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Why is my Kenmore dishwasher still leaking after I replaced the 5300808042 seal kit?

Leak from the center of bottom of model 587.736312 dishwasher is undiminished since changing the seal kit. I installed seal kit parts properly but might not have used gap gauge correctly. Didn't seem to need kit's extra shim washers but did have to press down on shim gauge to get reading that the space between gauge and shaft was filled. Instructions say only "hold firmly." Also, should pump plate (nos. 6 or 14 in diff. diagrams) and pump gasket (nos. 7 or 15) somehow have screws? Don't think tub has hole and the previous answer mentioned the sump gasket.

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Fred M
From the description of the problem I believe the solution will be adding a shim or two.

The sump gasket doesn't usually develop a leak and it's difficult to determine because there is a "slinger" above the motor that if the impeller seal is leaking down the motor shaft the water is slung everywhere. It's not usually a large amount of water but since the slinger slings it everywhere the source can be hard to pin down.

I'd recommend adding a shim or two first. Just place the guide over the shaft and put no downward pressure on it. It may take a couple of tries to get the number of shims correct. Too many and the impeller sits to high and may rub the pump plate. Too few shims and there will not be enough downward pressure on the seals to prevent a leak.

Try one or two shims and before placing the screw through the impeller into the motor shaft push down hard on the impeller and turn it. If it doesn't rub then complete assembly and give it a try. If it rubs on the pump plate then remove one shim and try again.

The pump plate and gasket will have screws go through them so line up the holes in the pump plate and gasket. The screws holding the diffuser in place are the screws that go through the holes into the pump housing.

I hope this information helps to resolve the leak problem.
by Fred M Earned 109,690 community points in Kenmore
July 18th, 2009
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