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Panasonic 55" Class VIERA® ST30 Series Plasma Full HD 3D HDTV
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Panasonic 55" Class VIERA® ST30 Series Plasma Full HD 3D HDTV

Item# 05775561000P | Model# TC-P55ST30 | Added on July 1, 2012 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
Panasonic TC P55ST30 - 55" Class ( 55.1" viewable ) VIERA ST30 Series 3D plasma TV - 1080p (FullHD)

Panasonic uses Full-HD Frame Sequential technology to create its 3D images. Images recorded in 1920 x 1080 pixels for both the right-eye and the left-eye alternately flash on the screen at the ultra-high rate of 120 frames per second. When you view the screen through active-shutter glasses that open and close each lens in sync with the alternating images, you see breathtaking Full HD 3D pictures with stunning power and realism.
  • Full HD 3DRevolutionary VIERA Full HD 3D technology delivers award-winning realism that immerses you in the image.
  • Infinite black 2 panelDelivers deep blacks and minimizes reflection for bright, vivid images.
  • VIERA connect Wi-Fi readyEnjoy a world of movies, sports, and other online apps plus free Skype video calls on your VIERA HDTV.
  • VIERA image viewer with 3D playback (movie & photo capable)View your digital photos and videos, including 3D images, on your VIERA HDTV.
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Most Helpful Review:

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by Nedy702
April 19th, 2011
Panasonic 55" Plasma tv

This tv is the best. I bought it and it has everything I need.

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February 27th, 2013
Mike Braxmaier
November 14th, 2012
sharon gooday
November 11th, 2012
stacey sanchez
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October 30th, 2012
elizabeth sawyer
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October 29th, 2012
Nicholas Doering
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Panasonic & Plasma Surprises


I've always been a LCD/LED kind of guy. A co-worker suggested this TV since I play a lot of video games. I can honestly say that I've never had a better experience in my life. I never knew Plasma TVs were like this. Amazing refresh rate and black/white levels. Just astounding. I only wish that the video processing was a little better, as too many objects on screen causes some aliasing. Otherwise, I love this TV.

September 13th, 2012
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Great TV @ a great price


I got the Panasonic TCP-55ST30 at $999.99 then got a reduction when ****** dropped the price to $899.99. I couldn't be happier with this TV! Even though it is last years model, don't let that stop you from getting this model. Whatever Panasonic did for 2012 isn't going to be worth paying nearly $600 more. The 3D works great (you will have to supply your own glasses) when playing movies or XBOX 360 games. Pod racing via the Kinect 360 in 3D is funtastic!!! The sound is very good for small to medium rooms but you may need to get a soundbar or Home Theater system if you have a larger room. Mine is 13' x 14' with a 10ft ceiling and the sound is great.
It does come with a wireless dongle but I could not get it to work with my wireless DSL. However, I connected with Ethernet cable and it works fine and in fact it is faster. Downside? None I can think of. Yes, you might tweak the color, which is easy, but I really can't think of any negatives.
If you want to get the most bang for your buck and 55.1" screen size is big enough then don't hesitate to purchase this set.

May 27th, 2012 via
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Panasonic 55" Viera 3D Plasma is Awesome!!


I did plenty of research and inquire before I decided to go with this television. I looked at reviews at such places as Amazon, CNET, and Crutchfield just to name a few. The TV picture is stunning, and the ease of use is very helpful. I'm hoping to enjoy plenty of fun hours playing Xbox Kinect and seeing 3D movies with my kids. Thank you Sears for having it available at my local store!

May 15th, 2012 via
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Loving this TV


I purchased my TV in January of 2012. I didn't wait 100 hrs and did some minor tweaks to the settings. After 100 hr burn in I went back and tweaked the settings again. The pictue is fantastic and I absolutely love my TV.

The speakers were nothing to write home about so I added a cheap Vizio sound bar and hooked that to a small subwoofer I owned. It made a big differnce in viewing pleasure.

