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Garden Oasis 11.5 Ft. Steel Round Offset Umbrella w/Base
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. Hane Powers uploaded this on 6/9/2014
Garden Oasis

Garden Oasis 11.5 Ft. Steel Round Offset Umbrella w/Base

Item# 07183925000P | Model# YJAF-013 | Added on January 23, 2011 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
Steel Round Offset Umbrella for Sophisticated Outdoor Fun Out of the Sun
Have outdoor entertaining fun out of the sun with this Garden Oasis steel round offset umbrella. Its unique design allows you the shading benefits of a traditional patio umbrella with the added benefits of having the base and pole off to the side and out of the way. Shade your outdoor patio set for outdoor dining comfort, or stand this umbrella poolside so you can lounge in the water and out of the sun.
A 360-degree pivot near the bottom of this steel round offset umbrella lets you easily re-position the umbrella to suit your needs, and a tilting feature allows you to adjust the angle of the canopy. Neutral beige coloring makes this umbrella fit in anywhere without detracting from your yard's natural beauty. Sturdy steel and aluminum construction is powder-coated to resist weather and wear. Velcro straps along the umbrella allow you to display string lights for special occasions and romantic outdoor entertaining.

  • 1 year frame warranty, 1 year limited general warranty on all other parts.
  • Keep your outdoor entertaining fun and shaded with this Garden Oasis steel round offset umbrella.
  • Umbrella adjusts and tilts for optimum shade throughout the day
  • Umbrella pivots 360 degrees, giving you flexibility to entertain your way without having to fuss with moving the base
  • Deluxe base is weighted with included sandbags (sand not included) so this umbrella will stand steady and secure
  • Sturdy aluminum and steel
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Most Helpful Reviews:

11 found this review helpful
by mikesawdy
October 9th, 2012
Highly recommend

After reading the negative reviews I almost passed on this umbrella. Glad I didn't. I was having my car serviced at Sears Auto and had some time to kill so I wandered over to the patio department. This umbrella was on display. Looked very sturdy so I actually got on the base and tried to move it. It did very well, but how would it do outside ? Turns out even better. We live in South Florida about a half mile from the ocean so our winds are rather strong and sustained. Some reviews said that the unit spun around and broke. I can tell you that these reviewers didn't read the directions. It is supposed to turn 360 degrees and when you place it in position you must lock the lever down. Guess what, it works. Also, they said it blew over in heavy winds. Not mine. I put 200 lbs of construction sand and it's solid. It's best to have the base of the unit closest to the prevailing wind direction so that the umbrella is not fighting the wind. It's great quality and has a very classy appearance.

7 found this review helpful
by RebeccaMM
June 30th, 2011
Great at first but broke after 1 month.

I bought this as a gift for my husband, and at first it was great. After a month, however, the mechanism on the handle broke and the umbrella cannot be opened. With only one day of rain in that time, the umbrella underwent very little wear, and I'm extremely disappointed that it is now un-usable.

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Garden Oasis Umbrella with base


Purchased this umbrella exactly one week ago. Put up when I got home (husband helped me). Easy to put up (need someone strong to lift the 4 50lb bags of sand/stone), beautiful!! Had a party the very next day and got so many compliments. Classy looking. Made durable as we get lots of wind and the umbrella has no problem holding up. LOVE MY PURCHASE!! Nice and big to cover whatever you need to cover. I would definately recommend to anybody (again, just make sure you have 2 people to put it together and one of those people should be able to lift four 50 pound bags of sand! Thanks Sears.

11 days ago via
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cantilever umbrella


wow! we are EXTREMELY pleased with the purchase of this umbrella!! it has exceeded our expectations~ we strongly recommend this umbrella if you need one that you can reposition and swivel 360 degrees~it's AMAZING~the base is sturdy, quality made & in beautiful neutral colors~ depending on the sun, we swivel it to cover our patio eating area then swivel it to keep sun off the spa~we checked many stores and every 11 to 13 foot umbrella similar to this one, starts at $1500 and upward~make sure you read the labels on all the other umbrellas that are around $300 to $500, because they are stationary and only tilt one direction~no 360 degree positioning~strongly recommend this product!

18 days ago via
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Round Umbrella


I purchased two Round Umbrella at Sears Store. The problem i have is once the umbrella is set-up yo can not move them around, so I install 4 wheels at the bottom of the base. Now im so happy that I can move the umbrella anywhere, If someone need a video to see it. please let me know.

21 days ago via
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i was very happy with the product

21 days ago via
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love it


The price was great. we even compared to ******. It came in scratch and a little dented but Sears made it right. Without going in to the store to exchange, they offered a credit. Thanks

28 days ago via
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Caution regarding this product


First caution is that the base will need to be filled with 2 1/2 cubic feet of sand. The product comes with two sturdy canvas bags which after you install them will need to be filled with sand.
Second caution is to carefully inspect everything on this. When we unpacked the umbrella it had two defective parts. One was a minor defect and the other is a major defect. The manufacturer requires photographs and a copy of the register receipt for processing defective parts replacements. One of these parts is the large main support bar so I am not sure how they will fix this, remains to be seen.

29 days ago via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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I have waited a long time to post this. A year actually. Initially, this umbrella seemed like a decent product. I was 50% right. The umbrella casts a decent amount of shade and is adjustable. While it is a bit expensive it did the job. However, the base is a very poor design. I live in southern Pennsylvania and strangely there is typically always a low steady wind blowing. Nothing crazy. On more than one occasion the unit blew over, base and all. It was properly assembled and weighted. I even went so far as to add an additional 100 lbs to the base with concrete blocks. It still blew over. The last time was the final straw. The base was destroyed. One of the sandbags was already held together with duct tape as it ripped almost immediately. The base could not be salvaged but the umbrella survived. I ended up sinking a 2.25" galvanized steel fence post 3 feet into the ground with two bags of concrete. I notched the top. It is the perfect size for the umbrella to slide into. I drilled through the post and the umbrella and pinned it in place with a 3" hitch pin. Some bronze paint and the post looks like factory. Best part is, the umbrella isn't going anywhere. A lot of work to salvage something that cost that much in the first place. My final thought. If you live in a land devoid of wind, then take a gamble. If not, find something else or be prepared to get creative with the base.

