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I have a Craftsman air compressor model 919155611. It leaks air from the flow valve. What is the part number for the flow valve? Does anything connect to the valve?

I was given a Craftsman air compressor model 919155611. The tank pressure will not go over about 15 lbs. Air leaks from the flow valve. The on line manual gave me a part number of DAC-140 for the flow valve, but says it is only for model 919153131. Can I use this part if the flow valve is no good? Does a tube or anything like that go into the valve where the air is leaking? Can I just put a plug where the flow valve is?

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Manage My Life
You can not put a plug anywhere there is not one already. You might cause the tank to explode by doing that.

The flow valve should have the discharge tube that goes to the tank attached to it.

You can use part number DAC-140 on your compressor if the flow valve is bad.
by Manage My Life
September 14th, 2009
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