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Craftsman 190cc* 4-N-1 Plus Chipper/Shredder Yard Vacuum
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need a bigger vac. birdldytoo uploaded this on 12/1/2013

Craftsman 190cc* 4-N-1 Plus Chipper/Shredder Yard Vacuum

Item# 07177013000P | Model# 77013 | Added on October 21, 2010
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Description Specifications
The Craftsman Chipper/Shredder Yard Vacuum Picks It Up And Bags It With Power
Whether you’re clearing a putting green, flower bed or cleaning-up after a storm, this powerful 4-N-1 Plus Craftsman chipper/shredder yard vacuum makes it easy to get your yard looking its best. Eliminate back-straining labor and wasted time, cruise easily though the yard picking up twigs, sticks and leaves while turning them into mulch at the same time. And when you're finished, rest assured that the errant yard waste will be neatly packaged in the 2-bushel capacity rear bag.
With a wide 24 inch nozzle, you can get the yard or green cleared in less passes, while the adjustable height ensures you're able to pick-up all kinds of yard waste. An onboard vacuum hose brings a reach you can use to clean under decks, in between tight flower beds and give your vehicle that deep-clean it needs to stay rust-free and last longer. With the right tools, you’re able to do a complete job and get more from what you own.
One of the best features of this chipper/shredder yard vacuum is its anti-clog self-cleaning system that breaks up large clumps of sticks and leaves, eliminating the need to stop your progress until the bag is full, and with a 8:1 reduction ratio, it'll take a lot of ground to fill this bag. No matter how full your bag gets, rest assured that the self propelled, semi-pneumatic wheels will provide the traction and maneuverability you need to move ... read more
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Most Helpful Reviews:

11 found this review helpful
by BR625
November 10th, 2013
Will pick up damp leaves, EFFECTIVELY...

I don't have the self propelled model so I am basing this review on my model which is identical in every way except the drive system. I read many reviews and was a bit surprised at the complaints regarding the performance of this machine and wet leaves and intended to wait for my leaves to be dry before using it. I went out and used my machine on Nov 8th, live outside Chicago and own a Maple tree in front of my house. Anyone knows these trees are famous for late dropping of its leaves. Currently my tree has dropped maybe 25% and currently they are falling like snowflakes. I went out early this morning before 9am and my grass was covered with dew and parts frost, so they were clearly damp and because the wheels were soaked and covered with the leaves they rolled over. First off I believe the vacuum height has to be set correctly for efficient cleaning. I set my machine so its as close to the leaves but not so close that I push them rather then pick them up. I also cut my grass a week before the leaves started dropping as I believe this also helps the effectiveness of this machine. I usually keep my grass Kentucky Blue around 3-3 1/2 inches during the growing season and as it reaches fall I cut it back to 2 inches which I did last week. My machine picked up pretty much every single leaf it passed over leaving a scragglier hear and there. I went over my neighbors house which their side and my side meet, and their lawn was much higher, 3 inches or higher and though I didn't change the height setting it still sucked up the damp leaves. Granted it was harder to push thru higher grass at the setting I chose because the nozzle was pushing the grass somewhat, but still sucked them up easily. I can't understand why people are having an issue, unless they are down right soaked and have the nozzle too high. I also cleaned up my lawn which is 2000sq feet that I know for a fact as I had sod installed this past spring. It was covered 40% where you could NOT see a blade of grass and I didn't have to empty the bag except when I was done. It almost all fit into a single brown lawn bag, but I stopped short about 10 inches from the top because the bag was getting too heavy from so much of the damp leaves I crammed in their. I was overly impressed at the dust this machine turned the leaves into, damp and all.. I filled a 2nd brown bag 1/3 full. I will say that the machine was starting to tip backwards and left standing it was gonna fall back on the bag, thats how full it was.. Its currently 35 deg and it took 4 pulls to get it started. I did edge my lawn last week and I set the nozzle at the lowest setting and went down my sidewalk and not a blade of grass was left behind. This does a tremendous job at cleaning driveways and sidewalks. I would recommend this machine but pay attention to the setting of the nozzle and grass height for best efficiency.

