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Northwest Territory Vacation Home 10-Person Tent
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Northwest Territory

Northwest Territory Vacation Home 10-Person Tent

Item# 089W016665030001P | Model# 68-07040R-2 | Added on June 26, 2012 | Seller: Kmart
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Description Specifications
Get back to Nature with this 10 Person Vacation Tent
Vacationing just became easier with this Northwest Territory vacation home 10 person tent. The exterior tent dimensions are 16' x 14' (203 sq. ft.) with a 90" center height. Supported by shock-corded fiberglass poles and wire-corded steel poles.
The interior tent dimensions of this 10 person vacation tent are 14' x 14', with a 2' closet at the rear of the tent. Features EverDry rain protection system along with a hanging room divider and hanging corner shelf. Both rooms of the tent are 14' x 7'

  • The 16' x 14' overall size of the Northwest Territory vacation home 10 person tent gives you the room you need so everyone can have a great time
  • 203 sq. ft. of interior space sleeps 10 adults very comfortably
  • 7-1/2' center height with a gabled roof to repel water away
  • 2 convenient pockets
  • Large storage locker for convenience
  • Room divider and hanging corner shelf
  • Power Pocket™
  • Includes wheeled carrying bag for easy transport
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Most Helpful Reviews:

4 found this review helpful
June 2nd, 2010
Spacious and Sturdy Tent!

Pros: Sturdy, spacious, height, the travel bag, two people can set it up in 15 minutes. You cant beat the price, even if you use it for only one season.

Con: Purchase larger stakes, water proof seams - which aren't really cons just extra money which ended up being maybe $15.

We purchase this tent after looking for weeks. We were looking for space, a screen room and one that you had the ability to stand up in. We read the reviews and did the following before leaving on our first trip. The week that we put it up in the yard as a test. It ended up being one of the worst weather wise for our area. We had strong winds, rain and hail. It rained for 4 days straight. We did water proof the seems as there was a little water, but the wind nor hail didn't do anything to discourage our purchase. We did as a precaution purchase the larger stakes which isn't a bad idea as we planned to use it all summer. We also used electrical tape to re-mark the poles with our own system to assemble it quicker. We had our first 6 day trip with this tent over memorial weekend and had beautiful weather until the last couple days when the wind picked up through out the day, and the last night we had torrential downpours and very strong winds (40 mph). We had very little water and the tent did not move an inch. We highly recommend this tent for families as well as couple that wants the space and the height. 

4 found this review helpful
by LisaAnne
March 5th, 2010
Poor tent

Bought this tent in the winter went camping with it at the beach. Had a lot of rain and windy weather needless to say the tent didnt hold up well in the elements. Me and my 5 kids had to sleep in the van and watch the tent fall apart. The metal posts ended up twisting and pulling apart and ripped the tent had a lot of water got in too. Also a real hassel to put up need at least 3 to 4 people to put up and take down. and if you need replacement parts 1 pole costs around 20 dollars.

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great tent


This is a cool tent. Great for camping with a large group. Will hold a lot of people comfortably. Overall, a good tent.

August 3rd, 2013
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| Earned 2,049 community points in Northwest Territory
March 29th, 2013
Frank and Tosh
| Earned 482 community points in Northwest Territory
March 15th, 2013
| Earned 3,374 community points in Northwest Territory

Northwest Territory Vacation Home 10-Person Tent


Northwest Territory Vacation Home 10-Person Tent

January 12th, 2013
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The mother of all tents


What a great buy! The other campers where jealous. Good thing I did buy such a large tent. I had to house 3 (2 adults and one child) additional people, including me and my daughter. Plenty of room. It just happened to rain one day; tent stayed fairly dry except around one of the windows. However, I have not sealed my seams yet. Will do by the next time we camp. We loved it.

December 15th, 2012 via
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Jay Beck
| Earned 1,072 community points in Northwest Territory

for contest


for contest

October 25th, 2012
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Lyman Jenkins
| Earned 362 community points in Northwest Territory
October 15th, 2012
Arthur Bucher
| Earned 1,407 community points in Northwest Territory



it's a nice tent. really nice.

September 24th, 2012
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what a cool tent


it's really cool

September 24th, 2012 via
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Northwest Territory Vacation Home - The Tent I Prefer


<p>Have had this tent for 4+ yrs now. Love the versatility of the rooms. Is easy for me to put up by myself.  I have 2 tents and this is the one I take. It is holding up very well. I like the power pocket, I use it for the electrical cord &amp; the propane line from a 5 gal. tank outside. Only downside, so far, was in cold weather. I had to put a tarp over the screen top &amp; between the rain cover to hold the heat in from my Mr.Heater Buddy Heater while camping along the coast. Once I put the tarp over the top it held the heat in very well. I actually had to turn the heater down to low. Have not had rain but it did hold up well during a wind storm.</p>

August 31st, 2012 via
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diane crawford
| Earned 11 community points in Northwest Territory
August 27th, 2012

Northpole LTD mfgr of Northwest Territory is out of business


<p>On Monday 8/6/2012, all 800 numbers for Northpole LTD, in the US and canada quit working, email bounced.  By 8/18/2012, all lines of communication to the company have closed down in the US and Canada.  There is no company to stand behind to handle warranty claims or get parts when things break.  The product is weak in the connectors, which no other company manufactures or uses, so no other means to find them when they break.</p>
<p>The tent is great, easy to setup, or break down, as long as you have all the parts.</p>

August 26th, 2012 via
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Love this tent, but...


