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Kenmore 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washing Machine - White
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Kenmore 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washing Machine - White

Item# 02620022000P | Model# 20022 | Added on January 26, 2011
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Description Specifications
Kenmore 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washing Machine - Optimum Efficiency
Featuring a Dual Action Plus agitator and powerful spin cycles, the Kenmore 3.4 cu. ft. top-load washing machine 20022 offers energy efficient cleaning to save you money. The unique agitator works detergents deep into clothes using both sideways and clockwise motions, while the bleach dispenser delivers perfectly mixed concentrations to more effectively clean your clothes. The powerful 700 rpm spin cycle shortens the time required for drying, saving even more energy. With four load sizes, four water temperatures and eight cycle options, this Kenmore top-loading washing machine allows you to adjust for each individual load.

  • The Dual Action® agitator moves both side-to-side and clockwise to double the cleaning power while still delivering gentle care for delicate fabrics.
  • Multiple wash cycles give your hardy work clothes, delicate linens, and stained fabrics the treatment they need to look their best.
  • A small footprint makes this washer an easy fit for apartments, basements and starter homes, while powerful performance delivers the same clean you’d expect from larger machines.
  • Whether you’re washing wool, cotton or high-tech fabrics, a choice of four water temperatures makes it easy to customize your wash.
  • Rapid spin speeds squeeze excess water from clothes, linens and more for faster, easier transfer to your dryer and shorter dry times.
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Most Helpful Reviews:

21 found this review helpful
by Mr_X
October 24th, 2013
Very Good Basic washer for the price

I suspect most of the bad reviews are from people who either didn't level it properly, or didn't read the instructions. I've had this washer for about four months now, and it consistently takes 52 minutes to wash a load on normal cycle, which is more than adequate. It takes this long no matter what I put it, jeans, towels, comforters, you name it. I even fill it completely to the top over the agitator, and it never stops for more than two or three seconds between cycles to sense the load and balance. The machine does make some peculiar noises unlike any washing machine I've ever heard, but after the first load you get used to it. I see a lot of complaints about the locking lid, but that has not been a problem for me. The lid must be closed or the washer won't start, but once you press start and the water begins filling, then you can open the lid to add bleach or more items. It is only once it begins the wash cycle that the lid locks. Even then you can stop it by pressing the start/pause button, or you can cancel the load by holding the start/pause button for three seconds. Another thing that may be causing some people to have problems with this washer is that you aren't supposed to wrap anything around the agitator, just drop your laundry in loose rolled up balls. The most important aspect of any washing maching is how well it cleans your laundry. This washer does a great job of getting clothes clean; I have yet to use the heavy duty cycle. The normal cycle has been good enough to get my clothes much cleaner than my ten-year-old Kenmore that it replaced. I'm very satisfied with this purchase overall, and would buy this machine again at the sale price.

59 found this review helpful
by Lucy2013
December 2nd, 2013
It makes me cry

Each time I do laundry it gives me huge stress. I am disappointed because 1) when I load the washer and it fills the water while I am loading, in a couple of minutes it would drain all the water 2) if I forget to put something and try to open the lid to put it in, the cycle will start over. 3) when it started vibrating and I want to balance the clothes the cycle starts over from the beginning. In other words you cannot interrupt the cycle or it will start everything over. 4) when I put it on rinse cycle it started the washing cycle instead. 5) it has 4 water temperature settings, but in reality mine gives only two. For example hot water setting gives warm water by mixing hot water with cold and as the result I can only have cold or warm water. I need hot water to wash batting for my allergic kids. I would like to have the temperature that settings offer without saving energy for me by adding cold water. 6) I was promised by the repair department to have a technician to come out and look at it, but I spent two entire days waiting for the appointed vista, but no one came. We are tired of this machine and Sears' lousy "service" and we are returning it back.

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Givz jen
7 days ago
JULIA juliadelgado
16 days ago

There is nothing wrong with this washer folks!

