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NordicTrack Elite 3700 Treadmill
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NordicTrack Elite 3700 Treadmill

Item# 00624932000P | Model# 24932 | Added on September 20, 2013
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Description Specifications
Amp it Up with the NordicTrack Elite 3700 Interactive Treadmill Equipped with the best fitness technology available and banning the boredom of working out, the NordicTrack elite 3700 interactive treadmill puts your goals well within reach. The Intermix Acoustics™ Sound System on the treadmill features two high quality three-inch speakers for amazing sound, delivering the inspiration to press “start” and the motivation to keep moving. Plug in your iPod, ditch your ear buds and turn up the volume for a fun way to workout.
This interactive treadmill with speakers is a performer. Turn up the intensity with one touch controls to take your speed up to 12 miles per hour and your incline up to 15 percent. iFit compatible, it helps you get much more out of each workout. A big 3.5 continuous horsepower motor with commercial components powers your workout with quiet consistency that never interferes with your music.

  • The Nordictrack Elite 3700 Interactive Treadmill makes your workouts fun with the Intermix Acoustics™ Sound System with three inch speakers that are iPod compatible
  • Has a powerful 3.5 HP motor that is quiet and smooth
  • 1-Touch™ Controls allows you to speed up to 12 miles per hour and increase the incline to 15%
  • FlexSelect™ Cushioning allows you to adjust the surface for superior impact reduction and joint comfort
  • 7" Backlit Display shows speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned
  • Compatible with iFit Technology for better workouts
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Most Helpful Reviews:

82 found this review helpful
by Dan-Man79
February 3rd
Excellent treadmill with modest whistles and bells

Like most of you reading this, I did a lot of on-line research before making a purchase. It seems there is no perfect treadmill in a modest price range. I read professional reviews which contain a large number of Icon machines under various names (Proform, Nordictrack etc.) and decided on Nordictrack/Icon with the Proform 995 as a runner up. The extra 10% Sears discount helped me decide on the Elite 3700 by Nordictrack. I?m a ?DIY? guy so customer service reviews don?t scare me off do long as they send out the parts I need while under warranty. Treadmill was delivered to the end of my driveway so I had to get it in my basement. The 200+ LB Deck/motor unit is heavy and difficult to grab onto. We used cargo straps Slung under unit as handles to provide a good two handed grip which made stairs much easier. In hindsight, the assembly fee may have been money well spent but I?m a hard core DIY guy (translated to cheap by my wife). Assembly took about 3 hours not including leveling my baseme nt floor. All holes matched up perfectly for a stable treadmill free of annoying rattles. Some holes appeared misaligned at first but once they were snapped in properly the holes matched up perfectly every time. Finger tight all hex drive bolts first to avoid cross tread and use only hand tools, no motorized. There are 18 self tapping Phillips screws that drive into hard plastic. Hard plastic is nice as it won?t break but makes for difficult assembly. Use a quality Phillips #2 screwdriver (new) with a large comfortable handle to produce torque. I leveled my basement floor using the 12? stick tiles, .39 cents each at HD. The front of the unit is about 3x3 feet and the rear of the unit has adjustable feet to level the rear deck. I used 24 tiles in the process. Treadmill display is monochrome giving the basic feedback. This works for me as I did not want to pay for color screens and have to interest in surfing the internet while running. I watch TV while running or Velcro my iPad to the console for ip TV. Deck is very stable and, in my humble opinion, looks to be top quality. It is a full one inch thick with two cushion settings. I don?t know the material but know it is very ridged. Deck makes noises while running if the rear feet are not sitting perfectly against the floor. Aligning them is an easy turn of the adjustable feet and back to quiet. Motor holds up nicely! It gets to speed fairly quickly. I am 210 LBs and run about 6 MPH. If I lose synch the motor never changes sound, just keep humming along. My previous treadmill would complain and take time to get back up to speed. Motor has not trouble moving the 22? wide belt (which is fantastic in itself) Treadmill runs quiet, most of the noise produced is from my feet hitting the deck. I have only a few days with the treadmill but love it so far. I?m normally difficult to please but feel good about this purchase, would not make another choice given the opportunity. I looked at Sole, Smooth and decided on Icon due to their experience and resources.

