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What do I need to permanently fix the oven door handle on my Kenmore range that keeps falling off?

I have a Kenmore range model 790.96123407. The screws barely reach the handle and the oven door handle falls off all the time. It has been that way since I bought it. It is so bad now that the door separates and the front half crashes to the floor. I don't want replacement parts. I want to know what parts to order that will improve the problem.

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Brooke Montgomery
Wow! My handle falls off all the time too!! Cheaply made door handle if you ask me. The first time it happened, my husband switched the bottom drawer handle and the oven door handle. Then when that pos started falling off, he then took attached a bolt, one on each side to secure the front to the door. Then he cut a sturdy piece of wood and screwed holes on each side. He then used four bolts, two on each side to keep the handle in place. I painted it black. Works like a charm. Unfortunately, we're selling and I have to buy a stupid $50 plastic handle in order for it to stay with the "decor". So much for function! Oh well, not my problem!
by Brooke Montgomery
October 11th, 2014
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