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Kenmore 3.8 cu. ft. Top-Load High-Efficiency Washer - White
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Kenmore 3.8 cu. ft. Top-Load High-Efficiency Washer - White

Item# 02625102000P | Model# 25102 | Added on October 4, 2013 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
Kenmore 3.8 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer - Efficient and Thorough
This Kenmore high-efficiency washer 2510 is a laundry essential, helping you to get your family's clothes clean and ready to wear. It gets the job done efficiently, using 65% less water and 75% less energy than other machines. The Kenmore high-efficiency washer also includes the StainBoost option, which provides extended washing to remove tough stains from clothing. It has the capacity to wash a large load of towels, or even bulky comforters and pillows.

  • Combining wash basket motion, impeller rotation and a burst of concentrated detergent, the Triple Action® impeller deep cleans fabrics while using less water.
  • Stainboost™ extends wash time for a deeper soak, better cleaning penetration and more powerful stain removal while remaining gentle on fabrics.
  • A small footprint makes this washer an easy fit for apartments, basements and starter homes, while powerful performance delivers the same clean you’d expect from larger machines.
  • Rapid spin speeds squeeze excess water from clothes, linens and more for faster, easier transfer to your dryer and shorter dry times.
  • Designed to help remove detergent build-up, cut down on odors and rinse away any left-over grime, the Clean Washer cycle provides essential maintenance for optimum performance.
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Most Helpful Reviews:

44 found this review helpful
by Seveice
April 6th
Read Directions and Be Amazed

I don't understand some of the negative reviews regarding this washer. I mean really people. Ok so when this spin cycle which is 800+ RPMs you might experience more wrinkles if you are not drying them in a dryer. But once I put my clothes in the dryer they come out the same as with my other washer plus since the spin cycle is so fast your clothes come out not as wet and dry faster in our dryer. Please just READ the instructions. Yes this washer is different because you need to add just a small amount of HE detergent first before loading. (I believe your choice of HE detergent and how much you use is key) And yes its recommended that you should load the washer (which has a huge stainless basket) around the edges trying to leave the center open so you can view the bottom after loading. Once you know these things its easy and the washer does a very fine job. It may not be for those people who dis-like change even if its for the better and just like to load it, close it, turn it on and forget it. But don't blame the washer because it performs as it should if directions are followed. So here are my Pros and Cons for the washer: Cons -No dispenser for laundry softener. It says get a Bounty Ball but I just put it in with the laundry detergent before loading. -Takes about 45 mins to wash a load Pros -Sounds different than other washers but overall is quiet - Washes clothes just fine -Dries faster since it spins so fast -Affordable

28 found this review helpful
by Disgudted2
May 16th
Wish I could return it.

Bought this washer last summer. My clothes come out with spots on them. They have gotten duller and my whites are no longer bright. Have stopped using the powder soap that was recommended to me. Went back to my Tide HE. The clothes have hardly Any water on them when they are washing. How can they possibly get clean. This is the worst wash I have had in 50 years. Not happy.

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better than expected


I bought this washer being a little scared of a new system I had never used. the washer works great. u can use about half the detergent that u usually use and clothes come out smelling better than ever.. also the washer spins clothes really dry so ur dryer also uses less energy. I would recommend this purchase. the washer makes different noises than a typical washer but u get use to the difference. the amount of clothes u can wash efficiently is awesome. the amount of money I will save on electric, water, and detergent should pay for the purchase in about 3 years

11 days ago via
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Cathy Haines

very dissatisfied and disappointed. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!


I am VERY disappointed in this machine. I grew up with Kenmore products and they were always the best money could buy. Unfortunately I didn't read any reviews before buying this machine, my mistake. I've read everyone's reviews and they all say the the same thing,. This machine is terrible. The worst thing is I'm stuck with it until I can afford to buy another one. Until that time comes I'll just wearing clothes that aren't clean even though they go through the wash. I hope people read these reviews and don't buy this machine.
1 minute ago
0 of 0 found this review helpful.

