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Sorry, it appears that question was deleted
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17 minutes ago
Answered in 13 minutes
Carrie Norton
Barbara you may be able to get what you need inside Shop Your Way! Click in the top right where your name is, then click on My Orders on the left side of the popover window that opens. If you just made the purchase, it might need a day or so to show up. Mine shows a sales check number as well as a Transaction ID an the amount of money it cost and the points I redeemed. Will be interested to know if that does what you need!
Carrie Norton
By Carrie Norton
4 minutes ago
david reynoso
Esther Runyon
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 53 minutes
Jenafer Humphries
Hi Esther, please call the member care center at 1.800.991.8708 and they will be happy to assist you.
By Jenafer Humphries
57 minutes ago
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 58 minutes
Michael H
Platinum will wear harder. Both will tarnish, but platinum will have less scratches and nicks over time.
By Michael H
59 minutes ago
SANDRA sandrr
about 3 hours ago
Answered in 2 hours
Nazarene Harrold
Well, I will attempt to answer your question as best I can. Please allow me to paint a picture. You are in the store (department store, grocery store, etc.) You are done shopping and it's time to check out. You are looking for a cashier, but can't find one. I suggest that you go to the customer service desk and ask for assistance. If by chance you see a store associate, feel free to ask for assistance. Depending on where you are shopping, self checkout may be the quickest way to check out.

Did you know that you can have a FREE personal shopper by Shop Your Way? With a personal shopper you save money and time, as well as fashion advice, gift ideas, great deals, and the inside scoop on many events and upcoming sales! I am providing you with my personal shopper invitation link. Please accept this courtesy service with no binding obligations:
By Nazarene Harrold
about 1 hour ago
Oswaldo Chavez
about 3 hours ago
Answered in 41 minutes
Jenafer Humphries
Hi Oswaldo, please call the member care center at 1.800.991.8708 and share this information with them.

By Jenafer Humphries
about 2 hours ago
Eileen Leach
about 4 hours ago
Answered in 3 hours
James S
Hi, Eileen. Thanks for being a ShopYourWay member. Newer homes now usually require a 4-prong dryer outlet in the building codes. 4-prong separates the neutral wire from the ground wire, which is a safety feature to prevent the risk of an electrical shortage of the dryer. There is a easy fix. Just replace your 3-prong dryer cord for a 4-prong cord, such as the Kenmore 4-Prong 5' Round Dryer Cord - Black at this url address: Kenmore 4-Prong 5' Round Dryer Cord - Black. If you are comfortable with DIY projects use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove your 3-prong cord and replace with this.
By James S
28 minutes ago