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What can cause a blue screen on my TV?

I have a Protron LCD TV with a blue screen but no picture or audio. Not receiving a signal.

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Manage My Life
The first thing to do is eliminate all possibilities other than the TV. If you have a source like a cable box connected to your TV, switch it out with a DVD player or some other device you know is in working order.

I have seen cases with Protrons where they will change inputs on their own giving you a blue screen as if no source is connected or giving a "no signal" message no matter what you connect to it. The first thing to try is to leave it unplugged for a minute with the power button held down to try and reset the TV. Holding the power button is not a reset procedure, you are just trying to drain out any capacitors that might be holding a charge when the set is unplugged. I have not been able to determine exactly what causes this symptom. I suspect it is a problem with the main board but have not seen any fixes that traces it back to a common component. Parts are also difficult to get on this set so a repair might not exist. If you can find a local repair shop with an inexpensive bench fee to bring it in you might try that. You are hoping they can locate a defective component like a capacitor that is bulged letting noise through or dipping a supply.

Unfortunately I do not have consumer contact information for Proton or Spectroniq, the company name it seems to have taken. All information available is out of date or not in service.
by Manage My Life
November 30th, 2009
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