11 days ago
0 of 0 found this review helpful.
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Excellent Combo Buy


I agree with the earlier post--read the washer instructions. I was a little concerned with all the negative comments. So I found the Whirlpool twin and the comments were considerably higher. We got the combo for my brother in law. We have a HE set already. Yes, HE machines behave differently, make noises during sensing, and use a lot less water. Pour the soap in the bottom..not on top of the clothes. And use liquid HE soap. OK, the Downy Softener ball is a bit hokey! And there is no buzzer when the load is finished. Expect the clothes with come out clean with a lot less water....which means they will dry quicker. And they are clean. No spindle means you can wash bigger loads with less soap and water. Seriously, the noises are minimal...part of HE normal behavior. Considering the cost and features, the value point on the model 25102 washer is excellent.

16 days ago via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Best HE Washer For The Money....Follow instructions!


This washer cleans very well but you must load it like the instructions say. Do note pile the clothes in the middle of the , put the soap in first and do not overload. Use HE soap and you will get great results from this machine. Our drying times and temps are lower, it senses and switches from one cycle to another much faster than most HE washers and the sale price of $399.00 was a steal. No brainer!

16 days ago via mobile
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Very Impressed!


I bought a Whirlpool HE top loader for my wife. She immediately complained about the very long cycle time but I wanted to get a washer that used less water and power. We took the Whirlpool back to the store (not Sears) we bought it from and got a refund. We looked at Sears online and "decided" on a Kenmore with an agitator until at the last second I saw the 25102 model for just $50.00 more. I like the stainless tub, extra (but not too much) capacity, and it said "faster" on the sticker. I looked it up on CR and it had no superiors in it's price range and all the more expensive ones had 75 to 90 min cycle times (a non starter). Sears delivered and hooked it up with no issues. I leveled the machine per instructions, read the operating instructions (not long or complicated) and followed them. The washer exceeded our expectations completely. The cycle times were very short, the clothes came out perfectly clean and so dry I only had to set the dryer for about 65% of the time we had to with the old Roper washer. The price was great, the performance is great and this machine is so efficient it will literally pay for itself if you do not yet own an HE washer and if your HE washer costed you $700.00 or more it probably won't. Read the instructions and follow them. This machine is a steal for $400.00!

19 days ago via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER - Worst Washing Machine EVER???


DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER - Destroys my clothes - absolutely ruined my towels - and they are new. I need to buy all new towels. No matter which cycle I choose and amount of clothes I wrings the heck out of them and frays them. Wish I went with previous washer which lasted 17 years!

27 days ago via
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Not even worth a one star


This is the worst washing machine ever. Kenmore/Sears should be ashamed to sell a product so worthless. I have been satisfied with the numerous Kenmore appliances that I've owned over the years - definitely NOT this washer. Clothes come out looking dirtier than they did going into the wash. It's noisy but that's not an issue for me since it's downstairs in a laundry room. Already had service to check it out - nothing wrong - it's just a bad product. Saves water? Not so much when you have to wash a load three times to get the clothes clean. Wish I had read the reviews before I bought it. Don't waste your money. Time to try another brand. Done with Kenmore. So disappointed.

November 15th via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Do not buy this washer!


I went to Sears on Monday. I returned it on Friday. The machine leaked, was extremely loud, and shook horribly. I exchanged it for the same model thinking a had a faulty machine. The machine didn't leak this time but was still extremely loud and still shook horribly. I took it back on Sunday the same week and exchanged it for a GE washer. Do not buy this Kenmore model.

November 10th via
8 of 8 found this review helpful.
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Amazed and Pleased by cleaning ability just read the instructions!


