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Tom  Tauke

I hard is it to replace the throttle return spring on my Craftsman Tiller carburetor?

by Tom Tauke Last activity date:
September 17th, 2009

I have a Craftsman Tiller Model # 536.797502. I believe the "throttle return spring" is broke, part #632928. How hard is it to replace it and how do I do it? It looks like I may have to take the carburetor completely apart and I was hoping there was a way to not do that. I am not that talented! The tiller runs but the throttle doesn't seem to pull back to idle after I release the throttle lever. How hard is it to replace this $3.24 part?

Craftsman , Hand Gardening Tools
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Answers (1)
Joey S
You will not need to take the carburetor apart but you may have to remove the carburetor in order to access and remove the throttle shutter screw (key#7). The throttle shutter screw and the throttle shutter will need to be removed before you can slide out the throttle shaft and lever assembly (key#1). Once you remove the shutter screw, remove the throttle shutter (key#6) and then you can slide out the throttle shaft in order to remove and replace the throttle return spring (key#2). I don't think it's a major procedure and you can probably complete the procedure. Pay close attention to how the spring is positioned before removing it.
by Joey S
September 17th, 2009
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