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How do I remove the agitator from my Amana washer?

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March 7th, 2008

I'm trying to remove the agitator from my Amana model #LW8203W2, Mfg. Model #PLW8203W2B. I can get the fabric softener dispenser off and the agitator cap, but do I just jerk the agitator out at this point or is there something else like a screw or bolt that needs to be removed first?

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Manage My Life
There are no nuts or bolts holding the agitator in. The agitator sits on a drive bell near the bottom of the agitator.

Try to work your fingers underneath the agitator and work it back and forth as you pry upwards. Sometimes the soap scum binds them on so tight that you have to break the agitator to remove it.
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by Manage My Life
March 7th, 2008
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