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How do I connect the substituted relay part KS4152600 on my Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner model 116.26512690?

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January 20th, 2009

The original relay (4152600) had 5 spade lugs for 5 wires. Replacements (KS4152600) have only 4 lugs. No one can tell me why I keep getting the wrong part sent to me from Parts Direct (it does not show as a substitute or replacement part) or, if I'm supposed to use it, what to do with the fifth wire on the vacuum. Please help me -- I've been dealing with this since September.

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Lyle W
The relay part number KS4152600 is the correct part for your model of Kenmore vacuum according to the manufacturer. The replacement relay is supposed to have only 4 lugs by design. I do not have technical information such as a wiring diagram available to advise you on the proper connection of wires since you indicated that the original relay had 5 wires attached. I recommend taking the vacuum cleaner to a service technician to connect the wires to the motor relay.
by Lyle W
January 20th, 2009
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