck and slide from under mower for blade replacement.
Sears needs to rewrite the manual - needs a page for common maintenance parts with correct part numbers AND the part listings on the FACING page to the diagrams.
Decent mower for the price. Wish the PTO cut off speed was higher in reverse.

May 11th, 2013 via
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Mowing Machine


Got the mower last week and was mowing within minutes. Took a Few minutes to master the controls and start up procedures. I wish I had gotten a ZTR years ago. I have a 2 1/2 acre yard full of trees, bushes and other obsticles that would take my wife and I 3+ hours to now. Now my mowing time has been cut in half. Trim time has been almost eliminated because the mower can maneuver as close as a push mower. The mowing speed is unreal. I highly recommend this mower to anyone.

May 8th, 2013 via
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my father just turned 70 and he absolutely loves it!!!


April 18th, 2013 via
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Christina OConnor
| Earned 9,090 community points in Craftsman
April 16th, 2013

Delivered and Steering Doesn't Engage


Had this mower delivered today. Started up fine, but the steering wouldn't engage to move forward or backwards. Being that I just got the mower today and wanted to test it out, this is a huge pain. They are sending a technician out on Monday (today is Wednesday), but it really makes me worry about the product. I will keep everyone posted as to if it is a simple fix or if I got a lemon. Trying to decide right now if I should just get my money back and buy a different brand. Not real excited that I spent that much money on something that doesn't work from the beginning.

April 5th, 2013 via
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Great Product!


Easy to train on and took to it right away.

March 24th, 2013 via
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Brenda Neat
| Earned 3,221 community points in Craftsman
February 27th, 2013

Starship Enterprise Grass Cutting!


<p>This is a powerful and very fast mower that requires good hand/eye coordination.  I use this on 4 acres of grass (added to help the aging Husqvarna mower).  We got a great deal because someone returned it after one mowing &quot;too fast; scared me&quot; was what the store said of the first owner.  Had 3 hours on it and we got it for a 25% mark-down.  My 20 y.o. daughter drives this and zips around like a pro.  I am good on this; my wife is afraid of it (IT IS FAST under full 'throw'... but easy to control if you're a good driver (she can't drive a stick-shift either)).  Cuts great, adjusts to changes in slope, very strong.  Again, VERY pleased with this mower.  Doubt they still make this model so suggest this: get the biggest motor you can &gt; more important than wing width or fancy gadgets; get the largest tired unit you can.  Craftsman is good because parts are available forever (e.g., the Husqvarna is a good mower but parts are impossible to find!).  GOOD LUCK!</p>

January 22nd, 2013 via
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Sandra Czar

want it


Want it

January 3rd, 2013
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100 hours run time.


Well purchased it a year ago and I cut around 10 yards a week, quarter to half acres lots with no problems. I do have to air up the left side tires weekly but not a big deal. With 100 hours she still runs new. I just changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug and air filter. I purchased them on the Briggs and Stratton site using the part numbers from the operators manual as it was cheaper than Sears online. Don't misplace the tube that came with the mower in the plastic bag, I had mine on the desk almost the whole year and when it was time to change the oil lo and behold I couldn't find the **** thing so I had to improvise. I grease the front tire fittings every 20 hours with a grease gun. The blades were changed at 60 hours as I hit a metal I beam which had been buried barely exposed but no damage to the machine. I replaced them with the craftsman blades Sears Item# 07133049000 which are heavier and cut better. Overall I'm quite pleased I gave this mower a chance.

December 14th, 2012 via
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This ZTR mower is a winner.


Got this ZTRM at the start of spring. Works great, and makes
lawn mowing fun. For the price, It's hard to beat.
The only thing this mower needs is gas. I've used it all summer, and through the fall.

November 30th, 2012 via
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