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JANET                ELLS                    3
Marilyn OM
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 12 minutes
Jeffrey Smith
Already liked and commented. Good luck Marilyn!

Great song by Monty Python!
By Jeffrey Smith
about 1 hour ago
Micky D
By Micky D
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 19 minutes
Poppy AL
Thank you so much Micky !!
By Poppy AL
about 2 hours ago
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 1 hours
Susan Cornn
Thank you so much Nick. Have a nice memorial day.
By Susan Cornn
48 minutes ago
Jeremy Holtz
about 3 hours ago
Answered in 1 hours
scott d
Hello Jeremy, thank you for your question and I can understand your concern. It's not unusual for a new unit to put out an odor when it's first turned on. The odor could be from the motor, which is normal for a new motor. It can also be from the coils as the air passes through them. If the odor still occurs after the unit has been used for a few days, then I would recommend having it checked by a technician. I hope this will help you.
By scott d
about 1 hour ago