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When should my new Kenmore water softener regenerate?

My old Kenmore ( 14 years old) softener displayed " regenerate tonight" on the display. I have not seen this yet on my new softener. I regenerated after installation and also 3 days later by the "regenerate now" button.It has been 6 days since last regeneration. My water was soft about 2 days after installation. I am sure that it has not regenerated after the 3rd day.

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Mark Thomas
It is very hard to determine when the water softener will regenerate. Your softener has a sensor that keeps track of the water used. The softener looks at how much water is used each day and the pattern of usage. It looks at this history to try to determine how much water is going to be used that day, and if it has enough remaining capacity to make it through the next day, or does it need to regenerate that night. It takes a few weeks for the softener to figure this out. If the amount of water used each day is about the same, the days between recharges are going to be very similar. If you feel the softener is not working properly you, can visit our web site for water softeners.

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by Mark Thomas Earned 4,540 community points in Kenmore
February 19th, 2010
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