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I need instructions on how to install the walking belt on a ProForm Treadmill. I ordered part 127699.

The model number is 831.297644.
When we ordered the walking belt the person said the replacement was an upgrade to a new item.
Is there a manual or instructions that come with the part? Are there any other parts we need to replace the belt?

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Manage My Life
The instructions for replacing the belt on a treadmill have never been printed. There are so many models with different variations it would be very difficult to do. Technicians are taught the basics at training sessions and are expected to adapt to the model they are working on.

Basically you disconnect the power to the treadmill and remove the motor hood. Remove the drive belt from the motor and front roller.

Remove the side rails and the rear end caps. Remove the walking board.

Remove the adjusting bolts for the rear roller and remove both front and rear rollers.

Slide the walking belt off the right side of the rollers.

Reverse these instructions for installation of new belt.

Instructions for replacing do not come with the new belt. You should get some new fasteners for installing the left and right foot rails on after the belt is replaced.

Pay particular attention as you disconnect the spring assembly that holds the right side of the rear roller in place. They need to go back in the same order when reinstalling them.

The front roller is held in place by 2 bolts that also hold the upright frame to the treadmill frame. You might need a short 2X4 to pry the treadmill frame into position when reinstalling these bolts.

You should not need any other parts for installing the belt. If a bolt or screw breaks when removing it, you can purchase them locally.
by Manage My Life
March 15th, 2009
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