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Kenmore 15,000 BTU Multi-Room Air Conditioner
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. Edward Downey uploaded this on 7/1/2013

Kenmore 15,000 BTU Multi-Room Air Conditioner

Item# 04270151000P | Model# 70151 | Added on May 19, 2010
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Kenmore 15,000 BTU Multi-Room Air Conditioner - Powerful, Large-Capacity Cooling
The Kenmore Multi-Room Air Conditioner 7015 has 15,000 BTUs of power to cool up to 900 square feet. The unit has electronic controls and a full-function remote, features 8-way air direction and has a tilt-out filter. It has fresh air and exhaust venting. It fits windows from 26.5 to 40.5 inches wide and 18.5 inches high.

  • 15,000 BTU
  • Cools up to 900 sq. ft.
  • 24-hour ON/OFF timer
  • Sleep mode 
  • 10.7 energy-efficiency rating
  • ENERGY STAR® rated
  • Earth-friendly 410A refrigerant
  • 1-touch controls 
  • Filter-cleaning reminder
  • 8-way air-direction control
  • 3 cool speeds
  • Slide-out chasis
  • 3 fan speeds
This product is:
Energy Star Qualified
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This product comes with:
Owner's Manual (1)
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Most Helpful Reviews:

16 found this review helpful
by Lalisa
August 31st, 2013
Kenmore 115v 15,100 BTU Air Conditioner

I purchased this Kenmore 15,100 BTU, 115 volts air conditioner in the state of California for $ 398.99 plus tax. I asked a Sears sales man what was the biggest BTU I could purchase for a 115 volts ac plug and that it was through the wall or wall mounted unit. He said, he didn't have one and the largest BTU he had for a 115v ac was 15,100 BTU. I asked him if window units could be mounted on the wall and he said that they are disigned different and If I wanted to put it through the wall that it was up to the customer, but not recommended since it would block the air flow of the vents. I whent ahead and purchased it anyway and took it home. When I opened the box and when through everything that it is supposed to come with, I reed in the instruction manual that it is also a wall or through the wall AC unit. WOW. Other wall mounted unit sale super high and you get less BTU. This unit has it all window and wall installation. The unit runs great, it cools alot and it has a nice design. AC also somes with a small remote control. I mounted it on the wall sealed it all around an built a picture frame around it, and it looks like a master piece. Note, on Sears and Kenmore website there is a $50.00 dollar mail in rebate. Keep all your receipts, energy tag and other paper needed in order to comply with the sales rebate program. Go out and buy one!!!

11 found this review helpful
by ButterflyJupiter
June 22nd, 2013
Great Cooling / Nightmare Installation

This window air conditioner cools great for our entire ground level. That is the good. The bad: 1. Installation in general was a nightmare. 2. The online store made no mention that to install this beast it requires a metal box be affixed to your window frame, then the air conditioning part slides in the box. 3. You have to disassemble the Air Conditioner upon arrival to install it. 4. The instructions are terrible. 5. Several screws were missing 6. No mention of needing a drill in the "tools required" part of the installation manual. 7. It is VERY difficult to figure out which screws go with which instruction step when they are all received in a single bag. I cannot tell you how much frustration this alone caused. Why couldn't all of the same type of screws be in individual bags and labeled? 8. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't. 9. Installation took over 6 hours,with two people working on it. 10. If you think this installs like a typical window air conditioner, it doesn't.

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Great Price

Interesting installation but it is very secured into place.

12 days ago via
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athira Nair
13 days ago

Air conditioner

love it keep my whole liveind area nice and cool I would recomend it to any one

14 days ago via
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Great item great value!

I have purchased several of these units for my family & for rental properties. They work great.

14 days ago via
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Great item

Took home - installed in less than 2 hours - Did not cool as hoped - found out compressor not coming on - Called Sears, took back and got another - All my appliancews are Kenmore - Very pleased with service

14 days ago via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Joe Tommy
19 days ago

Good Unit

Easy to install, runs very quiet.

19 days ago via
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It has made a big difference in cooling the room we bought it for.

21 days ago via
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Kenmore Takes A Hit

after returning a kenmore portable a/c that was a nightmare, I got this nightmare. installed per instructions, turned it on & enjoyed the nice cool air for a few minutes, worked great. gathered up my tools & returned them to the garage. as I came back into my home I heard a noise that I would describe as your car fan being slammed into the radiator. I grabbed my flashlight & peeked into the a/c case where I saw the compressor exhaust fan spinning in a pool of water. this fan is a balanced unit, the water caused the fan to be out of balance, & I got there just in time to see this fan beat itself to death on the fan shroud & explode. hey guys, what exactly were your plans to drain water out of the a/c unit? this sure as heck doesn't work

22 days ago via
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15,000 btu room air conditioner

I love the air conditioner it gets my house real cold on hot days & it is nice having a remote control to change the settings it is well worth the money that i spent & the price was a real bargain

23 days ago via
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Givz jen
27 days ago

Works absolutely great!!!

