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Why is my Whirlpool front loading washer stopping and displaying "F02"?

Have a Whirlpool Washer, Model GHW9100LW1, which stops in mid-cycle when its supposed to drain, error code F02. Cleaned hoses and pump filter. Is the pump bad? The problem started with water remaining in the tub after the wash cycle was completed. If cycle was then changed to drain/spin cycle, an error code of F02 displayed (drain problem). If washer was allowed to "rest" for awhile, and drain/spin repeated, then water would drain. It then progressed to the washing machine shutting down when it hit the drain cycle with the same F02 code. Again, if washing machine is allowed to "rest" and reset to drain/cycle, it will complete the cycle and drain the water from the tub. We have removed and cleaned the hoses, removed and cleaned the filter on the pump. Have also run the diagnostics in the manual and it runs through the diagnostics with no problems. However, the problem persists. Does the pump need to be replaced or is something shorting out, causing a hot spot which makes the washer shut down?

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Joey S
Based on your details it sounds like you are using too much detergent or too much of the wrong kind of detergent causing the "F02" to display. The pump can not pump out suds. If you have been using too much or the wrong kind of detergent, the clothes may not completely rinsing all the detergent out and then when you wash them you add more detergent which can compound the problem. Place some previously washed clothes back in the washer without adding any detergent and start the washer. Wait a while and see if there are suds. If suds are present, reduce the amount of detergent and your washer will likely operate normally.

It is likely pumping out okay after you let the washer sit because the suds turn back to liquid/water and the then drain pump is able to pump it out and the pressure switch then detects that it has drained. The drain pump is likely okay.

The “F02” error code is caused when the control board thinks there is water in the tub after it has tried to drain. If the washer is full of soap suds it will also display an “F02” error code. We recommend using only name brand HE (High Efficiency) detergents and not too much of it. You only need to use at most, two tablespoons. If your washer is not draining the water out you will need to check and clean the pump filter again. I have provided the instructions below. Run the washer in a drain and spin to ensure the pump is running. If the washer has no water and no suds the problem will be either the pressure switch or a plugged pressure hose. To check the pressure hose you will need to remove the top and remove the hose from the pressure switch. Ensure the hose is clear by blowing into it. If the hose is clear I recommend replacing the pressure switch.

The error code “F02” can display for the following reasons:

Excessive suds -- make sure that you are using HE (High Efficiency) detergent in the appropriate amounts. If you suspect that excessive suds is causing your problem, let the suds dissipate and then press the PAUSE/CANCEL button twice. This should clear the displayed code. If the tub still has water, then the drain pump will run to drain the tub. After the tub drains, you may be able to run a drain and spin cycle to spin the clothes out.

A clogged or restricted drain line could also cause this problem. Check the drain line for kinks or clogs. Make sure the house drain line for your washer is draining properly. Check the installation of your drain to make sure that it properly complies to installation guidelines.

A clogged drain pump could also cause this problem. If you are completely confident that you can safely access internal washer components, then you may be able to unplug the washer and check the drain pump for a clog. After unplugging the washer, remove the bottom front toe panel as described in the first image below. Locate the drain pump and arrange a container to catch water that may drain from the washer under this pump. Pull the large object filter illustrated in the second image below. You may find debris or objects in this area that are preventing the washer from draining properly. Clearing this area may resolve your problem.
by Joey S Earned 82,123 community points in Washers
February 4th, 2010
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Brenda Cartwright
My whirlpool washer WFW9400st00 flashes F02 at the last spin i replace the drain pump and the pressure valve already and it still does the same thing Please HELP
by Brenda Cartwright Earned 8 community points in Whirlpool
October 18th, 2014
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