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Sorry, it appears that question was deleted
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Ruth Wallace
What is a refurbish computer?
48 minutes ago
Answered in 21 minutes
Myrddin R Emrys
Refurbished generally means (with computers) that a system was once used in an office or school, when they got new systems the old ones were brought in, tested and updated if necessary and given a fresh operating system. Its a good way to save some money on technology. Be sure that you read the specifications of the system and about the warranty on it as a refurbished computer and who to contact if there are any issues. Thank you.
By Myrddin R Emrys
27 minutes ago
Bryan Trager
about 1 hour ago
Answered in 57 minutes
ron hawkins
Bryan, model NTW5100XQ0 has a pressure switch activated by a air hose running from bottom of tub to pressure switch. Check the hose for kinks or obstructions, if clear then the issue is the pressure switch. For model WTW4800bqo (if correct) , the water is controlled by a sensor fed by the air hose just as the other, same checks needed.
Ron H.
By ron hawkins
12 minutes ago