We bought this air conditioner a couple of weeks ago. We love it!!! It cools our whole downstairs - dining room, kitchen, living room and they are large. There are walls between the rooms so we run a pedestal fan to blow the cold air from the dining room and the living room ceiling fan on low to circulate the air thru the doorways. Being able to set the temp and not having to choose between not cold enough or freezing to death, like our old one, is great. Assembling the box in the window was very easy and I helped my husband pick it up and slide it in. Somewhat heavy but not horrible-and I'm a wimp. haha! We're very happy with this air conditioner!!

27 days ago via
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Great Ac unit

very happy with this Ac unit keeps my 60 ft mobile home cool

27 days ago via
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This air conditioner replaces one that we had for a while, so far it's cooling our living room, dining room & porch areas (open floor plan). Strong & quiet! Love it! Would only suggest that the installation process was a little easier, other than that it a great purchase for a powerful unit!

28 days ago via
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Works great and Installation was a Breeze

We actually purchased the 12,000 BTU version, but the installation procedure is exactly the same. I am writing this review mainly because I read a Two-Star review where the reviewer claimed the installation was a "nightmare". That reviewer also claimed that the installation took two people and six hours to complete! I don't mean to be critical of those persons' skills, but it took my son and me about 45 minutes to install the unit the first time - and at the beginning of each summer now I carry the unit up from the basement and install its case and main unit in about 20 minutes by myself (and I'm a tall, thin guy in my 50's). The weight difference and size difference between the 12,000 BTU and 15,100 BTU versions is negligible.

The unit is fairly quite and cools well.

28 days ago via
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Nice Quiet Unit

Was looking at a few 15k btu units from other big box stores, when my buddy suggested I check Sears since he has always had good luck with them. The price was right and my local store had some in stock. This unit is much lighter then my old Kenmore 11k btu unit. Installation was pretty easy, took two of us about 40 mins to get it into the window. My only complaint is the angled brackets that support the unit against the house need to be larger. I have an older brick home, like most in my neighborhood, and the brackets don't sit quite right. If the one side of the triangle bracket was about an inch or two longer it would sit much better. Also the expanding panels for the window have a few gaps where it attaches to the unit. This, and a few other places I will need to seal up. Chances are I will leave this in over the winter, so I worry about drafts.
This unit is also very quiet compared to the old unit. I don't have to turn up the volume on the TV as much. The remote is a great feature, lets me adjust it from across the room.
I don't like the way you adjust the air coming from the vents. I find it harder to get the air where I want it compared to the more old fashioned style.
Overall, really nice unit and would purchase again. One of the competitors had a slightly better EnergyStar rating, but I don't think it will affect my bill all that much in the long run.

July 21st via
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Great Cooling

This Air conditioner really does the job to keep us cool in our bunk room in Port Oconnor, Texas. We added a bunk/sleeping room inside the barn at our fishing camp in Port Oconnor but no one wanted to sleep in it because the air conditioning unit was noisy and would not keep the room comfortable. The new AC from Sears does an excellent job with cooling and runs very quiet and plugs into our 115V wall plugs. I could not be happier.

July 18th via
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This is a good product and for the price it's excellent.

July 18th via mobile
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I have single ranch style house and 1036 square feet and it cool it.

I was very nervous at first that I was going to need to wire my house to use this air conditioner and it does work with the regular outlet. 115 volt. I thought i was going to need two air conditioner to cool my house but all I needed was this one air conditioner and very cool in the house and even in my kitchen which large. Very please with it.

July 18th via
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Great Machine, Medicore Instructions

This air conditioner is powerful. I just moved into a vintage building and knew I'd need a power house air conditioner to meet my needs. It requires only a regular plug (which is fabulous) and is very energy efficient compared to the in-wall units I am used to having in my apartments.

Install took us (me and a mechanically-inclined friend) 1.5 hours. The instructions are somewhat difficult to follow. Even more cumbersome is identifying the correct bolts/screws for each part. Some of the pictures show pointed screws (wood screws) but the correct part is a machine screw (with no pointed end). We had to reread and double check the instructions for every step multiple times. Also, the figures showing each step are lacking (and some steps which would warrant a figure have none). Read the instructions at least twice before you begin!

The machine, itself, is much quieter than I was expecting. It's like a light fan for a little background noise. It works like a dream. I have this installed in my 700 square foot apartment and it really cools the place down!

Another great thing about this unit is that it is not installed like the usual window air conditioners that you are used to. Usually you just slip it into the window and hope that it holds while you secure everything around it. This one comes packaged inside its housing. You then pull the air conditioner out of the housing (it's like a big white cage-like contraption) and set it aside. You install the housing first, making sure it's secure and at the correct level. Then, 1.5 hours later, once you have it secure, you slide the heavy part into the "cage" and voila! I felt much more comfortable installing this than any other A/C unit that I have installed before.

Apart from the mediocre instructions, this thing is a winner!

Also, do keep in mind that you may have to improvise and reinforce the unit your own way in case the included support brackets do not work with your window. I live in a brick building and the support brackets were not compatible with my specific window sill. But do not skip the reinforcement! This thing is heavy (100+ pounds). I used some wood that was lying around and cut some supprt beans to screw in where the included brackets would have gone. Do your due diligence and don't just trust your window to hold it all in.

July 16th via mobile
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