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How do I install a replacement regulator hose for a gas grill?

I need to know how to install a replacement regulator hose for a gas grill model number 141.163211.

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Manage My Life
Turn off the propane tank first.

Step 1. Remove the old regulator by unscrewing it from the grill. The regulator will be attached to a hose that transports propane to the different burners. If the grill has a side burner, another hose will run from the regulator to the auxiliary burner. In most cases, the fitting at the end of the hose is a hex compression fitting. Unscrew the fitting or fittings using the appropriate wrench. Lastly, unscrew the regulator from the propane tank and set it aside.

Step 2. Clean the compression fitting that is still attached to the grill with a clean rag. If the grease is thick, spray degreasing soap on the outside of the fitting and clean as thoroughly as possible. Inspect the old regulator and hose for leaks, cracks or other deformities.

Step 3. Install the new regulator by first attaching the compression fittings to the grill, and then ensure that they are tight. A compression fitting works by using pressure to create an airtight seal, so it is extremely important that this fitting is tight; otherwise, gas can leak and cause an accident.

Step 4. Install the threaded end of the regulator to a propane tank. Check to make sure that there are no leaks by turning the tank on and examining the hoses, joints and threaded fittings.

Step 5. Turn ON the burners on the grill and then light the grill. If necessary, adjust the amount of propane by opening or closing the valve on top of the propane tank.
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April 9th, 2010
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