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Concerning my Kenmore Dishwasher Model 3631532. How long is the final rinse cycle? Is it more than 5 minutes? Enough to kill bacteria?

We're under a "boil water" advisory (in Montgomery County MD) and have learned from CDC's website that "Cryptosporidium on equipment/utensils/tableware/dishwasher-safe toys may be disinfected using dishwashing machines that have a dry cycle or a final rinse that exceeds 113°F for 20 minutes or 122°F for 5 minutes or 162°F for 1 minute."

I did check the product manual & do realize that the water temp is up to us, but I couldn't find out how LONG that last rinse cycle is. Hence my question. THANK YOU!!

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Manage My Life
If you select "heated dry" and "high temp wash" the dishwasher will pause during the final rinse and heat the water in the tub to 145 degrees. When the thermostat cycles at 145 degrees the dishwasher will advance the time for 4 minutes then move into heated dry which is approximately 31 minutes long.

This should meet the CDC's specifications for sterilization. You can make the cycle time shorter by increasing the temperature on your water heater to 140 degrees.
by Manage My Life
June 19th, 2008
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