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DieHard Platinum 6V/12V Battery Charger and Maintainer
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DieHard Platinum 6V/12V Battery Charger and Maintainer

Item# 02871239000P | Added on November 2, 2011 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
DieHard Platinum 6V Is Compact With Big Power
DieHard 6v Battery Charger and Maintainer with its 3-amp charge keeps batteries for cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, motorcycles and lawn mowers charged and maintained for you-even on those vehicles with intermittent use. Easily charge your battery by following the precise instructions on the easy to read digital display. The charger is designed for you to connect effortlessly to your battery with multiple connector choices including 50-amp clamps, a 12V accessory plug or ring connectors. This unit is controlled by a microprocessor and programmed to not allow overcharging.
With safety in mind, DieHard Platinum 6V provides reverse hook-up protection which shuts the charger off if the clamps are inadvertently placed incorrectly on the battery. Float-Mode Monitoring maintains your battery charge by keeping your battery at normal voltage.

  • DieHard 6v Battery Charger and Maintainer automatically chooses the battery's voltage for you when connected saving you time and effort
  • A hook attachment allows you to suspend the unit out of your work zone to keep you safe
  • Easy to follow instructions on the digital display guides you through the charging procedure
  • The unit is designed to be wholly automated-it prevents overcharging by switching to a preservation mode when charging is completed
  • Produced in black and silver, the unit is designed compact to make it portable and easy to carry with you
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Most Helpful Review:

8 found this review helpful
by BishopBrown
April 18th, 2012
Awesome charger in small compact form

I remember when battery chargers used to be the size of car batteries, so I was a little skeptical when I seen the size of this charger. It's about the size of a check book, or more precisely, the size of the box your refill checks come in. This charger is totally automatic. All you need to do is attached the positive and negative wires to your battery (after plugging the charger to a wall socket or extension cord) and the unit will do the rest. The first thing it does is analyze your battery to make sure that it is "good". If the battery is good, it goes right into charging the battery and it will display in percentage what state your battery was in. For example, both my car and motorcycle batteries were dead. I picked up the charger in the morning and attached it to the car battery around 11:30am. The indicator stated the battery was good and was at 97%. I checked the battery throughout the day and evening and around 11pm, I noticed it was now in "maintenance" mode (i.e. trickle charging). I went ahead and disconnected the charger from the car and placed it on the motorcycle battery. The motorcycle battery was also good and at 37%. By 6:30am, the charging was complete and was in maintenance/trickle mode, so I disconnected the charger and unplugged it from the extension cord. The instruction book doesn't state what the percentages mean, but I gather that the car battery at 97% meant that it was "almost" completely dead. The car wouldn't crank at all, but on the motorcycle, with 37%, it tried to turn over but ultimately the battery just didn't have a strong enough charge. The charger comes with 3 types of connectors, with quick release connectors. I just used the standard gator clips as shown in the picture as those are easier to connect to the battery terminals. I tell you, this was a great purchase. I have 3 cars and 1 motorcycle, so at times one of these vehicle will sit for quite some time and usually the battery will be dead. The car I spoke of earlier only sat for less than 2 weeks before the battery died. This was a brand new battery i got from Sears back in November, so I know it's not a bad battery. I must have some sort of accessory that is slowly draining the power. I'm not sure what it could be though. I have these aftermarket illuminated gauges for my dash board that needs to be manually turned off and I've left them on accidentally for 2 days and never had a dead batter. I know I didn't leave them on the last time it sat for two weeks so I need to check for something else, but at least I have this battery charger now. Only bad thing about this charger is that the cord is really short. After getting a just start to move my car, I had to park really close to the garage door so that cord (attached to the extension cord) would fit beyond the garage door. I mean, it wouldn't make much sense if someone came along and could unplug my charger from the cord, but at least with the connector beyond my closed garage door, it would make it more difficult to unplug.

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Works great so far

June 5th via
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charger and maintainer


finally bought my own charger and maintainer after borrowing a friends charger a few times already. this diehard unit is small, but works like a charm and good to have on standby for your vehicle.

May 18th via
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March 10th

Great item


Several of these in our garage for charging batteries for the car and boat. Works great.

December 29th, 2014 via
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Nice little charger.


Led readout is easy to read and tells when the battery is charged and on auto maintaining the battery charge. I use it for my lawn tractor battery and it works very well.

