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Sorry, it appears that question was deleted
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Christy Wilder
Christy Wilder
Donna Miller
MaryAnn Hoffower
about 3 hours ago
Answered in 16 minutes
Dominic  LaCavera
Could be a choice reward for VIP's but I don't see a specific 30 for 30 coupon. Check out this link see if it is helpful at all. Shop Your Way Rewards VIP
By Dominic LaCavera
about 3 hours ago
about 4 hours ago
Answered in 1 hours
vicki boothe
follow your dreams!
By vicki boothe
about 3 hours ago
shanilda Jones
about 5 hours ago
Answered in 24 minutes
jmonica jmonica
I think it's because the price has no affect on how much it costs to ship an item. Obviously it's size, weight, distance and choice of shipping speed that determine shipping costs. After all the post office or fedex doesn't know whether we paid $.50 or $5,000 for what's in the box. They just see the box and weight and how far it's going and what shipping service or speed it's requested to be shipped via. it stinks I know but it's the only way that shipping companies can stay in business. Also it costs the store just as much time and effort to pack and ship a cheap item as it does an expensive one of similar soze.
By jmonica jmonica
about 5 hours ago