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my GE profile refrigerator is not getting cold enough in the bottom freezer section

model # PFS22MISBBB
The freezer section is hot to the touch on the outside and doesn't get any colder than 15 degrees on the inside. It is working but not correctly or effectively.

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It sounds like you might have a problem with the condenser fan motor. Disconnect the power to the refrigerator and pull it away from the wall so you can get behind it. Remove the cover from the compressor compartment and connect the power back. Be careful to not get your hand in the condenser fan. If the fan motor is not running or is running slow, put a floor fan behind the refrigerator so it blows over the condenser coil. Be sure the condenser coil is not stopped up with dust or paper.

If the condenser fan motor is running slow the fan motor might be bad. The main control board could also be bad and not sending the correct voltage to the condenser fan motor. The condenser fan motor requires a minimum of 7.5 volts DC to operate properly.
by Manage My Life
September 7th, 2010
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