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I have a 48 inch deck on a riding lawn mower. Can you adjust the 3 blade heights individually?

It is a Craftsman DT 4000. The two outside blades are even and level. The center blade cuts evenly but lower then the two outside blades. I shimmed the two outside blades and it fixed the problem, but this seems unsafe.

Please advise.

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Manage My Life
Shimming the blades or mandrels on a riding mower deck is not advisable.

Put a straight edge across the top of the deck and see if it is bent or damaged some way. You might need to replace the deck shell or a complete mower deck.

Check the part numbers stamped into the mandrel housings and be sure they are all the same.

Uneven mowing can be caused if the deck is now 1/4-3/8 inch lower in the front. The suction of the deck is affected by this lowering of the front edge, and will sometimes cause different symptoms.

If you have other questions, please include the model number of the mower. The DT 4000 is a style number and doesn't tell us much about the mower.
by Manage My Life
September 16th, 2009
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