6 found this review helpful
by Christopher2
April 3rd
Stopped Working

I purchased this item for my wife interest free financing with Sears. She used it for about a week before the console stopped working. I hadn't even made the first payment, and now I am making payments on a broken treadmill. Be warned that Sears does not have the same return policy on treadmills as other items. I am waiting for NordicTrack to send a new console.

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Amazing treadmill so far...

So I must say this is a solid tread mill. It was a HUGE upgrade from my previous 347s proform. the 22in wide deck I love. I have used everything on the treadmill and everything works very well.The shock absorption I love on this thing and the speed of the incline and how quiet the motor is. The sound system bumps. The fan really moves some air. I am really truly completely pleased with this treadmill right now but we will see how long it will last because these nordic tracks have a history of having a bad display. Will update in the future.

18 days ago via
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Sears and Nordic Trac

I had the 3800 for many years but finally had to let it go when it needed too much in repair. The 3700 was the obvious replacement so I went online and was sucked in with the free shipping. The box will be dumped into your house for free but if you want it put together and set up, it will cost you $45. I was forced to either cancel my order or pay the $45, which of course I did. This was supposed to include assembly and instruction on using it. The young man in charge went through the instructions, it was so fast that he didn't get everything so my husband asked a couple questions. The young man was in a rush to leave and was impatient when questioned. I like the treadmill, although it is much louder than the old one. This will definitely be the last purchase I make from Sears. I am glad I didn't use my Sears card to pay for this so I can chop it up.

18 days ago via
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Nordic Track

We all really like the tread mill. The track is nice and wide for running. My wife and daughter use it almost every day. We replaced an older unit with a narrower belt with this one and it is so much nicer. My daughter plugs in her Ipod into the machine and uses the treadmill speakers. Overall a very sturdy unit.

18 days ago via
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This tread mil is very sturdy It has a wonderful fan to cool yourself down

18 days ago via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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worth every penny!!

The Nordic Track 3700 is very sturdy and has a wide track. It has the exact feel like the treadmills at my old gym. Is not cheap and flimsy like some of the cheaper models. It has 2 fan settings to cool me off, speakers and input to plug in my smartphone. It has so many different workouts and has I-fit. I feel like I get the total gym experience with my new treadmill. I actually look forward to working out. And it does fold up if needed. And when you release the bar to fold down it does it on its own and is nice and slowing releasing and no hands required. And it even has two front wheels if you need to move it. All these options does not interfere with its performance. Just absolutely love it!!

18 days ago via
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Great treadmill !!!

If you're looking for a great treadmill with a lot of options and at a fair price, this is the treadmill for you! We had it delivered and set up. It was easy and it works great!

18 days ago via
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Great Treadmill

We love this treadmill. It is smooth, easy to use and has great fans to blow on you while you run!!

18 days ago via
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Couldn't have gotten better treadmill!!

This was a great but! It has more features than I expected, the staff at the Charlottesville va store really knew what they were talking about when going over the different treadmills with me. I didn't buy right away and came back to find the treadmill on a better sale with free delivery and extra shop your way points! Overall this was a fantastic buy!!

18 days ago via mobile
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Does it all and then some.

This treadmill is a very sturdy very powerful quiet machine which has the full gamut of exercise possibilities. It heads to a steep incline actually good enough to engage the hips a good deal. It also has a number of excellent presets and is truly designed for real sized people. The instant speed and incline is great and we have enjoyed the true workouts of almost full body. It is our second in many years and is built like it will go decades. A sure to buy machine. Plus sears will find you every possible way to buy it at a discount. Lastly delivery people were excellent. Must buy!!!

18 days ago via
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nordic track

Good treadmill
I Fit program isn't very good

18 days ago via
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Whole family and two big dogs...

