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Craftsman Professional 27 Gallon 1.9 RHP Oil-Lubricated Professional Air Compressor 150 Max PSI
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Craftsman Professional 27 Gallon 1.9 RHP Oil-Lubricated Professional Air Compressor 150 Max PSI

Item# 00916474000P | Model# WLB1982713 | Added on October 21, 2010 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
A Portable Air Compressor with the Capacity to Finish the Job Plug it in, charge it up and get to work with the Craftsman 27 Gallon Air Compressor. Powerfully built and always ready to kick out the power you need, this compressor recharges fast and features a large capacity that makes it the right choice for light spraying, powering pneumatic tools and driving nails both in shop and on site. Whether you’re a mechanic, wood worker or multi-skilled contractor, this compressor packs the pressure you need to push every job to completion.
Featuring a powerful 1.9 Horse engine, single stage oil pump and cast iron cylinder heads, this 27 gallon beauty stays cool even in the toughest conditions and packs power that performs. With a maximum tank pressure of 150 pounds per square inch, whether you’re knocking in nails, torquing lugs tight or blasting that garage clean, you can count on this machine to stay cool and keep running smooth. Versatile, always ready and at a price that just makes sense, add this portable air compressor to your tool kit and get to work.

  • Craftsman 27 Gallon Air Compressorincludes: Quick coupler, tool and tank pressure gauges, optional 120v power cord
  • 1.9 HP – Running motor drives compressions cylinders steadily
  • SCFM delivery at 40 PSI: 7.2 SCFM; SCFM delivery at 90 PSI: 5.8 SCFM
  • 120/240 Dual Voltage for greater flexibility
  • Aluminum single-stage oil lube pump with cast iron cylinders
  • Max PSI Tank Pressure: 150
  • High-flow regulator delivers more
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Most Helpful Reviews:

22 found this review helpful
by Nycgps
July 2nd, 2012
Great Compressor for the money.

I got this compressor on a special sale so I got it at a very good price. Not for too long I got it just about a week ago. It's a great compressor, a balance between mobility and air volume. if I have the room I will get the 60 gallon stationary one for about the same price, not like it's hard to pull a wire out of my main fuse for 220 V operation. but I don't have the room so I just settle with this. Anyway for those who might buy this, there are 3 things to keep in mind that's not mention in the manual. - Sears does not sell the Semi-Synthetic non-detergent oil this compressor called for. I know what other alternatives that you can use, will not mention them here because I don't want to confuse some noobs who reads this. Solution is you either buy them online (whatever brand it is), or if you have a Lowes Nearby, they sell the Semi-Synthetic Compressor oil for around 7-8 bux per 16oz, get 3 of them, why? read. - I'm not sure what happen but when I unbox my compressor, some oil was found on the motor, plastic case that covers the bell, and some was on the manual. I checked the oil level and sure enough, it's low. the oil plug/level reader is pretty retarded and hard to read. Add oil carefully, it's easy to overfill. After you add oil to it back to the Full mark, follow the instructions in the manual and turn it on to break in - After the break-in (30 mins of operating with the bottom petcock open) , DRAIN THE OIL COMPLETELY and refill it with the extra oil you have around back to spec. Oil goes in completely clear and clean, after the first 30 mins of break-in, its filled with metal particles that you can see easily. yuck. I wonder how many people out there just keep running it like this until 100 hrs or so later and found out their compressor is "not pumping fast/worn out". For me, after the drain and fill, I ran the compressor again for another 15 minutes then drain again, oil comes out much cleaner this time. Fill again, and the compressor has been rocking. oh by the way, don't overtighten the drain plug cuz it might break the rubber seal ... and Craftsman don't have a part # for it, you should be able to find whatever rubber seal that fits, or just get a copper washer to go with it. just something to keep in mind so u don't break it the first time you drain/fill it. Hope this helps.

