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jiyon vang
12 days ago
Answered in 30 minutes
I assume you are trying to use a coupon or surprise points. Diapers are usually considered health care, but if you are unsure, add the items to your card, and start the checkout page. At the spot where you can apply your points, it will have a note "includes $5.00 surprise points", then you know you are using them. If not, then nope, try again. I did that today, trying to figure out outdoor living items.

I hope I helped. Add me as your personal shopper, and I can help you with any future questions and orders. I can also send you a coupon for $10 off $50 home expires 7/22, with more coupons to come. Happy Shopping!
12 days ago
March 10th
Kiki Kitty Creative Director
When I was a kid my mother would always create fun projects for us to do. One day she taught us how to sew and I absolutely loved it! Before I knew it I was sewing clothes for my dolls and sketching designs. By the time I was in 5th grade I was making my own clothes. I was doing this and had no idea that being a fashion designer was a career. I was just doing it because I loved it. So the moment my art teacher told me it was a career, I had tunnel vision
Cynthia Randall
March 10th
Kiki Kitty Creative Director
I believe wholeheartedly in working heard and being prepared when opportunity comes knocking. While I was attending FIT I was introduced to one of the owners of FUBU who was also a student and heard about how good I was, and how hard I worked. I started working for FUBU and that actually became my first big break
Brian Fitzgerald
February 11th
Answered in 21 hours
Um.. Brian we used to work together at Freds.. How many times are you going to ask me this?? Hahaha Just come by if you want to talk 
By K C
February 11th