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Craftsman 420cc 30” 6-Speed Rear Engine Riding Mower – Non CA
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Craftsman 420cc 30” 6-Speed Rear Engine Riding Mower – Non CA

Item# 07129000000P | Model# 29000 | Added on January 16, 2013 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
420cc 30" 6-Speed Rider Mower Makes Lawns Beautiful Easily and Quickly
A beautiful lawn requires a lot of work, but this Craftsman 420cc 30" 6-speed rider mower takes a lot of that work onto its own 14-gauge welded steel frame. Cut your lawn at speeds reaching up to five miles per hour, and have the ability to change speeds effortlessly with the equipped Shift On the Go manual transmission. Enjoy a tight 18-inch turning radius on Turf Saver tires that are built to be gentle on your grass. Add a bagger or mulch plug (sold separately) to keep clippings for your compost pile or have them ready for recycling with no additional effort.
Five different cutting heights ensure that you get exactly the look you want from the 420cc 30" 6-speed rider mower. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller yards or tight spaces, while the ease of handling makes outdoor work short and simple. Carry up to 1.3 gallons of gasoline at any time, and check your levels with a glance through the sight glass.

  • An 18 in. turning radius on the Craftsman 6-speed small yard rider provides maneuverability and stability
  • Engine features full pressure lubrication and spin-on oil filter to promote longer life
  • Manageable 30 in. wide, single blade cutting deck offers great cutting performance along with the ability to fit through smaller spaces like gates and store more easily
  • Turf Saver Tires help prevent skidding do your grass isn’t damaged while turning
  • A deck wash system cleans
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Most Helpful Reviews:

59 found this review helpful
by BobfromtheBeach
March 29th, 2013
Great Product

This mower is not good for a "Mechanically Mentally Challenged" people. Most people who buy it and don't like it are most likely attempting to have it do more that its design limits. Answer: buy a bigger mower. But for a half acre or less its great. The only thing I didn't like about it was the "pain in the backside" reverse engine cutoff switch. This cuts the engine if you put it in reverse with the blade engaged. But a simple examine of the F/N/R shift rod showed me how it worked and an easy non-evasive solution to this problem - a piece of 3/8 in. plastic tubing three inches long placed over the shift rod to insulate it from touching the engine cutoff contact solved this problem. Once I engineered this, I then bought the mower. The transmission and clutch is a bit touchy until the mower gets broken-in a bit. But after a half of a season it runs very smooth. The mulcher (extra purchase) feature is great too.

63 found this review helpful
by Jimco
March 22nd, 2013
Not Good

Does a good job cutting, but the motor was cutting out. Service man came out, ordered a carburetor. Hasn't installed yet, but it ran good enough so I was using it, something happened and now can't even get the motor to turn over. Taking it back to Sears, if they will give me a new one I will try it, but if not want my money back :-(

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Angela Nicholas
| Earned 187 community points in Love
3 days ago
gordondferris gordondferris
| Earned 8 community points in Craftsman
20 days ago

Craftsman 420cc 30" Riding mower


I love this little rider mower. I was forced into buying a riding mower because of arthritis problems. This is easy to handle in my little yard. The only problem is I think there should be a lower gear than 1. It is very fast and kinda hard for an middle aged lady to handle. But it beats the heck out of pushing a mower. Be sure to read the instructions on slopes - VERY IMPORTANT.

July 25th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Very Poor Design


This mower was poorly designed. The gear shift is between your legs which makes it very awkward to operate. When starting and stopping the mower is very herky jerky. Also, only one wheel spins which causes the mower to get stuck sometimes. I would not purchase this mower again. I would not shop at the Corpus Christi, TX Sears again for the poor service I received from the Lawn and Garden manager regarding the purchase of another item.

July 19th via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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what we needed


We purchased this tractor mainly because of its size. We have a strange yard with strange terrain. We can't get the Kubota with shredder in some areas, and it was getting to be a lot using the push mower, so this 30" fit what we needed. We can get it around some tight areas pretty well. It does feel unstable on hills, so we use the push mower there. My only gripe: I wish it would mow in reverse.

July 11th via
0 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Don't waste your money or time


We ordered this mower 5 weeks ago, was delivered 1 hour ago, and wouldn't start off the truck. Delivery person called the office and they gave us three options. One, we could keep the mower and in three weeks, they would send a repair person to see what was wrong with it. Second, they would take it back and it would be six weeks before another could be delivered. Third, take the piece of junk back and cancel the order. Now what option would any sane person choose? Even though we live out in the country there is a ***** and a ********** nearby so guess where I'm going this afternoon?

July 10th via
7 of 7 found this review helpful.
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Horrible purchase!!!


