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Craftsman 30” 6-Speed Rear Engine 420cc Riding Mower - Non CA

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Craftsman 30” 6-Speed Rear Engine 420cc Riding Mower - Non CA
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420cc 30" 6-Speed Rider Mower Makes Lawns Beautiful Easily and Quickly
A beautiful lawn requires a lot of work, but this Craftsman 420cc 30" 6-speed rider mower takes a lot of that work onto its own 14-gauge welded steel frame. Cut your lawn at speeds reaching up to five miles per hour, and have the ability to change speeds effortlessly with the equipped Shift On the Go manual transmission. Enjoy a tight 18-inch turning radius on Turf Saver tires that are built to be gentle on your grass. Add a bagger or mulch plug (sold separately) to keep clippings for your compost pile or have them ready for recycling with no additional effort.
Five different cutting heights ensure that you get exactly the look you want from the 420cc 30" 6-speed rider mower. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller yards or tight spaces, while the ease of handling makes outdoor work short and simple. Carry up to 1.3 gallons of gasoline at any time, and check your levels with a glance through the sight glass.

  • An 18 in. turning radius on the Craftsman 6-speed small yard rider provides maneuverability and stability
  • Engine features full pressure lubrication and spin-on oil filter to promote longer life
  • Manageable 30 in. wide, single blade cutting deck offers great cutting performance along with the ability to fit through smaller spaces like gates and store more easily
  • Turf Saver Tires help prevent skidding do your grass
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This product comes with:
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California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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By AkronDave
January 22nd
Great Mower For Average Lots

This mower is fine for anyone who is a bit "mechanically challenged." I'm not a professional mechanic, although I CAN use a screwdriver & wrench, and I know how to read a manual. The other reviewer tried to be much to kind in saying that. This mower, like any other rider, is only unsuitable for the totally inept who won't pay a service person to maintain it. All mowers require regular maintenance by someone with basic know-how. Anyone who can't deal with this one should just pay a lawn service to cut the grass! This 30" rider built by MTD is a great mower, and is almost the same as several others they build for other brands (Cub Cadet, Snapper, and Troy-Bilt, etc). The Craftsman has a better engine that's more powerful and quieter than the Troy-Bilt, and has the features of the more expensive versions sold with other names. It's a perfect size for any lot under an acre. Darn few people with medium to small size yards need a 42" mower. This one is easy to use and is almost as maneuverable as a pricey zero-turn machine. All things considered, after one season of mowing, it's a really good value for the money. To respond to a few negative reviews I've seen- yes the clutch is a little jumpy, but it's easy to get used to it. Yes, you're supposed to stop the blade to mow in reverse, BUT I found a You-Tube video that showed how to fix that by diconnecting one wire. It only took about 15 seconds. My first oil change was a bit messy, but one trip to the local plumbing dept at the hardware store remedied that problem forever. The shifter for forward & reverse is a bit inconvenient, but designed for your safety and not that bad. My yard is a tad too big for a guy my age to push-mow, but too small to warrant a tractor. This mower is the perfect size for me, and any minor flaws are far outweighed by its advantages.

98 found this review helpful
By Jimco
March 22nd, 2013
Not Good

Does a good job cutting, but the motor was cutting out. Service man came out, ordered a carburetor. Hasn't installed yet, but it ran good enough so I was using it, something happened and now can't even get the motor to turn over. Taking it back to Sears, if they will give me a new one I will try it, but if not want my money back :-(

64 found this review helpful
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Nice, small tractor with all the benefits


Nice small riding tractor that takes care of small or medium lawns!

September 27th via mobile
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Very good product


I found this mower to be very easy to operate. The size is perfect for my yard and easily fits through the gate so that I am able to mow the front and back yard. I bought this mower because I broke my leg and could not use my push mower. I would recommend it to any one who has a hard time using a push mower and has a small to medium lawn.

September 22nd via
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Discharge chute does not keep kill switch depressed


Failed 10 minutes after starting to mow. No information in the Owner's Manual that came with the mower. 5 days later service tech resets the discharge chute to properly depress the kill switch, which entirely kills the engine and starter. Killing the blade would make a lot more sense if there is no discharge protection in place. Tried again after 2 days of rain. It allowed the kill switch to engage after operating 20 minutes. Gave up after adjusting chute 5 more times. Bumps in the yard and slight deflections to the chute caused by shrubbery released the kill switch. Sears needs to redesign the kill switch to:
Only kill the blade, allowing the mower to be driven.
Be securely depressed when the plastic discharge chute is in place.
Eliminate the 1/4" gap between the chute and mower deck that allows grass to build up and press the chute away from the kill switch.
Disclose in the Owner's Manual that ships with the mower the presence of the kill switch as a potential problem preventing the operation of the mower.
If Sears were to implement the suggested changes, I might get to operate the mower enough to find out if there are any other problems.
Otherwise, I was pleased with the quietness, maneuverability, cut and overall operation of the mower in my first hour of use.

August 22nd via
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Deck is Trash


Had 2 hours and bumped into a concrete corner on a sidewalk,like i have thousands of times with other mowers.This warped the Deck and left me without a mower because the repair man couldn't come for over a Month.I put it in my own shop to be repaired and hope to sell it FAST.

August 22nd via
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New riding mower.


Ok mower. Does what it is supposed to do. The only problem is that it is made mainly of plastic, so it is not heavy enough. I have several slight inclines in my yard and most of the time I find myself having to lean a certain way to put weight on part of the mower to keep its wheels on the ground or just for traction.

August 17th via mobile
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good beginners mower. Poor shift location.Too many interlocks to override.