17 found this review helpful
February 27th, 2009
Did not perform well

I have a lawn with lots of leaves and even more gum balls. After reading the manual I was ready to use the product. I was totally disappointed. If the leaves are completely dry the Yard Vacuum does well. If there is any moister on the grass or leaves it's another matter. The Yard Vacuum does not do a good job with Sweet Gum Balls. You have to go over the lawn several times to do what a good lawn mower will do in one pass. I returned the Yard Vacuum to Sears. This is the only item I've ever returned to Sears in over 40 years as a loyal customer. Another problem, it will jam on anything larger than a pencil.

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Great vacuum!

I manage a small storage facility and we were using a leaf blower originally to clean the asphalt of our site but found that it was blowing dirt under our outside unit doors. The owner had one of these that was from his own personal home that he brought it for us to try out. It is FANTASTIC at vacuuming up the site, it gets not only the leaves on the site but small gravel as well. We do not use the chipper, shredder so I cannot review that portion of the unit but the vacuum is awesome!

August 14th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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Chipper/Shredder was easy to assemble and started on the first pull easily.

August 7th via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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1999 Craftsman lawn vac

Bought this unit in 1999. Still using it and it works great. Has a 4.5 Tecumset engine that is still going and does not burn oil. The unit sat up for two years and upon starting, oil came out of many gaskets. Used oil treatment to stop oil leaks and no leaks. The only complaint is that the primer bulb does not work and I have to put a little gas in the carb and pull the cord. Usually starts in two to three pulls.The bag is felt and is a lot sturdier than the ones in most of the one star reviews. I guess these units are like people, they don't make them like they used to.

No other parts had broken on this unit. Changed the oil and plugs regularly and the machine keeps on sucking up leaves. Saves on buying mulch for the garden. This unit will pickup small twigs, sweet gum balls (if you get after them after emptying the bag). No acorns are picked up (sometime they are picked up, but roll out after a couple of minutes. No biggie the squirrel usually get them.

My unit does not have a hose attachment. I think this is unnecessary.

Below they are asking for a recommendation. I cannot attest to the new machines, but this 1999 model is A-1 and it only cost $390.00. If I have to replace the bag at today's price, would not be cost effective. My unit came with a chute to replace the bag. I guess I will be using this and just mulch the leave and leave them on the lawn. Or go in a circle and pile them up in the middle of the yard and then pick them up and put them in the garden.

Even the five stars applies to the older unit.

June 13th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Great product for yard cleanup

We bought this yard vac to clean up our backyard which has 13 oak trees. This year has been the worst fall and the yard has inches of leaves to clean up for spring. This started up first pull and runs like a champ. It picks up layers of leaves and small sticks at a time and does a great job of mulching. I have owned 1300$ yard vacs before and this one performs just as well. Only issue we have is the size of the bag. If it could be bigger it would allow us to work longer in between stops. The hose is kind of cumbersome but does allow us to easily get into flower beds without damaging the plants. I would recommend this product to anyone with a normal yard size but not to someone with bigger yards over an acre. It would take to long with the small bag.

April 25th via
8 of 8 found this review helpful.
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Great piece of equipment

I usually don't do reviews, but I read a lot of the other reviews on his piece of equipment and I was kind of skeptical about going and purchasing it. I watched a few you tube videos and seen the machine operate as well and decided that I would give it a try because I have a lot of shrubbery that gets piled up with leaves and it is such a pain to clean out the beds every year and with this vacuum having the vac hose on it, I thought it might work well for me. I am a general contractor in Florida, so I deal with a lot of equipment. So I purchased the machine online and did a pick up in the store. It was really fast. I went to the house and it only took a few minutes to put it together, put in the oil, gas and have this thing running. It started on the first pull and my five year old was running it up and down the driveway sucking up all the water oak leaves that were every where and it worked great. We emptied the bag when it got full(very easy) and began vacuuming some more. So then I got into the shrub beds with the vac hose and it worked great. I will say that the small twigs that it picks up will turn sideways in the tube and clog it up occasionally, but for the job it was doing and the speed of picking up the leaves, I was extremely happy that I would not have to drag the leaves out from around all the close shrubs with a rake and then pick them up. I would like to have one with a longer hose, but I will take what I can get. The hose was kinked a little when I took it out of the box, so I just loosened the hose clamps and repositioned the hose on the adapters, so that the kinks were on the outside of the hose and not the inside. So within an hour, I had already emptied the bag three times and had picked up a lot of leaves and mulched them for my back yard beds. If you are hunting a leaf vacuum that takes all the work out of it, then this might not be the right equipment for you and there is more expensive models that will ease the job, but if your hunting a piece of equipment that will help you at at a reasonable price then this is the right one for you. Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase this machine. I look forward to using it tomorrow and if my experience changes, then so will my review. But for now I am happy with it.