I have owned this lawnmower for 4 months now and have had the service guy come over twice to fix the same problem. there is a safety switch on the deck that apparently keeps coming loose. I have only gotten it to start without messing with it 3 times. I am calling for a third time for service because I feel I should not have to wrestle with this pile of junk every time I need to mow the lawn. I will never by another craftsman lawnmower!!

July 8th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Easy to mow and drive

July 2nd via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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Worst purchase of my life


I own one of these since 2012. It has had major repairs multiple times a year since it was purchased. The transmission went out, then the cutting system stopped working. The rear plastic frame broke and had to be replaced. The battery went dead. The primary steering gear and the component it engages with both stripped so it no longer steered and had to be replaced. The plastic cutting blade guard contacts wouldn't stay in place so the mower wouldn't start. Finally, both front tires slipped off their rims simultaneously and couldn't be re-inflated because the tires are tubeless. So far almost everything on this mower has needed to be repaired or replaced. Save yourself a lot of pain and anguish and don't purchase this mower.

June 22nd via
7 of 7 found this review helpful.
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Great Riding Mower!


Cuts great, rides and handles great, good fuel economy, fits on small backyard gate.
Things to improve: Jerky movement from park to drive, but smooth shifting from 1st to 6th gear.

June 18th via mobile
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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June 5th via
1 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Mower is great. just installed the bagger which is also good


Only problem is the delivery men didn't have the owners manual and the oil drain extension tube which I had to purchase for $12. The tube was suppose to be included

June 2nd via
8 of 8 found this review helpful.
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Good mower.


I had a Craftsman that looked just like this for over 10 years and it finally gave up the ghost to the point I wanted another one rather than send it to a repairman.

This one looks the same but is entirely different in all the controls. Am still getting used to but I like it. Speed is harder to control on this one but I like the six gears. I just wish you could shift back and forth on the go without stopping it.

Has features my other one didn't have and I added a mulch kit to it. I like being in front of the engine and not having a big tractor engine sticking out in front of me. I also like that I can get off this one with it running which I couldn't do on the older one. I like the bigger tires too along with being able to check the fuel level while riding.

I have a chain link fence gate I have to navigate and I would have had to pull up the discharge gate to barely get through it on a 42" tractor. For just a residential corner lot, this 30' cut is all I need.

June 2nd via
9 of 9 found this review helpful.
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Nice small riding mower


I needed a small riding lawn mower and this mower fit the bill perfectly. It was missing the bolt that holds the steering wheel in place but the store got one for me right away. Easy to maneuver and use. Seems like a good buy.

May 18th via
10 of 10 found this review helpful.
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Love my new mower


This makes it so much easier for me to take care of my lawn.

May 18th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Not what I expected!


I ordered this riding mower after reading the reviews, when it was delivered the delivery people told my wife all I needed to do was put gas in it. First mowing it cut very uneven, they said to call within 72 hours if there was a problem. Called told them it was not cutting well and the deck needed leveled, after getting the run around on the phone, finally said they would send their delivery people back. I was told by delivery they would tell their manager and he would call me on Monday and they would bring me a new mower. This made no sense to me, the new mower, the phone call did which I never got. Gave them a couple of days to call me, a call that never came. Finally called back said would send someone, soonest they could come would be 12 days away.
Now the good part, I got the deck pretty well level myself, so on my third use of the mower it stopped about halfway through my yard and would not start again. Called service to inform them I had another problem with the mower now and its very inconvenient that it is not working and could they come sooner. Nope, still have to wait. That is where I am right now, waiting for them to come fix this "lemon"

May 13th via
18 of 18 found this review helpful.
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I like

May 11th via mobile | The reviewer indicated they received a sample of this product
0 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Very happy


Hooked the battery up and off we went. No problems as yet. Runs very smooth, cuts very well, and is very fast. Seat is comfortable and I'm 6' 220#. Very good turn radius and it's in tight spots. Very easy to move around in garage and small enough to still get our 2 cars in garage. Changing the oil doesn't look easy but we'll face that challenge. What took me 2-1/2 hrs with a self propelled took me 50 min. Couldn't be happier so far, but time will tell.

May 11th via mobile
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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30in craftman mower


I Give This Mower -5 Out Of 100

April 30th via
1 of 54 found this review helpful.
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This is the first rider we've ever owned. We have a typical suburban half acre lot with a fenced back yard. We bought this mower becasue the tractors were a bit large for our needs.It arrived from Sears right on time. It was assembled except the battery was disconnected for storage and shipping. We connected the battery and and filled it with gas and took it for its test run. Its great.Love it. It cuts nicely, and its easy to use.We dont have a perfect yard, its bumpy and sloped .We also have a power line area behind our house that fronts a small forrest, that we keep mowed in the summer becasue we walk the dog out there. My son who is 6 '3 and 280 lbs told me its more than powerful and roomy enough for him to easily use.A very nice mower especially for the money

April 28th via
15 of 15 found this review helpful.
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