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My water heater pilot light goes out off and on. The gas valve has been replaced.

My Sears water heater was purchased in 2006 and is Model No. 153.339462. It is gas. I have a problem that the pilot light goes out sporadically after I had the heater for about a year. Sears came out and replaced the gas valve last fall and that fixed the problem for about 6 months. Now it is starting to happen again that the pilot light goes out. The vent on the front is clean and and not obscured. The pilot light at first did not relight so I blew air up through the vent on the bottom with my air compressor. The pilot light was able to relight with no problem. What keeps causing this problem?

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Manage My Life
To find out why the pilot goes off on your water heater you need to observe the pilot flame. Light the pilot and see if the flame wraps around the thermocouple it burns on. If it is barely touching the thermocouple, the pilot can go off easily.

Observe the pilot as the main burner lights and burns. If the pilot starts moving away from the thermocouple when the main burner is on, replace the pilot burner and thermocouple.

If the main burner flame and the pilot flame begin to float around after the burner burns a short time, the vent to the heater is restricted.

The pilot flame should burn a blue flame that makes a small hissing noise as it burns. If it doesn't do this, replace the pilot burner and thermocouple.

If the pilot and main burner flames seem normal and you don't notice anything unusual about them, I recommend replacing the pilot burner and thermocouple.

As you can see from my answer, this problem is usually caused by a defective pilot burner or thermocouple. It is usually a pretty safe guess to just replace these parts.
by Manage My Life
May 15th, 2009
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