April 14th via
11 of 11 found this review helpful.
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Yard Vacuum Saves Time and Effort

This is a true yard vacuum. It performs great, picking up and mulching all leaves in its path. It can be a challenge and a little dusty transferring the mulch from the bag to a yard bag for disposal, but it is worth it.

February 18th via
10 of 10 found this review helpful.
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Great Investment!

Performed better then I expected. It will pick up wet leaves you just need to adjust the height setting. What use to take me 12 hours to do I now get my yard done in about two hours. The dust kick back from the leaf bag is bad so I recommend wearing a mask when doing the leaves. Btw, the shredder works great too.

February 5th via
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Questionable Utility

After two years, the flexible chuting split and while duct tape helps, it finally failed; which was not all that big a problem because the vacuum hose became plugged with every little twig it sucked up. I finally gave up and just rake the leaves and twigs into a pile and suck them up with the front lawn nozzle. The throttle will not hold a setting unless its wide open or idle...constantly resetting it. Finally, the bag developed holes and the stitching at the connector came apart after 4 years of use. The cost of another bag assembly is nearly half the cost of an entire new yard stupid. If Sears can't make parts available at a reasonable price, buy this kind of machine elsewhere.

February 4th via
14 of 14 found this review helpful.
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Terrible Quality Control

I was incredibly excited to a self-propelled leaf vac after having one w/out for more than a decade. While the self-propelled is nice, this thing came out broken. The throttle cable is broken and/or disconnected that hose and nozzle keep falling apart. Considering Sears took an extra month to get this to me, I would've expected it to work completely.

January 30th via
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Great leaf clean-up tool

I'd been using a *1989* version of this machine each fall, until it finally gave out this fall. Love the 2 speed self-propel feature of this new version, and the vacuum hose, as well. However, I'll probably only attach the hose when I actually intend to use it. Only time will tell if this new version will be as durable as my old yard vac, but they are pretty similar, except for the engine. I tried this new yard vac's lawn nozzle and hose on some wet leaves, and it seems to deal better with them than my old vac. Just as with my old vac, this machine does a great job of grinding up leaves, which I then use as mulch; the ground leaves really enrich the soil over time, better than other mulch types!

January 17th via
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Was not to impressed with this Yard Vacuums Quaity

Only have used this Craftsman Yard Vacuum 2 times and I have had the bag begin to rip near connection to vacuum fitting. The Vacuum hose came undone and began to tear where the hose and tube clamp together, and one of the tips that turn to close the bag at the bottom popped off. So after having this Vacuum for a little over a week I am requesting a new bag, other than these flaws so far it has the power to Vac, mulch, and chip; although I do not like how sometimes the ground Vac switches over to the hose Vac if you go over an unsmooth surface. Other than those things this Vac is fair. If these problems get corrected by the designer than this Vac could very well be great.

December 7th, 2013 via
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One of the best lawn equipment purchases I've made.

Every time I use this lawn vac, I always say how much I like it! It really does do an excellent job. I have oak and maple trees and it picks up the leaves beautifully.

December 7th, 2013 via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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It`s just Good not great !!!

I bought it thinking it would help with all the leaves but after a 1/2 hour I found it to be more work then if I just raked them in a pile and put them on a tarp and pulled them to the woods.

