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Mei-Lan Cai
My card don't work at Sears.
42 minutes ago
Answered in 28 minutes
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Hi Mei-Lan,

I am sorry your card is not working at Sears. Please contact Shop Your Way Rewards at 1-800-991-8708 so they can make sure account is updated.

Thank you,
Denise, Coupons For Your Family
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COURTNEY courtneysquire
Marilyn OM
about 2 hours ago
Answered in 4 minutes
Patrick Green
Liked and commented and it is a great photo, I wish you good luck!!!!
By Patrick Green
about 2 hours ago
about 3 hours ago
Answered in 2 minutes
Asking about your charcoal grill.
about 3 hours ago
Natallie Graham
I bought this and it wont run
about 3 hours ago
Answered in 4 minutes
Deandre Lee
Well you needed to ask the cashier and if s/he checked and didn't see it, it could be because the points expired surprise only last a few days and if your both of those weren't the problem then the cashier could've looked up an account that wasn't linked to the email.
By Deandre Lee
about 3 hours ago
Where can I locate my SYWR
about 4 hours ago
Answered in 21 minutes
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Hello Patrick

You can find your card by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner. You will see Member Number and Pin. Please click on this.

I hope this helps!

Personal Shopper