12 found this review helpful
by bvburns
June 14th, 2013
Deplorable from the get go

After purchase, 2 Sears Employees that loaded laid on side in PU bed. I brought the "Keep Upright, contains oil and my damage if laid down" to the employees attention. Young man attempted to bs me with "won't hurt it" as long as not laid down on face. Got it home & unloaded. Compresser & inside of box covered with oil. Following start up proceedure with oil check, needless to say was low by approx 8 oz. Fortunately I had also purchased Craftman syn compresser oil. Running with no pressure (break-in) for 30 min, seemed good to go. Phase two, break-in, under pressure approaching 140 psi, begins to labor and blows off black plastic bleeder tube from side of Check valve. Shut down and reconnect, turn on and motor continues to labor with rattle until reaching approx 150 psi. Possible Pulley alignment but as new, should not be. Not stable platform with rubber slip on pads as opposed to bolt on rubber feet. Wabbles. Only 1/2 in clearance at drain petcock. Taking back today. Buyers Remorse.

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This compressor is a quiet powerhouse. It performs strong and steady but runs quietly.

July 3rd via
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June 30th via
0 of 1 found this review helpful.
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1-Year and No Issues


I have been appreciative of other’s product reviews, and wanted to provide mine for those considering the purchase of this compressor. My experience has been completely positive with this unit; from online purchase to now nearly a year’s usage. It was loaded onto my truck properly at merchandise pick-up, standing up, it had no mechanical or electrical issues, and its function has been better than I had expected. The only slight problem, which others had mentioned, was with the pressure relief valve. I found it to be a bit touchy, and easily activated. I purposely activated the valve multiple times at full pressure hoping to remove the over-sensitivity, and this has alleviated the problem. I was using a 20-Gal, 1HP, 90PSI Max, Craftsman compressor, which had nearly the same SCFM ratings as this 26Gal, but 30 years older. The difference was night and day between the old and new compressor, when using my impact and air ratchet. With the old compressor I could barely back off lug nuts at 90ft/lbs, and it would take ratcheting for 15-30 seconds to do so. This compressor at 150PSI spins them off instantly. I have this unit in my basement, with a 75ft, 3/8” air line to the garage, a hose reel with 50ft of 5/16” hose, and another 50ft of 1/4” hose tied to that, running the impact. I had none of the electrical problems that others spoke of; however, my electric service for the basement outlet this compressor is tied to is 115V/20Amps. So, I would recommend at least this level of service to avoid any breaker faults. For the home garage mechanic this compressor will be more than adequate for your needs. Best of luck!

June 24th via
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Great Purchase


Compressor is half as loud as my old craftsman compressor, it is keeping up with my home auto body, hobby. Ive been sanding my filler on my Dodge Charger, without issues. Great Product

April 21st via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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2nd Craftsman compressor


This is my 2nd Craftsman compressor. My first one developed a small pinhole in the tank--, after 40 years of service. (I should have drained the tank more often) I bought it brand new in 1975. 20 gal ,horizontal tank, twin cylinder, 150 psi.
This new one is the same thing, except being vertical. It runs super quite, and quick recovery.
I did purchase a couple of pipe fittings and extended the drain out to the side so I could drain the moisture off the tank more often. I got a 1/4" pipe thread street "L" and a 6" straight nipple. I already had a turn valve. Even with the street L , I had to add a 3/4" thick board to the legs to clear the pipe off of the floor.
I purchased 2 bottles of synthetic compressor oil, and added some before starting. Ran it 30 minutes and charged the oil. Great compressor, and no leaks anywhere.

January 10th via
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great compresser


December 23rd, 2014 via
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Great Product and Price. I recommend it.


I bought this air compressor for home remodeling and auto mechanic work and it performs really well. Noise level is quiet, but certainly impressive for 27 gal workhorse.
Not small, but not too big to either. A one man operation can move this compressor around pretty easily. Anything less probably will not hold up on the job on medium to large projects. If you only need to shoot nails then this one may be overkill, but if you need constant power that is portable then this is the one.
I recommend anyone who is considering buy a Craftsman compressor to buy the professional model over the regular (red model) ones. You really do get what you pay for and the professional models are always build more heavy duty. I have many Craftsman products and I typically will pay a bit more to buy the professional products - so far I am a happy camper.
The wheels are a nice touch for this upright design and I actually like this design much more now that I've used it a few times. It moves in and around the house/garage easily. I can also push it up a ramp onto my truck/trailer by myself and I am just a medium build guy with a gut.
This thing has plenty of power for continuous use. I first used it to spray a basement ceiling and had no issues after 2 hours of heavy usage.
Just be sure to inflate the tires properly and especially double check the oil level before your first use. My tires were a bit low and oil level was low. An easy fix, but I was surprised to find it low being this is brand spanking new. Just make sure you use the recommended air compressor oil.
Again, no serious complaints really... I did spend a good couple of days researching and I am happy I bought this one.
A couple of my handyman friends bought smaller regular series Craftsman air compressors a few years back and they are all dead. You really do get what you pay for, so it's worth the extra money to buy Professional.

