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Why won't my icemaker drop the ice?

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July 27th, 2009

This question is for a Kenmore side by side model #106.56542400. We purchased this fridge used it 1.5 weeks ago and there was ice in the bin. Ever since we brought it home and hooked it up, the icemaker hasn't worked. The water dispenser works fine and I have installed a new water filter, that fits snug (the button is locked). I can feel ice frozen in the tray but it won't drop down. The freezer temp is very cold and bottles of water freeze quickly. The on/off light blinks twice and stops but when you depress the flap, the light is steady. The ice bin fits snuggly and seems to be in place correctly.

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scott d
The diagnostic light is indicating the system is working normal. If there is ice in the mold, I suspect the icemaker being the problem. This icemaker module has some test terminals to help determine the problem. To access the module, pull the front cover of the icemaker off. With the cover off you will see the module and the terminals will be marked (I'm sending a picture). Using a well insulated jumper, place it between the T-H terminals and the icemaker should cycle. Be careful this is a hot (live) check. If the icemaker does cycle and refills, the icemaker # 2198597 will need to be replaced. If it doesn't cycle, remove the jumper and place it in terminals L-V. With the jumper in place, water should now flow to the icemaker. If water does flow, it also indicates the icemaker is not working and should be replaced. If no water flows, it could be a voltage problem to the icemaker or a water valve problem. A volt/ohm meter will be required to make some voltage checks. A technician may be needed to make these checks. If you need more assistance, you can resubmit your question with more details.
by scott d
July 27th, 2009
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