I bought this washer exactly 1 year ago today to replace another Kenmore (top loader old style agitator.).
I waited a whole year to write my review in order to provide the most detail and honest opinion possible without bias from other reviews.
First off, I selected this washer due to the relative simplicity of the controls. I did not want steam, nor a host of other wash and material selections. I wanted basic. Hot, warm, cold. Delicate, heavy duty, normal.
This machine is probably the most basic HE machine I could find and I wanted the no agitator design.
So, after a year of doing multiple loads every week, from sheets to throw rugs to delicate items (my wife's stuff) I have to say I am very pleased.
Few things to note. Read the instructions carefully. The detergent (must be HE) goes in first then the clothes arranged carefully around the center spinner, as that is where the sensors are located. Don't overload .
If using fabric softener, use the dispenser ball thingy. No, the machine does not have a separate softener dispenser, I did not care because most times when i use softener it winds up spotting my clothes.
I have mixed loads, jeans and shirts, towels and clothes and I must say that this machine has cleaned without fail.
Recommend using HE detergent and a boost pack. (I use Tide boost) with every load.
Some things wrinkle due to the high speed spins, but the wrinkles have always come out in the dryer.
I still have my old dryer and have found that with the new efficiency of the washer, dry times have decreased.
I will also say my wife noticed a difference in the cleanliness of our clothes and towels. Noticable improvement.
I am also pleased with the low water usage. Here in Southern California every drop counts and this washer has contributed a savings in water.
Finally, one minor complaint. This machine makes funny noises, much different than the old style machine. But once I got used to it, I no longer care.
All in all, exactly one year of service later, I am happy and pleased with my purchase and would recommend it, if you want simple, not too fancy, water savings, and don't mind a few odd noises.
ps, it also qualified for a water rebate here in SoCal.

November 7th via
17 of 17 found this review helpful.
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Not what I expected


I was under the impression that this washer had a fabric softener dispenser, because of the online description, but it did not. I had to return it for the next model, which I love! I did a couple of loads and missed the fabric softener cycle every time. It worked well and my clothes were clean, but it was not what I expected. Customer service was helpful with the return and re-order.

November 6th via
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
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Very Disappointed


I bought this washer 15 days ago. I was skeptical about the type agitator it has. I did research on this type washer a couple of years ago and they all got poor/low ratings. They all still do regardless of any name brand. At least that what I'm seeing Well, because of Sears' return police I decided to go with it anyway and form my own opinion. I've done maybe six loads with it now. Tonight I did an average size load of towels and blue jeans combined. There was a pair of jeans in this load that I wore yesterday while mowing the lawn and sucking up leaves. They got covered with red dirt/dust. They came out of the washer with the same red dirt/dust caked all over them. That's what has made up my mind to return this washer to the store. I will replace it with one that has the old traditional style agitator along with a manual water level control. I do have faith in Sears though. My last washer was 25 Trouble Free years old when it bit the dust about 3 weeks. I actually hated to see it go. Was like part of the family !

November 3rd via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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Hope the hecklers are wrong


I just got this machine today. I had been shopping around for 3 months. However, I purchased this machine before I read it's reviews. I usually don't do that but I was sick of going to the laundromat. I was scared that I may have made a mistake. Well, I've done 5 loads tonight and my clothes, towels, and blankets feel cleaner then ever. Not to mention that they are practically dry when they come out of the washer. I use to dry my loads between 50-60 minutes. Tonight my dry times have been set at 30-40 minutes and I think I could even reduce them. I will update after a few weeks. But so far, I am very happy!

October 31st via
9 of 9 found this review helpful.
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Garbage After Two Years


We bought this washer because our house came with an old Kenmore that gave out at 20+ years. That's not today's Kenmore! At least not on the economical end. . . We wanted an He machine without the price tag and size of a front loading machine b/c we plan to sell our home in 3-5 years and wanted to save the fancy appliances for the next house. This seemed a reasonable compromise to have a few bells and whistles without throwing away money. Wrong. After just 2 years and 3 months, the main board and lid lock mechanism are faulty and will cost $400+ to repair, which is about what I paid for the machine. The appliance service I received the estimate from is trustworthy--I have used them before and they are BBB accredited. To be fair, we LOVED the washer during the two years that it actually worked, but appliances should not be disposable and should not need replacing after two years. I asked for recommendations, and the repair person said Electrolux or Whirlpool Duet for front loaders, or buy the absolute cheapest (no frills) top loader we can find. He said the really inexpensive top loaders last about 10 years.

October 30th via
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Wish I had chosen a different washer.


