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Why does my Samsung DLP TV have white dots that look like stars on the screen?

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October 26th, 2009

My Samsung model HL-S5086W has had white dots appear on the screen. Started with two dots and has since multiplied. The dots look like little starts.

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Manage My Life
The problem is with the DLP chip inside the light engine. Seems like the mirror is always in an "on" state reflecting all colors and making a white dot for that pixel (there can be over a million tiny mirrors on a DLP chip). Using Google to search white stars in a DLP I found a good example


that should help you make a decision whether or not this is your symptom. I recommend having service setup for your set. The part needed is also dependent on your model code and version number since there were two engines used for this model number but the servicer should be aware of that.
by Manage My Life
October 26th, 2009
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