Running dvd's and using my surround sound system makes for one heck of a great home theater experience. This TV doesn't have the action blur of the LED's and LCD's that I looked at. LED's and LCD's have very cold electronic images as well. The Panny plasma has depth of color, and true life hues with fantastic blacks.

If you want a great tv at a great price this is the one.

May 11th, 2012 via
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Panasonic 55ST30


Awesome TV. Great price. Love all the features. The picture is wonderful, as well as the 3D. Plasma is the way to go.

May 10th, 2012 via
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Panasonic 3D Plasma TV is excellent


Great picuture at an excellent value. Definitely need to do your own adjustments on the picture settings.

April 18th, 2012 via
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Awesome tv


Got a great deal on this HUGE tv. I was a little apprehensive about plasma, but after a lot of research i decided that plasma is really the way to go. The picture is BEAUTIFUL. The wireless internet is fast and convenient with hulu and netflix. The only real downside is that it doesnt come with any 3d glasses.

April 12th, 2012 via
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Panasonic delivers with this TV


I am so pleased with this TV that I had to leave a review. I know this review is long but PLEASE read it. It might help you decide on what to buy.

I have to start by saying that this is my first plasma, so I have no idea if other plasma tvs from different manufacturers are better, or if they deliver a better picture. There are more expensive plasmas out there and I don't know if the picture can get any better on the more expensive plasmas. I guess it's possible but, I don't know. With that being said I can tell you that this tv's picture is very impressive, at least to my eyes. The only TV I own that compares to this tv's picture is my 7 year old Sony HD CRT (cathode ray tube). Otherwise, my Samsung HD LCD and Samsung HD LED LCD don't measure up to the picture that this Panasonic plasma delivers. It's quite impressive. My Standard DVD and Bluray DVD's have never looked so good. I am seeing things in my movies that I have never seen before. The detail is incredible. My XBOX 360 games look better than ever also.

This Panasonic ST30 was reviewed by CNET and they gave it high marks. The only thing CNET said that was lacking was the overall looks of the tv and the ability to alter the picture with more in depth menu system. Firstly, the online picture of this tv does not do it justice. It's not the "prettiest" tv I have ever seen but it looks very nice when you see it for real. It also looks better at home than in the store. Secondly, I look at the lack of picture manipulation (tweaking) as a positive because of all the "in depth" picture menus I ever used, none of them really did much except for take up my time and never really made a difference to the picture. If you are not into manipulating your picture with a bunch of tweaking then this tv's menu is perfect for you. The menu system on this tv is simple and easy to use yet it gives you enough settings to change and see a difference. I love the menu system on this tv. It operates well and you will get the hang of it very quickly.

The "Smart TV" or the "3D" abilities were not something that I was interested in when I did my research. But you can't buy a tv these days that isn't "smart". At least this tv includes a wireless dongle that let's you connect very easily to your wireless network at home. If you don't have wireless then you can connect with reliable ethernet cable. The online capabilities are above average on this tv and the apps are plentiful if thats what you are into. I have yet to try the "active" 3D capabilities. I don't plan on using the 3D any time soon.

I guess the only other thing I have not covered was the brand name "Panasonic". Panasonic is not a brand that might come to mind since Sony and Samsung are what has been pushed by retailers for a while but, Panasonic has been around for a long time. Panasonic remains the only HDTV manufacturer to concentrate solely on plasmas for its large (40-inch or higher) HDTVs, while many rivals have moved onto LCD and LED technologies.

One last thing...I have only had this tv for a week so I don't know about it's reliability yet. But electronics are funny in that if you get something that is bad it will more than likely go bad within the first week. At least that has been my experience. I have never had any problems with any of my Panasonic electronics and I hope this tv serves me well also.

If you are on the fence about what kind of tv to get and you really want a great picture while being on a budget, don't bother with LED LCD or LCD from any manufacturer. LED LCD tv's have "bright" pictures but even with "120 Hz" they can't keep up with HD signals as well as plasma. And all signals are only being fed at 60 Hz anyway. Go with plasma tv. At $999.00, you will be impressed. (I am not affiliated with Panasonic in any way. I just really like this tv.)

