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I have a Craftsman DG6500 with a Kohler 26HP command engine. It is is blowing smoke when I engage the blades or go up a hill. Any idea what this might be?

I have a Craftsman dg6500 with a Kohler Command 26HP engine on it. I bought it about 2-3 years ago and mow 2 acres with it. It has 100 hours on it and has been maintained like clock work. I noticed this weekend when I engage the blades I get a puff of smoke. Whitish grey smoke. It also does it while I am mowing or I think sometimes when I am going up a hill.

I am a little angry that a mower that was advertised to run 500+ hours is already smoking at 100. Any help would be great.

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Manage My Life
The whitish grey smoke is caused by the engine burning oil. Air cooled engines can burn up to 1/2 ounce per hour per cylinder and be running normally.

Many things can cause the engine to put out a puff of whitish smoke. It doesn't mean the engine is wearing out or falling apart. It is usually caused by some oil pooling somewhere inside the head area and the extra load causes it to go through the valves into the cylinder and be burned.

I would not worry about an occasional puff of white smoke. Keep an eye on the tractor and if it gets worse (much worse) you might need to check the torque on the head bolts. The torque should be 300 inch lbs.
by Manage My Life
September 10th, 2009
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