October 23rd, 2014 via
7 of 7 found this review helpful.
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must have


This item is a must have if you store a car for periods of time. It also has an adapter for your cigarette lighter or 12 volt plug in the car so you can plug it into that instead or connecting to your car battery. It will charge then trickle charge. I am not affiliated with kmart or sears or craftsman. I may receive a reward for my review.

October 23rd, 2014 via
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2 yrs later still charging


October 13th, 2014 via
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
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As good as a C-Tec at 1/3 of the price


love how this charger tells what percentage of charge you have and slowly charges and maintains a battery! Works as good as the heavily recommended C-TEC and looks like it too; has a convenient handle to hang from your hood when charging for a long time..

October 11th, 2014 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Handy charger in a small package


I have four larger chargers but since buying this one, the others rarely get used. If a battery dies, I'll usually bring out one of the heavier duty chargers but if I'm just concerned because a battery has sat or because I've used a vehicle's accessories too much without the car started, this is the charger I use. You can't ask for more from a status standpoint. It tests the battery, begins the charge, and then let's you know by percent how what progress has been made. I've had one for quite a while and just bought another to use as a maintainer for a tractor that sits a lot.

September 2nd, 2014 via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Great Product


I purchased on a last minute need to charge my battery. I was wondering why I waited so long to buy it. It slowly charges the battery and once charged switches to maintenance mode. Wish I bought it sooner!!!

August 18th, 2014 via
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Nifty Charger


Easy to use and has a nice read out.

June 12th, 2014 via
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Great little maintainer!


I have three of these and they work great at keeping your batteries up to snuff. Also important in a cold climate is keeping the batteries from freezing, which is another reason to get a batter tender like this. Make sure you check yours when you get it home to make sure it works - I got one dud out my three, but it was exchanged happily for a working unit.

June 1st, 2014 via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Awesome Sauce


So I bought this because my battery decides to Die on my Truck every other week if I don't drive it. I have a HUGE battery let me add 1079 CA and 875 CCA . so after the reviews I did not think it would charge my battery all the way. When I got it I read the instructions right away. It said there are a few different modes and after reading about them. I see why people love this so much. I hooked it up and my battery was only 25 percent charge. It took about 8 hours or so give or take. It was at 95 percent and I had to go so I put it in the truck. And it sounded like the first day I got it. I did not even get into Maintain mode which helps fix cells and such. I own a Motor Craft Battery. OEM for my Truck. And this is a must have if you have a small Draw and cant find it or just having battery issues. Keep your batteries going. I did get it on Sale, but even at 45 dollars its a steel for the Technology.

May 29th, 2014 via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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3 days unit quit functioning


Simply bought to maintain auto battery, checked on it after three days, zero lights, tried different outlets around the house, no response, unit dead, I think that sums it up!

February 27th, 2014 via
1 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Right tool at the right time


Great for my truck which is 20 years old and my riding mower that is 10 years old. I name my charger the life extender!

February 7th, 2014 via
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very easy to use does the work for you

January 30th, 2014 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Excellent Charger!


This is a great cheap charger/maintainer! I have a 98 jeep zj 5.9 that stays parked in my garage the majority of its time. The battery is often low from sitting and me opening and closing the doors so much. Ive installed this charger with the ring terminals so that i can quickly hook it up and lower the hood back while it maintains the battery. This charger comes with regular alligator clips, ring terminals, and a cig lighter adaptor. The ring terminals have a weather proof cap that goes over the plug for when its not in use. I bought two of these on dod for $50 shipped. One odd thing ive noticed is once it goes into maintain mode, if you unplug it and plug it back in, it will say 90% or so charged and start charging again. Otherwise, its a nice little charger.

January 29th, 2014 via
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Works great


I purchased this when it was on sale. I leave this connected to my car that sits in storage for most of the year. The maintainer works perfectly and as expected.

January 19th, 2014 via
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Good for maintaining


I tried to charge my car battery, but it will take a long time I guess. It does the maintaining job as indicated on the manual. So far so good, but I will keep using it and update the review.

January 15th, 2014 via
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Very Nice and Small LED Charger


I purchased this during the Xmas sales and have already used it to recharge two very dead batteries. It is well worth the money.

January 13th, 2014 via
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