Well first off I wanted the most inexpensive washer I could find at Sears, this one was it. I hated that it had all the negative feedback and that made me search the others. Then I went back to actually read about the negatives vs positives. The things everyone complained about, in my opinion, was due to user error or just not used to a more modern washer. They are programmed differently and more electronic than the older models. That's just technology for you, you cannot go backwards with these types of things. You cannot buy a new 15 year old washer today-get over it. You have to deal with industry standards like the features that this one has.

This thing is quiet. Couple extra noises while it auto-calibrates in the beginning so what. I was worried about not having enough water level, it came up perfectly and I wasn't even on the largest setting. No leaks like someone else said. Washed clean, all detergent was washed off, no dry spots on clothing. Dried very well with the spin.

I had no reason to lift the lid during any of the cycles but decided to anyways. Press the pause button and it stops for you-press again and it picks up where it left off--no problems there.

If someone actually wanted to get rid of the lid lock its only 2 screws and you can remove it and place into the top receiver--problem solved--open whenever you like. It is there for your "safety" of course.

I would buy this model again. Hope it holds up for many years as I am in no hurry to get rid of it.

22 days ago via
19 of 19 found this review helpful.
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Hate this machine,, the locking lid, trying to get it open after it start is hard. it get unbalance easy and is hard to get rebalance, some time it takes hours to get one load done.

23 days ago via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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The worst washer ever

We bought this washer 2 years ago and already it is broken. The water overflows. It is a mess. My husband took the control panel apart to see which part needed replacing and it is all just cheap plastic parts. I hate this washer so much. It is too small, it becomes unbalanced all the time and makes the most awful noises. I am so sorry we bought a Kenmore washing machine. We had a whirlpool before that lasted over 15 years. It makes me sick that we wasted our hard earned money on this piece of junk.

24 days ago via
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Bad, Very Bad

Don't walk....RUN away from this machine
Noisy, Slow, Wierd Noises, Does not clean clothes. Total waste of your money. bought one 4 months ago. my worst purchase EVER from Sears

25 days ago via
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
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Horrible washing machine

I bought this washing machine a few months ago and I have never like this product...

June 23rd via
8 of 8 found this review helpful.
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Worst. Washer. Ever.

Please, please, PLEASE do not buy this washer. I am listing everything that is wrong with this thing.

1. The washer does not mix detergent well. I have tried numerous different kinds of detergent, to include pods, and I ALWAYS had laundry soap left on my clothes. I tried adding soap to the washer first, and then dumping a bucket of water to dilute before adding clothes, but the soap would still be there at the end of the wash cycle. This washer does not rinse well.

2. The locking lid is a real bummer. If you forget to add a piece of clothing, you have to hit the pause button and wait until the washer unlocks the lid before you can add it. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the washer would unlock! Sometimes you have to wait up to 5 minutes for the latch to release. Unreal.

3. No fabric softener dispenser. I thought I could get around this by buying a downy fabric softener dispensing ball, but the machine doesn't pop the ball at the right time...if at all. If you want to use fabric softener, you are going to have to sit next to the machine and wait for the right time to hit the pause button.

4. The rinse cycle is pathetic. Going hand in hand with number 1, this machine rinses horribly and leaves residue on your wash. Sometimes you can see it- white film on your darks. Other times you can feel it on the wash when you transfer it to the dryer. I have tried unsuccessfully to make the loads smaller in the hopes that maybe this washer would rinse better. Never happened. It doesn't seem to matter how much or little you put in this thing.

I recommend if you are interested in buying this washer, you spend the extra 100 bucks and get something better. If your budget is tight, go get a used washer on craigslist... Don't sink your money in this one!

June 12th via
23 of 23 found this review helpful.
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Lasted 17 months

I have had this machine for 17 months and the lid lock light keeps blinking and the machine wont sensor. The service call will cost me half the price of the machine-not worth it. I had my old washer for 10 years and only bought a new one because we moved-VERY disappointed. Do NOT RECOMMEND.

