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Why does my GE oven often stop heating and read "door" on the display during baking?

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October 22nd, 2009

This happens more when I'm baking for a long time. It happens less after a self-clean cycle (but still happens). Sometimes problem can be solved by turning the oven off and back on again, but other times, the "door" message persists and the oven won't heat at all. My oven is a 30" GE Convection Stove purchased in 2001. The model number is GRCR3630ZWW-1. The serial number is HA201610V. It is made in Canada.

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Lyle W
It is difficult for us to access technical information regarding this Canadian model of GE range. The "door" error code on this type of range normally indicates that the door lock did not advance. If this is self cleaning range, you could have a problem with the control or the oven door lock mechanism. A wiring problem could possibly cause this problem. I recommend that you have a technician examine the range.
by Lyle W
October 22nd, 2009
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