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Sorry, it appears that question was deleted
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32 minutes ago
Answered in 8 minutes
Ron  Hawkins
Hi Ashley, the humming when in the drain mode could indicate the pump has failed or has something stuck inside it. There is a snubber between the motor and transmission that will cause a humming but if it fails the pump will still work because the pump is on the opposite end of the motor. You may also want to check the wiring harness to the motor, and be sure to unplug the washer before opening it up for service.
Hope this helps
Ron H.
By Ron Hawkins
24 minutes ago
ALVIN                HIN                     2
33 minutes ago
Answered in 11 minutes
Ron  Hawkins
It is listed as a replacement for Craftsman mowers 22 in. models.
Ron H.
By Ron Hawkins
22 minutes ago
clintmunt clintmunt
mary witbeck
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 1 hours
Member Assist
Posted by Terri P. from Sears Pasadena Town Square:

There are rectangular covers on that fit our patio sets. Some you can stack the chairs separately

Need Further Assistance? Check out my page
By Member Assist
23 minutes ago
JS Scelzi
Getting back to shopping bag
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 49 minutes
Angela Laterreur
i will assist message me so i can help you better
By Angela Laterreur
about 1 hour ago
Rita Eaton
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 12 minutes
Phyllis M
I tried to scroll down but never reached the regular member posts. I give up!
I wonder if SYW has realized that offering a $5 surprise point reward for posting to a contest is not such a good idea if all their regular members who buy regularly find the thousands of posts annoying?
By Phyllis M
about 2 hours ago
JS Scelzi
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 1 minutes
JS Scelzi
Help !! N
By JS Scelzi
about 2 hours ago
dafjoyce dafjoyce
What color is this dress?
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 1 hours
Angela Laterreur
it looks black and white but I would be willing to call the store for you if you would like let me know!
By Angela Laterreur
59 minutes ago