December 7th, 2014 via
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Excellent design, well made


After returning 3 defective compressors in a row by another manufacturer, I settled on this one as being the best choice in a lower price range. The design makes repair easy. It is much quieter than any compressor I have seen. The high air output makes a bigger tank unnecessary. Full parts are available online including a replacement tank. I was unable to find any other manufacturer that sells all the parts that might be needed. For many brands you can't even find parts at all.

October 27th, 2014 via
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It worked as advertised. Happy with this purchase, staff at sears friendly.


I was looking for a compressor to have handy in the garage. I did a lot of research since I was green in this area and decided to go with this make and model very happy I did.

September 18th, 2014 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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| Earned 7 community points in Craftsman Professional

Fix for plastic hose that comes off. Simple thing that stumped Craftsman support. hope this helps.


After 30 minute break in, changed oil. Closed drain valve and let it get up to pressure for the first time. PSHHSH ... I run to the compressor and turn it off. There is a small plastic hose that goes from a brass nipple on the tank inlet to the control box that came loose and released a bunch of pressure. Checked everything out, released the pressure through the safety valve, and let it fill up again. Same thing happened at 100psi. Called Craftsman help line hoping for some sort of clamp that I was missing or something, Guy says he is stumped by this. Take the whole thing back to Sears for a complete replacement! Seriously?!? This thing is huge, doens't fit in my car, and I'll have to rent a truck again to take it to sears to return it, (Mine was the last one in stock btw) and go through the whole oil change and break in process again. I decided to just try trimming the hose. Pressed it on to the nipple really good. Fired it up again, and it made it to 150psi and shut off as expected.

August 16th, 2014
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Better than the reviews


Here is objective review of this compressor. First off, I got it on sale with the craftsman club. I picked it up in a store in Northern California and the compressor and box were in perfect shape. I plugged it into a plug with a 20amp breaker wired with 12ga wire. I followed the owners manual and checked the oil (which was full). I opened the drain valve and ran the compressor for the 30 min. Changed the oil (oil from L***s). Turned the compressor back on and built pressure to 150psi. Worked like a charm. No leaks. No tripped breakers. I was hesitant due to other reviews but stuck with craftsman and happy I did. I'd recommend this to anyone who needs higher cfms. This replaced the 12 gallon 1hp direct drive which was way too loud. I would estimated the compressor noise to be approximately 85 decibels at 15 away in a garage.

June 20th, 2014 via mobile
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Good Compressor for the money!! ,


Bought this for my home garage. Works great for most air tools. Not quite big enough for large sandblasting but good for everything else!!!

May 4th, 2014 via
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great compressor super quiet very portable


April 25th, 2014 via mobile
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Great value


Starts right up every time. Noise level for this size of a compressor is great.

March 8th, 2014 via
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Good salesman, I was able to order for store pick up in an other store


It was a gift and they were very happy.

February 18th, 2014 via
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Junk out of the box


Did the breakin procedure and the thing failed. Wouldn't fire up the first time, loaded motor but no compressor. Had to take it back, total misery. Very disappointed, we'll see how customer service treats us.

January 22nd, 2014 via
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January 22nd, 2014 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product | The reviewer indicated they received a sample of this product
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January 8th, 2014 via
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When you need, are here


I am impressed with this compressor has great power, apart from being very quiet my airgun half inch works perfectly and I also can not fault the performance of my gun 1 inch

December 30th, 2013 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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2nd Try was a winner


The first compressor had a porosity in the pump cylinder wall so it had to be returned. Quality control should have found this. The second compressor was in perfect shape. Followed the set up and break-in directions and it fills quickly and is much quieter than the oilless version. I re-plumbed the condensate drain with an elbow, longer pipe and a ball valve so it could be accessed as the original is hard to reach and has very limited clearance for your fingers. After that the compressor works great and I'm happy with it.

December 28th, 2013 via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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