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Craftsman 5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center - Black
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Craftsman 5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center - Black

Item# 00931013000P | Model# 112225 | Added on July 16, 2011
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Description Specifications
5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center Keeps Everything Together Smartly
The Craftsman 5-drawer standard duty ball-bearing tool center offers an ideal storage solution for tools and supplies with a thoughtful design and at a great price. With separate top and bottom chests, the tool center offers drawers in varying sizes to store hand tools, power tools, parts and everything in between. The bulk storage area on the bottom offers plenty of space for larger gear such as welding helmets and circular saws.
The 5-drawer standard duty ball-bearing tool center features ball-bearing slides, hinged supports, caster wheels, and an external keyed locking system. You get easy, quick access to the tools that you use most frequently. With a simple twist of a key, you have a peace of mind about the security of your gear. Simply load all of your gear into this Craftsman tool center and get to work. The tool center is a solid addition to any personal or professional workshop.

  • Get the storage and organization that you need for your work area tools and supplies with the Craftsman 5-drawer standard duty ball-bearing tool center
  • Available in classic black to blend in seamlessly in any work environment
  • All-steel construction ensures strength and durability
  • Cover support props the lid in an open position to keep tools readily accessible
  • Accommodates 30 pounds per drawer
  • 9,976 cubic inches of storage space
  • Measures 44.25" H x 26.5" W x 14" D
  • Weighs 77 pounds
  • Assembly required
  • Three-year
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Most Helpful Reviews:

19 found this review helpful
by Nickdj93
November 19th, 2013
Good Storage, Better Value

I am very pleased with this toolbox. I have a much older one similar to this one, but the top section has 4 drawers. The ball bearings are a great improvement when you start getting heavier drawers. For the price, I was a little bit cautious, in fear of the toolbox being weak or flimsy, but I am glad I was wrong. It seems well built, but only time will tell. For my use, this toolbox was a great addition to the one toolbox that was getting over full and becoming a mess. I am a heavy do it yourselfer and have many tools to do quite a range of jobs. I don't believe in buying $1000 toolboxes just to have some monster of a chest to dig through. With 2 average size toolboxes and some shelves, I have more than enough room. Now that I bought a second toolbox, I can be a little more organized and add even more tools. All in all, I feel that this was a good buy, and if you are just a homeowner who has a basic set of tools, this will serve you well. For a mechanic, it serves me well, but it is all about your preference. If you are going to be slamming drawers carelessly like some, maybe you should be looking for something a bit more heavy duty. If you take care of your stuff like I do, this should work well.

8 found this review helpful
by cyclemanVA
January 31st, 2013
Ball-Bearings ****

Bought this item, when I got it home and partly assembled, I discovered the roller bottom drawer slides had lost the Ball Bearings. The parts were there, but I couldn't repair my new tool box. The box I received looked OK, but the tool box had small dents, the top was stored in the bottom section. Bolted in and one of those was damaged also. Returned the cheaply made item.

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This is a decent priced and good product

I can see perfectly how these can get dented in shipping and transportation very easily. The Manufacture only puts Styrofoam in the corners of the box and the top and bottom. There is no protection on the flat areas of the box to speak of. You can guarantee if your having this shipped by UPS (worthless shippers) or fedex (overworked shippers) or USPS (overpaid shippers) be prepared for dents and dings. The package is quite heavy for one person and like holding a big screen TV, it is not easy.
I must of been lucky because mine was perfect out of the box. The only construction is the wheels and that ain't nothing. The upper tool box is in the bottom compartment and I just laid the entire thing on it's back, loosened the 4 bolts on the bottom holding the box nice and stable inside and as you remove it, you have to close the bottom door a little to pass the box past the door and out of that area. It wasn't hard either, just awkward.
There are 4 casters, one with a tire lock, 2 of them turn and two of them are stationary trailer wheels, but well made. They seem a little looser then I have seen before so I will inject grease on the bearings to keep them from falling out until I get the box on it's wheels.
I am very happy with this purchase and it is definitely worth the cost. The drawers sliders are only riveted onto the main compartment sliders and stuff, so I see a possible re-rivet sometime later in the future. The cabinet is a decent gauge metal that can be dented and scratched, but they will be made by me and not the crappy shipping companies signatures on it.
Overall, I think this is worth buying and would do it again.

21 days ago via
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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This standard duty is the new basic duty.

Careful, this is no longer the standard duty it once was. I have a standard duty that was good, but not great. It was sturdy enough and supported a middle drawer plus a chest on top without any problem. For the price, I was pleased. This however is no where near the same same standard duty steel thickness that was used in my model from a few years ago. Floppy is the best way to describe it. The bottom door is so thin it gets stuck moving in and out because it bends as you try to keep it in the tack. The top and sidewalls are very thin. It came with a dent which I banger out far too easily, adding even more evidence of my theory. What's even more scary is that this unit has the holes pre-drilled for the middle drawer. No way would I put that kind of weight on top of this. Step up to the heavy duty if you want to have a three layer set.