<p>The tent is wonderful.  However, the tent pole connectors are plastic and break very easily.  I am in need of replacing 4-5 poles after a strong wind.  Also, if you don't take the tent down properly, the pole connectors can break.  Otherwise, we have had great vacation get aways in the tent, including in the back yard!!</p>

August 24th, 2012 via
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Great For The Family


<p>We love this tent. It was very difficult setting up the first time. The instructions we difficult to read. Once we saw how it was set up we decided to number the poles. We can now set up in under 10 minutes with two of us. The kids really enjoy the tent as well. I have 4 daughters under 10 years old. I put two kids in one room and two kids in the other and my husband and myself sleep in the front part of the tent. It is very spacious. Pleanty of room to stand and move about. I would suggest getting seam sealer and weather proofing spray for the tent. We didn't weather proof before our first trip and the tent leaked from the roof. We weather proofed it  after that and had no problems. It was a pretty strong storm and no leaks. I love this tent and would recommend this to anyone.</p>

August 23rd, 2012 via
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Great tent!!


<p>Bought this tent to downsize after reading the reviews and am very happy with it. The steup was easy for the most part. The color coding on the poles helps a great deal when first setting it up. Prior to go on our first camping trip it was seam sealed and the whole tent was actually watersealed as well. We learned the hard way when we first started camping to do this with all tents. We had a huge storm with major winds and had no rain/water except by our own error by not closing the windows all the way and even then it was not much water at all. The only complaints are the upper window on the screen room side was not sewn properly in the seam in an area and it seperated on the first setup but it is under the rain cover so we left it alone and it did not leak, and the some ground stake loops have come off already as well also not sewn on well. Overall we are very happy and love this tent!!! It is definitly worth it for the size and price. Our one dog loves the closet and calls it his room.</p>

August 8th, 2012 via
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Wonderful Tent!!


<p>I bought this tent last summer (2011). I got this tent because it was very roomy. One thing I hate about a tent, is that you cant stand up without bending over b/c its not tall enough. In this tent, it not the case...when you stand up, you cant touch the ceiling, which I loved. This tent has 2 doors and 3 rooms...when you first walk into the tent, I call it the porch. We used it to set up our food tables and a mini kitchen without the cooking stove. The other rooms we made into one big room for our air mattress, clothes, etc... There was room for 3-4 queen size air mattress in the divided rooms(made into 1 big room).</p>
<p><strong>Set up: </strong>Poles are color coded and the hooks on the tent are color coded as well. If you know your colors then setting up this tent is simple. The only thing we did wrong was put the fly on backwards but it still worked. You have to make your roof part first then add your side poles. Once the tent is up, your good to go!</p>
<p>I will def. recommend this tent to anyone.</p>

August 6th, 2012 via
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Not too bad as of yet


<p>This tent dosnt seem to be all that bad. Set it up in the back yard to seal the seams and it goes up pretty well. Not sure of the rain fly though, it dosnt extend down the sides at all and actually touches the tent walls in several places. Not sure if it is going to leak though I should find out later this week. Just a few notes, two people makes it a lot easier to go up, and make sure to get two bottles seam sealer as this thing has a lot of seams.</p>

August 6th, 2012 via
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Tent is spacious and rain proof


<p>We've enjoyed the tent A LOT--we had a huge, horrible rainstorm while using it the first time--and though the driving rain wasn't completely kept out, the tent still protected us wonderfully. The poles and lines kept the structure stable and we were thrilled. It's almost too big for the two of us, but its size allows us room to move around without tripping over each other. Great, great tent!</p>

July 31st, 2012 via
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Great tent for a family with small kids


<p>We have spent many long weekends in the mountains in this tent and love it. There is room for a couple of queen sized mattresses in the back room and a dog crate, gear and kids' play area in the front room. It has held up really well for us and has kept us dry in some pretty crazy thunderstorms. One reviewer mentioned leaking seams... be sure to read the directions on any tent and see that you need to SEAL THE SEAMS. It makes a difference, water will find the tiniest gaps and an unsealed tent will have gaps. It makes for good practice setting it up. </p>

July 26th, 2012 via
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KMT111614 Review


This is our 2nd and newest 10 person tent from Northwest Territory.
This tent is easy to setup and transport. 1 person can set it up in about 20 minutes after learning the process. Plenty of room and the wheeled carrying case makes transport easy.

Now the bad...
The poles are noticably thinner and weaker than our first tent, which was a previous model. I'm very worried about how long they will last.
The connectors are also noticably smaller and weaker and this is bad.
First time out (Summer of 2010), pretty bad, but brief rainstorm came through. Winds about 50-60MPH, but storm only lasted about 10-15 minutes.
The tent (canvas) seems a little thinner also. I'm worried about how it will last over the next few years.

One of the corner connector broke during the storm. We were able to make temporary repairs using duct-tape.
I very much like the tent, but would recommend it only for nice weather. Not for any high-wind or rainy weather.

Finally, replacement parts seem a little too pricy.

Northwest Territory would be better off not skimping on the quality as it seemed they did with this model.

July 17th, 2012 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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