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What would cause my Whirlpool gas dryer drum to barely move and not start when I push start?

I have a Whirlpool gas dryer model LGR4634EQ0. I'm trouble shooting why the drum moves slow to a stop after I push the start button. It seems like the drum is stuck. When I push the start button, it goes, but only slowly for a few seconds until it stops, there's a burning smell, almost like it's trying so hard to turn the drum, but just can't because it's too hard, almost feels like there is a sock stuck causing the drum to turn a little, but then finally quits.

I have the back off and the top off, there is one belt, there doesn't seem to be anything blocking it. Any trouble shooting tips?

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Joey S
I recommend removing the front panel and drum in order to access the drive motor. With the belt removed, turn the motor pulley by hand to see if it will spin freely. If it does not spin freely, there could be something stuck in the blower wheel or housing or it could be a bad motor.

To remove the front panel:

Disconnect the power cord from the power source.

Pull the lint filter out and remove the two screws that was hidden by the lint filter.

Lift the top open

Remove the one screw located at the top of each side panel fastening the front panel to the side panels.

Tilt the top of the front panel outwards and disconnect the door switch.

Lift the front panel up and off.

Remove the belt from the motor and idler.

Lift the drum about 2 inches and then slide it out the front.

Once you have the drum taken out, spin the motor pulley to see how freely it spins. It should spin very easily and coast to stop. If the motor pulley is difficult to spin and it has a lot of drag, there could be something stuck in the blower housing causing the resistance or a bad motor. You may be able to reach in and remove the article from the blower wheel by disconnecting the vent hose and reaching into the exhaust and feeling for a garment. You can also remove the lint duct from the blower housing too if needed.
by Joey S Earned 82,123 community points in Washers
January 19th, 2010
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