22 days ago via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Sharp looking box, sharp edges also.

Bought this online with in store pickup. Was very easy to get from the store and an employee helped me load it into my car. The box was packaged well with no dents when opened, however the top section of the box is bolted inside the bottom section. While taking it out I scratched the top of the box, as you need to pick it up over the bottom lip and it caught the track for the door on top. There isn't a whole lot of space to get it out without either scratching the box or tearing up your hands, so be very careful when taking it out. I filled the scratches with some black sharpie and it's barely noticeable, it's a toolbox after all so scratches are going to happen. Speaking of tearing up your hands, the inside edges of the box are SHARP sheet metal. I took a good slice out of my thumb putting the casters on when my wrench slipped. Completely my fault, but fair warning the edges are unforgiving. Outside of the issues with assembly it seems to be a solid tool box for a non-professional. Plenty of space and looks nice in the garage.

September 19th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Low Budget Version

This tool chest is very inexpensive -- and it is made so. To be fair, it is perfect for occasional use, but it is not to be confused with better built cabinets sold by Sears at higher price points.

It is so inexpensive, I am using it exclusively to store nails, screws and assorted washers/nuts. Perfect for that. I do not believe the build would hold up to regular tool box use.

The bottom-line: If you want a well built tool chest then spend the extra money on one of Sears higher end models (which are very good -- I have a few). This is NOT a tool box that meets the needs of the professional or discriminating buyer. (That said: you get what you pay for.)

September 17th via
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black craftsman tool box

Excellent price for a 5 draw tool box.

August 18th via mobile
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What a deal

August 6th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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nice for the price

August 5th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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the 5-drawer standard duty ball-bearing tool center is great for a new homeowner like me. I'm not a hardcore handyman, but there are things around the house that need get done occasionally. this helps store my tool collection.

July 25th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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tool center

After opening box, discovered it had been dropped and had several dents on the tool box! VERY disappointed! Lived to far away to take it back to Sears.

July 24th via
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Large enough for my needs and yet small enough for storage!

July 21st via
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craftsman toolbox

Great color and size toolbox.i love it especially for the price!

July 18th via mobile
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craftsman toolbox

Great color and size toolbox.i love it especially for the price!

July 18th via mobile
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Nice for the Price

I purchased this tool chest along with the 2 drawer middle piece.

The overall build quality is good and the drawer action is good as well. For the price this isn't going to be as solid or well built as some of the higher end ball bearing tool chests that sears offers but it works well for the typical home owner.

July 18th via
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Good toolbox

My husband loved the tool box. The only problem was there was a dent on the side of it. Other than that it was great.

July 13th via
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good product

June 26th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Great Tool Chest

This is an excellent 5-drawer standard duty tool center! For the price it's the best value on the market when the chest is on sale. Although it is the standard duty chest, it holds up well to regular hand tools. A must buy!

June 23rd via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Great toolchest for the price

I got this Craftsman 5 drawer toolchest in black on sale online for $99 ( just picked it up from the closest Sears). Actually I went there to look at it and the guy at the register took me over to a computer and I ordered it online and paid for it right there. A couple mins later I got a text (and email receipt) saying it was ready. Went upstairs and within a minute a guy brought it out and wheeled it to my car. Easy! Not the heaviest duty toolchest they make but pretty sturdy and it looks great in black enamel. I put it together in about 20 mins, was very easy. It came with a mat/liner for between the two pieces only. Instead of buying a Craftsman liner roll for $15 I bought a couple small rolls of the EXACT same liners at my local 99 cent store and cut them to fit the drawers for about a third of the price ($5). The walls of the chest are a little thin but the drawers are heavy duty and are the ball bearing type, which are way better than sliders. Consolidated 3 big toolboxes into 1 chest and organized all my tools. I used the bottom large cabinet for my drill and a big toolbag full of different containers of screws, nails, and other hardware. I'm very happy with this, especially for $99. It fits all my tools in one place and looks great. It also has a good locking system with large steel bars for top and bottom sections to prevent the drawers from being opened. All in all a great deal and a great toolchest for the home.

June 22nd via mobile
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great for the price/ this is the second one for me

May 27th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Great deal for the space you get!

This was a great deal and all the space that is included in this was a bonus ontop!

May 18th via
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Craftsman 5 drawer

It's what my husband has been wanting and it was a great price! He couldn't be happier

May 12th via mobile
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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On the face plate of the individual locks is a stamped number. That is the key code you will need for replacements. If you the have access to a computer used the link from either Sears or to "Parts Direct" top center tabs and input your key code as a part number it will pull up your key. Most are $3.99 plus shipping and tax. Any trouble you can call them direct at 1-800-252-1698

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December 26th, 2013
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