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How do I fix a leaking vegetable sprayer?

How do I fix a leaking vegetable sprayer/extendable faucet? Water is coming down the hose (flexible pipe, attached to the sprayer and main faucet) under the sink, but I cannot tell where it originates.

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With most extendable faucets there is no water pressure in the hose, except when the faucet is turned on. In other words, a hole in the hose will only leak when the faucet is open. It is suspected that the leakage is occurring at a washer at either end of the hose. Check the washers, and ensure that the hose is tight at the points where it connects to the faucet and the sprayer. Leakage will be aggravated by any obstruction in the aerator at the sprayer. Obstructions cause increased pressure in the hose. Clean the aerator regularly. If you have no luck at the washers, there may be a small leak in the hose itself. Leaks in the hose normally occur close to the sprayer, where the hose is forced to flex the most. Replacement hoses are readily available.
by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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