One wheel drive (left rear) is terrible. Want at least 2 wheel drive. One good thing is the width of the mower. It fits through the door opening in my shed. The primary reason for purchasing this model.

August 8th via
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Craftsman Rer Great Mower


This is my 2nd season 0f mowing with this mower and no problems. Where I lived before I had a Craftsman 54 inch cut Garden Tractor and I used to mow with a mowing company on the big commercial Exmark zero turns. I have had experience on different size and make machines. The Craftsman RER 1000 is way better then a push mower and fun to operate. The cut quality is very good and the engine runs nice. I am 6ft 1 240 lbs and I feel very comfortable on this mower! Seat is cushy and steering is quick.My yard has a little incline on the side and back and it handles that fine with no spinning or steering issues. I have even used it to pull my Gorilla cart around! Very Happy with my purchase !!!

August 1st via
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Great little mower


The 30" Riding Mower seems to be a life saver. It started up the first try. I have used the mower 4 times this season and had no troubles at all with this mower so far. I will see how it does by the end of the season, but I feel that it will be just as good as when I purchased it. I only wished that they had a 24: Riding Mower.

July 30th via
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Not too good...


I had this lawnmower for about 24 days before I took it back. Id say for the average person it would be fine but using it for cutting a few lawns around town its not too good. Here is the breakdown of what I found. The good: it fits through a narrow gate, has a really small turning radius, and has an adequate engine to cut grasses that are not too tall. The cons: 1. The lawnmower cannot mow in reverse. This is a real pain to deal with and a lot of time is spent just engaging the blades and catching up with the weedeater. If I would have kept the mower I would have found a work around for this "safety feature" 2. Overall craftsmanship of the mower was pretty poor. After the first lawn mow, one tire was flat. I fixed this one and the other one was flat after the next lawn mowing. There must have had a few goat heads in the grass somewhere but the tires are pretty thin. 3.The **** that changes the forward/backward drive kept coming off. 4. There is another "safety feature" that looks great on paper but reality just doesn't quite work. The plastic part that directs the cut grass sometimes slipped off going over a bump and immediately shut off the engine. 5. The large single blade sometimes didnt cut very well in tall grasses and I would have to take a second or third pass in the opposite direction to even it out. I'm not sure what other issues I would have found since I only had it for less than a month but there were just too many for me right from the start. I don't believe that I will consider Craftsman for the type of narrow lawnmower that I need. Im not sure about the wider riding lawnmowers but I hope that they are built a little better. The one good thing that I have to report is that I was able to return the lawnmower without any hassle to the store.

July 15th via
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Cutting Problems


The engine runs great, BUT the mower doesn't cut very well. The mower deck is crooked side-to-side and there is no adjustment for it (even though the manual says there is). There is only a front-to-back adjustment. I had to jury rig a brand new mower to get it to cut properly. If it weren't for that, It would be a decent little mower.

July 1st via
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Great Mower !


We endure fast-growing, thick grass, especially in spring and fall, that clogs and bogs down most mowers. Not this mower, it motors through tall and thick grass without slowing at all. Also, it is very maneuverable, but it does take some getting used too.

July 1st via
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Great mover


June 29th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product | The reviewer indicated they received a sample of this product
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Nice mower


I purchased for myself a Craftsman 30” 6-Speed Rear Engine 420cc Riding Mower - Non CA and it makes mowing the lawn much easier, I have had no problems so far, good purchase.

June 27th via
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Transmition malfunction first week!


U-Tube Notes MDL 25000 has weak trans, But was corrected in MDL,29000, Would recommend MDL. 29000. Sears is exchanging, for 29000 MDL...

June 17th via
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Would have been nice to give it a trial run


Only 3 complaints:
Won't mow in reverse. (Lots and lots of engaging, disengaging.)
Mower height is TOO low. Have it set on #5, the highest, and its too low for the summer cutting. (Not even 3-1/2 " ) Can't imagine what the other 4 lower settings would be good for.
The seat is designed for a smaller than average male. It fits my 5'-6" wife just fine. ( it does have sufficient leg room though )

June 9th via
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Craftsman riding mower


I buy my mower got it home went around the yard twice and just cut off and won't start back . So the next day took it back and sale associate check everything out and told me it was kill switch on the bottom he fix the issue and I took my mower back home and it working just perfect.

June 3rd via mobile
17 of 17 found this review helpful.
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some issues with this item


The engine "misses" on occasion while mowing the lawn. The clutch it very hard to depress to shift into park. The reverse feature about disengaging the blade to back up takes some getting used to.

June 2nd via
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this works well for our small yard

May 20th via
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Very happy with this product. The assembly wasn't done correctly but the 800 number helped me figure out why it didn't start. There is a shut off switch on the discharge chute and it needs to be pressed in by the discharge chute in order for the engine to be turned on. Once I got it running, it performed like a pro and was a great mowing experience. Very happy with this mower after the first run.

May 16th via
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So So


The Sears dealer it was delivered to assembled it incorrectly. I had to fix.

Within 6 months the engine was pulsing and no longer running smoothly. It surges up and down in RPM both during idle and during mowing. I procrastinated on taking action and now it's out of warrantee (on it's 2nd summer). Carb cleaner doesn't help. There's no adjustment for mixture, which I'm sure is the problem.

This is not a user friendly mower to operate. My last rear engine riding mower had two controls -- go and stop. This one has about 4 to do the same thing. You really have to think about what you want to do in order for it to function as you want.

The good part -- it mows good and has a small turning radius. Has a hitch point for towing my lawn roller. Plenty of power. Changing to mulch mode is easy.

May 15th via
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