May 30th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
18 of 18 found this review helpful.
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HATE this washer

I hate this washer!! the locking lid is such an inconvenience for fabric softner! There is no fabric siftner dispenser tried the downy ball it doesnt release all the fabric softner DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!

May 18th via
17 of 17 found this review helpful.
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Item # 02620022000P Model # 20022

This is the worst washing machine I have ever owned. Every time I wash sheets or large towels, it goes off balance and stops. Stopping the machines is terrible. I have only owned this machine since 2011. I'm done, and done with Kenmore, I going to ********** and buying a GE Washing Machine.

May 17th via
16 of 16 found this review helpful.
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Nice washer

Spins great not thrilled with the locking lid.

May 1st via
13 of 13 found this review helpful.
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I will no longer be loyal to Kenmore

I liked this washer while it was working, but it did take some getting used to. The problem? It lasted a whole 16 months (of only two loads a week) and started grinding so loud I'm sure the neighbors heard it. In our area Sears has contracted with a&e service for repairs. What a joke. Their reviews are worse than these reviews. I'm too angry to say anything else. Extremely disappointed.

April 3rd via
46 of 46 found this review helpful.
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Piece of junk

I've had three Kenmore washing machines over the past 38 years, have been VERY happy with all of them except for our latest purchase. We had it two days and returned it. The locking lid is a joke, the water drained completely out every time we tried to open it, and no, we didn't press the button too long. A washing machine shouldn't take an hour to complete a load. This new one certainly wasn't built as sturdily as the old ones we've had. Spent some extra money and bought a Speed Queen, built like a tank, does a great job and no locking lid.

April 1st via
28 of 28 found this review helpful.
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Great washer

Simple washer with lots of features as the much more expensive units. Easy to set up and easy reaching into the tub to load and move the laundry to the dryer.

March 28th via
4 of 6 found this review helpful.
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Easy to use

I just got this washer and I like it but there are some differences with this machine. There is no fabric softener hole and the lid locks so during the rinse you could add it but it's time consuming because the lid has to unlock and lock again. I will invest in a downy ball for this issue. Other than that it works well and its easy to use.

March 20th via
10 of 10 found this review helpful.
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When my old machine quit, I thought only a Kenmore will I buy from now on. I got this Kenmore and I'm so disappointed. Worse and most aggravating machine I've ever owned. Hate this machine and will think twice before ever buying another Kenmore. The time it takes to wait on the sensors to decide to make this machine work is a waste of my time. I would not recommend this machine.

March 19th via
21 of 21 found this review helpful.
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Great washer for the price.

I purchased this washer at the sale price and think it was a great bargain. It is the perfect size for my needs and does a good job at cleaning my clothes.

March 19th via
11 of 11 found this review helpful.
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Lasted 2 1/2 years

I bought this washer 30 months ago. Washer quit moving into spin cycle from rinse. So called Sears service who came out and charged me $217.22 to NOT fix my machine. Left me in the same spot. So I called for another service. This guy told me that this machine was a lemon/(piece of junk) -his words- and that many features go out over a short time. Buy a new one, he suggested. I contacted customer service and was treated as despicable as one could imagine. The service department is full of outright liars and jerks. I know this is a bottom line washer that does barely an acceptable job. But I would have like to have gotten more than 2 1/2 years before it fell apart. Sears defrauded me out of $217.22 pure and simple. I will never shop there again. I am a single person and did not overuse this machine in anyway. If you have a family buy a Maytag or Whirlpool--But not from Sears!!!!!
I hope this helps someone before Sears takes it down.

March 14th via
54 of 54 found this review helpful.
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ok for a little bit

I got this washer a year and a half ago and it just broke down on me. It won't even drain the water from the machine. I can't believe it broke down after one and a half years. Its not worth the trouble spend a little more and get a good machine.

March 13th via mobile
13 of 13 found this review helpful.
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