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Why did my washer stop spinning & agitating?

by Manage My Life
February 4th, 2009

I have a Whirlpool washer model number LLR9245DQ0 that stopped spinning & agitating & is making a buzzing sound. Also, when I pulled it out there was a pile of black stuff under it.

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Manage My Life
Thank you for a very good description of the symptoms & your findings. The black rubber shavings under the washer are a sign of a failed motor drive coupler. The drive coupler is what took the place of the drive belt on the older washers. The drive coupler is what connects the motor to the transmission. Please see the link provided for the instructions to access & replace the motor drive coupler. NOTE; The console screws are located on the bottom of each end cap facing out & go into the top of the washer at a 45 degree angle on your model.

How do I replace the motor coupling for my Kenmore washer?
by Manage My Life
February 4th, 2009
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