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Why does my dog rub his face on the floor when he gets excited?

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May 20th, 2010

When I ask my dog if he wants to go outside, he gets really excited. In his excitement, he usually rubs his face on the floor or scratches his head with his leg.

In general, he likes his face and head scratched. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have fleas, and he rubs his face on the floor when he's relaxed, too, but just not as frequently.

Is this normal? Why would he do this?

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Manage My Life
Yes, this is normal and natural behavior as long as it's not excessive to the point your dog is hurting himself. This means scratching the facial and head areas raw. You did not mention this, I will assume he is not hurting himself.

Basically, dogs rub because it feels good. It's also a natural way they clean and keep themselves cool.

When dogs get excited they can elicit any number of behaviors, and those behaviors can become habits. One possibility is your dog connected going outside, getting excited with rubbing his face. It could have been a random act, and now it's a habit he's formed.

Since he likes his head and face scratched, it most likely feels good. Rubbing and scratching usually gets owner attention. When the owners sees it happening, they check the dog out, many times rubbing and scratching them and the dog realizes this behavior gets them good attention. Once again, you have a habit that's been well reinforced happening.
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by Manage My Life |
May 20th, 2010
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