Extremely well built product with nice long treads, the whole family including my two big dogs use this treadmill its just a great piece of equirment for the money

18 days ago via
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Love it overall, couple small issues

Love the machine overall. Paid Sears to set it up and am so glad because they did it very quickly with a drill. It has been used at least an hour daily for the last month and a half and runs great, everyone who visits wants to try it out. Only complaint is the plastic covering the speed numbers on the console has started bubbling and there are air pockets. I have no idea what to do about that or what I could have done differently, I think it's just happening with use.

18 days ago via
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3700 treadmill

the ifit doesn't work well with this model. never really stay's on line. nice treadmill

18 days ago via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Good Purchase So Far

I purchased this item on sale and I believe I got a good deal. I was torn between a treadmill and an incline trainer that were priced fairly equally, but settled on the treadmill. It has a -3% decline to a 15% incline and I felt that would be sufficient for my needs.

It's much quieter than my previous treadmill (no longer made) and it seems to be a good solid machine. The only thing I don't really like is how big it is, but I can deal with that. One other thing that I thought it had that it does not is a built in heart rate monitor. It looks like it does because of the metal strips on the handles, but it has a strap around your chest monitor instead. I don't particularly like that, and have yet to use this tool.

The fans are good to have, but are not adjustable for speed and air flow...only on or off...and I am pretty short, so they don't seem to be aimed at someone who is only 5'3". Again, not adjustable for air flow direction.

I purposed chose this one for the 3.5 hp motor. I don't want any problems with the treadmill keeping up.

I also love being able to plug in my iPod and listen to my music through the built-in speakers and I can purchase iFit later if I choose to.

Overall, I recommend this treadmill as a reasonable machine for the money.

18 days ago via
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Great Product!

This treadmill has everything I need and the price was right! The fan is a must have too. Sturdy and not too noisy. I bought this in January on sale. Sears delivery guys were on time, very courteous and professional.

18 days ago via
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good for walking

This is a great treadmill for walking not running. I don't feel that there is enough cushion for the knees for running. So if you are a runner get a higher grade treadmill. I am a walker so this is fine for me.

18 days ago via
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A little too much

Because my boyfriend is a big guy, we decided to go for the larger model. While it is nice having the wider belt, the machine is a little too big for me (5'3"). I can't see over the motherboard so there's no watching tv while working out :(. Also, I'm a little too short for the fans to hit me. Besides from being too big, there's something funky with the sound. I think music comes out of one speaker while the beeps from pressing buttons comes out of the other. Also, the beeping volume increases when you increase volume which is really annoying when you're trying to listen to music but need to increase/decrease speed or incline. Other than that, the machine is very nice and looks pretty.

18 days ago via mobile
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bad support

we had few problems with this machine we call Nordic track and they want to do every thing by phone I pay for extra warranty and they told me they don't sent tactician to the house. but it was very clear to me that they did not want to deal with me maybe because I speak with an accent. they survice by phone was also very poor because they can not help me out and I have to figure out how get the machine ready to use but I still having problem with the belt because always move and it is very hard to adjust.
they customer service is so bad that I can even give then one point off credit.

18 days ago via
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We purchased this item in November. It arrived just a few days later at our local Sears where we picked it up (no shipping $ is a good thing. My daughter runs obstacle runs and distance runs and has a heavy step when she runs, this treadmill seems to be holding up beautifully. I am sure we will have to have the belt replaced b4 there are any structural problems which is always the goal. The sound system is really good, as is the on board fan. The controls are super easy to operate. The treadmill does not seem to like to be put below a 1% incline (moans a bit). If I could redesign, I would make the arms just a few inches longer.

18 days ago via
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I bought this treadmill less than a month ago and used it twice before it broke within the first week. I also had problems with the electronic console. Thankfully I bought the 5 year warranty and Nordic Track is sending me a replacement. If this continues I will not buy another Nordic product again!

April 25th via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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