November 30th, 2013 via
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Workhorse machine

Engine size (larger than competitors) key to performance. This has the power needed to vacuum big quantities of leaves (reasonably dry and without too many large twigs/branches) very well. Very best way to deal with leaves if you want them for compost because they are shred to small pieces and therefore greatly reduced in volume and much faster in decomposing. Words to the wise: buy it its ability to vacuum leaves through the large nozzle in the front of the machine; the hose vacuum clogs quickly and is bulky so I leave it off the machine. The chipper is also useless as it clogs quickly, too. I haven't used the new blower attachment, but can't imagine how you can manage where what you blows goes. When you purchase, be sure the rear wheels are free-wheeling (don't make a grinding noise when you push the machine manually with motor off and that they don't grab or lock when you pull it backwards manually); this is the biggest problem I've had. There's a lot of wear and tear in the use of the machine, so I strongly recommend purchasing the extended service agreement (and I'm now trying the in home version to avoid the trouble of transporting the machine.

November 29th, 2013 via
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Craftsman Yard Vacuum

Great machine, works like a dream!!

November 28th, 2013 via
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I wouldnot go into fall season with out it!

I have had a Craftsman Yard Vacuum for years.I have a lot of trees on my properties which leads to a lot of leaves in the fall.The Yard Vac has been the best and easiest way to gather the leaves up,mulch the leaves into the bag,and dispose of the leaves. Very easy operation of the Vac and the 190CC engine is good for all jobs.

November 22nd, 2013 via
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Craftsman Yard Vacuum

This yard vacuum has good suction as I use it to pick up live oak acorns from the lawn. The rear bag empties easily. It is a bit pricey but it performs the task I expect of it. To date I have not used the wand but I suspect it will perform well.

November 22nd, 2013 via
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Good Performance, Bad Quality Control

I like the pickup and storage on this baby. Just follow the instructions and don't try to pick up a whole pile of leaves at once. You must pick up the sticks yourself.

I got this one with the box opened, but I took it anyway. It was missing parts and not assembled correctly: one of the cotter pins on the handle was missing; one of the plastic wing nuts on the handle was broken; nuts and bolts fell out of the machine during operation.

One of the half-inch hex bolts and a matching lock nut were on the ground; but the lock nut had actually fallen off of the screen assembly hex cap screw located under the belt cover--which indicated that the assembler was skill deficient. The other bolt was actually missing from the left lower flail housing where it meets the upper flail housing--making the chute assembly hard to insert.

I suggest you get rid of those plastic wing nuts and review your QC at the factory for partially-assembled and boxed yard vacs.

November 20th, 2013 via
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Yard Vacuum

I had a Troy-Bilt for almost 20 years but the engine blew this year in the middle of the Fall. This is the only one that came even close to what I had. I would have given it four stars except for the quality control issues. The Craftsman name isn't what it used to be. The bag is small, and made of a felt type material which the leaves tend to stick to. The first one I brought home started up fine but would not shut off. I finally had to pull the plug wire. Returned it to find that the kill switch was broken. Next one, the bag is fastened to a polymer adapter by means of a tie-wrap. They had installed the bag with half of it over the inlet. I had to cut the tie-wrap and purchase a heavy duty tie wrap (24/bag) in order to begin using. As far as it working, it is light and maneuvers well.

November 14th, 2013 via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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Saved my aching back!

Up here in New England, we get inundated with leaves every fall. I've not yet upgraded to a riding mower for my property, so finding a push lawn vacuum was in keeping with what I already do all summer long. Got it out of the box, put it together, and had cleared half my property in two hours. That used to take me 12 hours by rake, blower and shoulder vac with bag. Looking forward to doing it again this weekend as the wind has cleared the neighbors trees into my yard once more..... There are a few tricks you'll discover quickly that make this machine highly successful. It does not like piles of leaves. Do not do any preparation, like raking into piles. Just go! if it stops pulling up leaves, back off, lift on rear wheels and let it clear itself out. Don't let the bag get super stuffed full. Paper lawn bags are cheap, so use more bags. Self-propelled action allows for a Vente Starbucks in one hand while operating. Pretty sweet.

November 13th, 2013 via
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