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My 917.91490 tiller engine dies when choke returned to run position.

Craftsman Model 917.291490 tiller stalls when choke returned to run position. With choke fully open, engine stalls under load.

Craftsman , Tillers & Cultivators
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Manage My Life
Be sure the gas in the engine is less than 5 weeks old or has fuel stabilizer in it.

If the gas is ok, the engine is either leaking air into the intake causing it to run too lean when the choke is open, or the carburetor is not feeding enough gas into the engine.

The carburetor adapter between the carburetor and the engine might be leaking air. Check the fit and tightness of the adapter and gaskets.

If the carburetor has blocked fuel or air passages, you should probably replace the carburetor. If old gas was left in the carburetor, remove the bowl and clean and drain it. This will fill the bowl with fresh fuel.
by Manage My Life
May 3rd, 2010
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