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How do I wire the bake element in my General Electric range model JBP24GV1WH?

I have a General Electric range model JBP24GV1WH. I am replacing the bake element part number WB44X5082. I have 2 black wires and 1 yellow wire. How do they go together? Do the 2 black wires go together or do I connect 1 black and 1 yellow wire together?

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Lyle W
The replacement bake element needs to be wired the same as the original bake element was wired. According to the nature of your question, I assume that the wires are disconnected from the original element with no indication of how they were attached. The wiring diagram for the range is typically enclosed in the console or behind the back panel of the range. I recommend that you refer to that wiring diagram to determine the wiring for the bake element. According to the technical information for this range, it appears that the yellow wire will go on one terminal of the element. The black wires go together on the other terminal of the element. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the wiring diagram that I am able to access for this range. The hard copy of the wiring diagram enclosed in the range is the most accurate reference for wiring this component.

If you are not able to find the wiring diagram in the range, then I recommend that you trace the black wiring (with the range unplugged). I am showing that one black wire runs from the terminal block L2 connection to the bake element. The other black wire runs from the bake element to the broil element. This connection would be the piggyback for L2 voltage on the elements. I am showing that the yellow wire is the L1 supply from the electronic oven control board. This wire should go to a wire connector that goes to the control board. If you are confident that this is how the element should be wired based on this information, then you can wire the element in this manner.

If you are uncertain of how to wire the element, then I recommend calling a service technician to wire the element. If you are able to find the wiring diagram for the range inside the console or behind the back panel, then you can refer to the wiring diagram for the proper wiring. Wiring this element incorrectly is dangerous and can cause damage to the range and the wiring system in your home. If you wire this element wrong, then the breaker will likely trip just as soon as the range is plugged in. It is difficult to advise you on the wiring of this element considering the potential danger of wiring the element incorrectly.
by Lyle W Earned 105,885 community points in Appliances
March 3rd, 2009
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