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How do I replace the belt on a Roper washer, model ral5144bw1?

How do I replace the belt on a Roper washer, model ral5144bw1?

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Your washer does not have a belt, it is a direct drive washer. There is a drive coupler between the motor and transmission. If the drive coupler breaks the washer won't agitate or spin. It will still pump the water out.

I am sending you the instructions on removing the cabinet to access the motor and transmission.

Here are the steps to replace the drive motor:

1. Unplug washer from the power source.

2. You will need to remove the cabinet. To remove the cabinet:

b. You will see a 1/4 inch hex head screw or a phillips scres (one on each side). Remove the two screws.

Slide the console forward and then up. It will now hinge over to the rear and hang

by the hinges.

> c. Locate the quick disconnect on top of the cabinet, disconnect it.


d. Release the two golden colored clips that fasten the cabinet to the rear panel.

Place a flat tip screwdriver in the most forward valley on the clip. Push the top of

the screwdriver to the rear and the clip will pop loose.

e. The cabinet will pivot forward. Then lift up slightly and set it aside.

3. The motor will be at the bottom center area with the drain pump attached to it.

4. Release the two clips that hold the drain pump to the motor. Pull the drain pump off.

5. Remove the quick disconnect harness plug from the motor.


>6. Release the other two clips holding the motor onto the motor mounting bracket. Take

the bottom clip off first. (Some mounting clips may have a 5/16 hex head screw that

must be taken out first before clip can be popped off).

7. Reverse the procedure to reassemble.
by Manage My Life
May 6th, 2008
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