June 2nd via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Great Buy


I have been looking for an umbrella with these features for a long time. We have had it now for about two weeks and i am very impressed. Elegant looking, stable, quality construction (even though it is made in China).

We are happy with it..

June 2nd via
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I bought one of these last year and could not wait to get another. The ease of put the umbrella up and down and positioning is very nice. It covers a large area and can be repositioned which is a bonus as the sun moves.

June 2nd via
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Broken out of the box


Looked great in the store. Upon removing it from the packaging there were major scrapes from shipping in the arm, this should have been my queue to take it back, but I filled up the sand bags and ripped one putting it into the base, very bad design. Repaired the bag, and finished setting it up. Looked great and was really excited to put it to use, extend the crank handle, and had to hold it up to get to the crank mechanism into the hole, then go to crank out the umbrella and it would not stay open. The umbrella would close on itself as soon as you remove the crank arm. So not even used and it was broken, way to much money to be spending on something that has quality issues.

June 2nd via
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Don't Waste your money


blows over in the smallest amount of wind even with 250 pounds of sand weighing it down!!!!!

June 2nd via
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Works great for us, took me a minute to figure it out, but we really like it.

May 13th via
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Stay away from this product.


The umbrella does not stay locked in place even with the minor wind. The lock mechanism is poorly designed and any little wind will shift it, and in some cases the umbrella will flip over even when the base is loaded with over 200lbs of sand. After having it for less than a week it has just been returned.

This is one of those products that Sears should not even consider selling since it tarnishes its reputation for selling such a terrible product - hard to believe that a company that makes a terrible product like this is still in business and the designer/engineers have not fired themselves ashamed of what they designed. The product looks great in the showroom, but considering you are not putting it inside your house I would suggest staying away from it.

After I read some of the positive feedbacks I felt the negative ones were over exaggerating, but they were not, so be warned of any positive feedbacks here.

May 11th via
2 of 8 found this review helpful.
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Nice umbrella!


This umbrella is very nice and quite large (as well as the base). It's probably a little more than we needed size wise, but that's our fault. The umbrella takes two people to put together and it did take some time. Also, follow instructions very carefully. We made a mistake when we set up the base so that when we filled with sand bags and got ready to install the top, only then did we realize all four sides to the base are not the same. Not easy to fix once the sand bags are put in so watch this and make sure your cover will go on properly before you fill. Also, as others have said, be sure you know where you want the base before you put in the sand bags because you will not be able to move it once you do this. It takes four bags of sand so it is VERY sturdy and quite unmovable. Umbrella is nice and rather unique in that the canopy has the ability to swivel around as well as tilt so you do have good options with regard to shading.

May 4th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Nice Product


We're happy with the purchase

May 4th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Ryan Morris
February 5th

Huge Umbrella


Easy to assemble and works fantastically. Sand is not included with the unit so make sure to have at least 200 pounds (4x 50 lbs bags). This umbrella is 11.5 feet and rotates a full 360 degrees with just a push of the handle and very little effort. I would definitely recommend this for a large patio area that has no over head obstacles.

August 20th, 2014 via
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James Bodle
| Earned 28 community points in Garden Oasis

The best $300 I spent on my deck this year


It really cooled of the seating area since there is direct southern exposure on my deck all day long. The marble table tops used to get blistering hot but not after I got this. Also was great on those drizzling calm nights since the 11.5' span provided ample coverage over the seating area. The design is sleek and easily folds up and swivels out of the way. Due to the size span, direct gusting winds did make it tilt once but I should have known better and lowered it when the storm rolled in.

August 19th, 2014 | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Very Satisfied!


SUPER EASY SETUP. Place IT WHERE YOU WANT IT BEFORE FILLING SAND AS IT GETS PRETTY HEAVY. It does not spin as reported as long as you place it in the tube correctly, and make sure it seats. Also, the handle for rotating the umbrella arm should be in a STRAIGHT UP position to lock it NOT pressed down like other reviews claimed and that causing it to rotate if a breeze came up. It was easy to setup as long as you follow the instructions.

August 12th, 2014 via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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outdoor umbrella


I have purchased this item for my oldest daughter to enjoy with her new patio furniture set from Sears. This umbrella is of the highest quality, I have seen it in the store before I purchased it online, so I wasn't afraid I'd be dissapointed. The umbrella is large enough to keep you cool in the summer, and unlike other umbrella's of it's kind, with this one, you don't have to worry about winds blowing it over since the base is made to hold up 4 bags of sand. The umbrella has a luxurious look to it and it really beautified my daughter's backyard. Installation was very, very simple but you will need two people to lift it up when installing. I have purchased it on sale, and to me it was worth every dime. Even though this is a large umbrella, it works great in small backyard areas where a gazebo would take up too much space. I am very happy with this purchase as it helps my daughter's family to spend more time outdoors relaxing and spending quality time with each other.

feel protected from the strong sun rays. It i

August 8th, 2014 via
4 of 4 found this review helpful.
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Bill Sturgeon
September 16th, 2014
Answered in 3 hours
Shawn  Tavares
Posted by Shawn T. from Sears Eastfield Mall:

All you have to do is go to the store where you purchased it and they will be able to print you a copy with some basic info (phone number,name,etc.)

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By Shawn Tavares
September 16th, 2014