This machine is a little over two years old and is a Top-Loading High Efficiency Low-Water washer. I dread taking my dark clothes out of the washer. Once I untangle them they are blotchy and smeared with a white powdery residue that I have great difficult removing. I sometimes have to rewash the articles. I must never put them into dryer before first wiping the residue off with a wet towel or often re wash them. This is a long process and am VERY disappointed. This is anything but a High Efficiency washer. I am using more water than I ever thought I would need and wasting so much precious time!

October 27th via
6 of 6 found this review helpful.
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My poor nerves


Do not buy this washer unless you can place it in a soundproof bunker. We bought this in a hurry because I just couldn't stand the idea of going to the laundromat (are there any in the burbs?) and had lots of clothes waiting to be washed. The washer I ordered online was suddenly not available, so the manager of our nearby Sears suggested this one. High efficiency! Use less water! Whatever, it had to fit in our 27" space so I said fine thanks. What a shock when we turned it on! You have to put the (high efficiency) soap in first, then the clothes, then press the start button. It lights up and begins to buzz and click like R2D2. But that is nothing compared to the awful moaning, groaning sounds it makes as it senses how much water to add. This continues for the whole cycle! I have to either leave the house or put on loud music and have a glass of wine. The only positive thing I can say is that the clothes come out clean-smelling and nearly dry, so there is less drying time, which is good because my dryer only heats up when it feels like it.

October 27th via
4 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Fantastic Value


For the money you are not going to find a better HE machine. I was really nervous about this after reading the other reviews, so I went and talked to the Sears salesperson and he talked me into it. I couldn't be happier with it. It washes clothes great! It is also pretty fast on the "Normal" setting, it finishes before the dryer is even done.

It is important that you use HE detergent, and follow the directions in the owner manual. Again for the price you won't find another 3.8 foot HE washer loaded with all the features this has for the price.

October 22nd via
10 of 10 found this review helpful.
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Very disappointed with my high efficiency washer


When my 20 year old Whirlpool washer died I thought I would try a Kenmore brand as I have never purchased any Kenmore appliances and heard good reports. No problem until 16 months after purchase, warranty is 1 year! The local repairman said it was the transmission so 275 dollars later it was replace. A week later the machine would restart if the clothes were not removed immediately after cycle was completed and they are soaking wet after spin cycle. Repairman believes it could be the sensor board? They will be taking it to the shop to check it out...another week without a washer and it is only 16 months old!!! I am so upset with the brand and the poor quality. Shame on you Kenmore.

October 11th via
11 of 11 found this review helpful.
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Love it!


I don't understand all the bad reviews. I purchased this washer 3 days ago and have washed several loads. It's a lot different from the old fashioned washer I had before. I read the user manual and followed the instructions. No problems at all. My clothes came out clean. The lid locks. The only thing I would like different is to be able to see through the lid and see what's going on inside.

October 7th via
12 of 12 found this review helpful.
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twice failed - in 3 weeks need to call repair NEW???


model w104684423 HE washer Kenmore - purchased new and have not used it 4 time and it had failed twice - need to call for warranty repair again - second time - in less than a month since purchase! this washer is a real piece of junk!

October 7th via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Great price for a good machine


When our 10 year old GE died we needed a new washer quick. Price was right and delivery by Sears was super quick. As for the washer, we have had it a week now and it has worked great. Handles large loads, , just follow the directions on how to load. Have had no problems with clothes not being cleaned or coming out with an odor. Clothes do get a slight wrinkle from the high speed, but it comes out in the dryer. Highly recommend this washer

October 2nd via
8 of 8 found this review helpful.
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marksumigray marksumigray
how do i redeem my surprise points on the kenmore washer i have in my cart
by marksumigray marksumigray 
February 27th
Lucas Stanek
For a surprise points offer to work, you need to:

- Make sure the offer is good online. (Some are store only)
- Make sure you are buying from the correct company. (Some are Specific to Kmart, others to Sears. Some both.)
- Must match minimum purchase & department if applicable
- Redeem some of your current normal points. This is the part that not everyone is aware of.
by Lucas Stanek |
March 2nd
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