April 12th, 2012 via
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Panasonic Class VIERA ST30 Series Plasma Full HD 3D HDTV


This TV was very easy to set up. The picture quality is clear. Love the internet and 3D! Was thinking about getting a 60" TV but I am glad I didn't because this HDTV is large enough! My kids love the fact that they can play games on it and sing karaoke.

April 11th, 2012 via
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100% satisfied!


Received my 55" Panasonic ST30 plasma, and set it up immediately. I'm taking it easy on it now (break in period), but with minor calibration tweaks, picture is outstanding. It blows my 42" LG 720p plasma away, which I thought was great in itself. I haven't actually even fed it a 1080p signal yet, just 1080i with DirectTV. I was expecting weak sound, but it actually was surprisingly good. I hooked up my surround sub system shortly after anyway, but I would be able to tolerate the built in speakers if needed. For $1000, this is a steal. I can't wait to game on it after the break-in time. 3D capability is just an added bonus, didn't really worry about it. Lastly, the Sears delivery guys were awesome. They called me 10 minutes away and took it downstairs and waited for me to inpect it. Thanks Sears.

March 11th, 2012 via
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In my opinion this is the best picture on the market


After going to the stores and checking out the tv's, trying to decide on which one gave me the best picture and the most bang for the buck, this was my best pick. All I had to do was wait for a sear's sale to pop-up to get it. My sale price was $899 with free delivery. I could not be more happier than a pig in ****. This has turn out to be an excellent purchase for me and I highly recommend it to everyone. Only one problem was that it did not come with the 3-D glasses.

March 6th, 2012 via
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Incredible picture


<p>Got a great deal on this TV on and have been extremely pleased.  This is replacing an older rear proection HD TV that I've had for many years and always thought it had a great picture.  Turns out I was mistaken because the picture on this Panasonic plasma is incredible.  I wasn't sure about buying a plasma TV with the LCD and LED TV's out there but I couldn't be happier.  I would highly recommend this TV.  Still need to purchase the 3D glasses so I haven't been able to watch any 3D content but I didn't really but it for that purpose.</p>

February 23rd, 2012 via
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Panasonic #1 in plasma tvs!


<p>Plasma Tvs are still in the game and Panasonic builds one of your best. This tv is Sears associate recommened. I work with these  tvs and i am definatly impressed by the st30 series by Panasonic. If you are looking for 3D plasma is the best way to go, and St30 unless you want to step up to there Gt30's or Vt30 than the st is definately your best shot. Can never gurantee you wont get a lemon, but the chances of it is very low really with any panasonic tv. Recommend also looking into this years model of this series of tv. They only get better! Recommended for hometheater, game rooms, sports rooms. The faster motion in plasma is the best for these areas, and the darker enviroment really brings out the advantage that plasma has in the color aspect.</p>

February 23rd, 2012 via
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Panasonic st30 55


<p>I bought this TV after i returned the Zenith 50 Plasma . Unfortunately, the  Zenith lasted 5 day before i got burn in. I did a ton of research on the Panasonic 55 3d HDTV and the only complaints were about the auto brighten feature. Rest assured this problem has been addressed. This TV is fantastic. The images jump right off the tv. It is the best value for any tv I have seen at this caliber.</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>

February 21st, 2012 via
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The Panasonic Viera ST30 has Excellent Picture Quality


<p>Have this TV for a couple of weeks, the picture quality has been flawless.  The Viera Connect content is a nice feature, lots of choices.  The 3D on this TV works great.  I also watch over the air broadcasts in High Def and the video is razor sharp. My only gripe is that I wish that at least one pair of 3D glasses would be included. I purchased Xpand universal 3D glasses separately, and they work perfectly with this TV. Overall,  I am very pleased with this purchase.</p>

February 8th, 2012 via
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